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Bat Evolution, Ecology, and Conservation

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Table of contents

Part I. Evolutionary Patterns

1. How to Grow a Bat Wing
Lisa Noelle Cooper, Karen E. Sears

2. Time’s Arrow in the Evolutionary Development of Bat Flight
Rick A. Adams, Jason B. Shaw

3. Evolution of Echolocation
M. Brock Fenton

4. Nasal-Emission and Nose leaves
Scott C. Pedersen, Rolf Müller

5. Bat Facial and Lip Projections: Unique Integumentary Morphology
Gary G. Kwiecinski, James D. German, J. Timothy Cannon

6. Bat Molecular Phylogenetics: Past, Present, and Future Directions
Ronald A. Bussche, Justin B. Lack

7. Of Bats and Molecules: Chromosomal Characters for Judging Phylogenetic Relationships
Marianne Volleth

Part II. Ecology and Behaviour

8. Aeroecology
Winifred F. Frick, Phillip B. Chilson, Nathan W. Fuller, Eli S. Bridge, Thomas H. Kunz

9. Response of Bat Diversity to Forest Disturbance in Southeast Asia: Insights from Long-Term Research in Malaysia
Tigga Kingston

10. Modeling the Colonization of Hawaii by Hoary Bats (Lasiurus cinereus)
Frank J. Bonaccorso, Liam P. McGuire

11. Learning and Memory in Bats: A Case Study on Object Discrimination in Flower-Visiting Bats
Georgina Ross, Marc W. Holderied

12. Cooperation and Conflict in the Social Lives of Bats
Gerald G. Carter, Gerald S. Wilkinson

13. Decision-Making and Socioemotional Vocal Behavior in Bats
Jagmeet S. Kanwal, Zhenzhen Zhang, Jiang Feng

14. New Advances in the Study of Group Behavior in Bats
Nickolay I. Hristov, Louise C. Allen, Brad A. Chadwell

15. Recent Advances in Bat Migration Research
Jennifer J. Krauel, Gary F. McCracken

16. Speciation Dynamics of the Fruit-Eating Bats (Genus Artibeus): With Evidence of Ecological Divergence in Central American Populations
Peter A. Larsen, María R. Marchán-Rivadeneira, Robert J. Baker

Part III. Conservation and Education

17. Considering Human Development, Socialization, and Enculturation in Educational Intervention Design for Wildlife Conservation: A Case for Bats
Sarah M. Bexell, Rui Xi Feng

18. Threats to Bats and Educational Challenges
Merlin D. Tuttle

19. Virology and Immunology of Bats
Tony Schountz

20. White-Nose Syndrome: A Deadly Emerging Infectious Disease of Hibernating Bats
DeeAnn M. Reeder, Marianne S. Moore

21. Impacts of Wind Energy Development on Bats: Implications for Conservation
Edward B. Arnett, Erin F. Baerwald

22. Responses of Bats to Climate Change: Learning from the Past and Predicting the Future
Gareth Jones, Hugo Rebelo

23. Challenges of Using Bioacoustics to Globally Monitor Bats
Charlotte L. Walters, Alanna Collen, Tim Lucas, Kim Mroz, Catherine A. Sayer, Kate E. Jones

24. On Estimating the Economic Value of Insectivorous Bats: Prospects and Priorities for Biologists
Justin G. Boyles, Catherine L. Sole, Paul M. Cryan, Gary F. McCracken

25. Bat Conservation: Past, Present and Future
Paul A. Racey

Keywords: Life Sciences, Evolutionary Biology, Conservation Biology/Ecology, Animal Ecology

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