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Curriculum Models for the 21st Century

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Table of contents

1. Curriculum Design for the Twenty-First Century
Maree Gosper, Dirk Ifenthaler

Part I. Theoretical Consideration for the Twenty-First Century Curriculum

2. Breaking Away from Text, Time and Place
John G. Hedberg, Michael Stevenson

3. The Social Processes of Web 2.0 Collaboration: Towards a New Model for Virtual Learning
Stephen R. Quinton, Matthew M. Allen

4. Open Educational Curricula Interpreted Through the Māori Concept of Ako
Stephen Marshall

Part II. Case Studies: Moving Beyond Traditional Practice

5. Research-Based Learning: Connecting Research and Instruction
Dirk Ifenthaler, Maree Gosper

6. Personalized Engineering Education for the Twenty-First Century
Farrokh Mistree, Jitesh H. Panchal, Dirk Schaefer, Janet K. Allen, Sammy Haroon, Zahed Siddique

7. Creating Curriculum Within the Context of an Enterprise
Ana-Paula Correia

8. Interteaching: A Model to Enhance Student Engagement
Mandy Kienhuis, Andrea Chester

9. Digital Wet Laboratories: Transforming Biological Science with Engaging Blended Learning and Online Support
Danilla Grando, David Santandreu Calonge

10. A Curriculum Model to Promote (Chiropractic) Clinical Thinking with Video-Case Annotation
Meg Colasante, Amanda Kimpton, Jennifer Hallam

Part III. Technological and Pedagogical Innovations Influencing Curriculum Renewal

11. Connecting Student Learning at University with Professional Practice Using Rich Media in Practice-Based Curricula
Barney Dalgarno, Gregor Kennedy, Alan Merritt

12. Round-Tripping RSS for Socialized Techno-Pedagogy in a Twenty-First-Century Learning Community
Benjamin E. Erlandson

13. Recasting Lecture Material Using Podcasts: An Educational Psychology Case Study
Penny Bergen

14. Digital Games as Tools for Designing and Implementing Pedagogical Innovations: A Review of Literature
Hercules Panoutsopoulos, Demetrios G. Sampson, Tassos Mikropoulos

15. Problem Solving Through Video Game Creation
Dana Ruggiero

16. Immersive Simulation: The Replication of Environments to Practice Problem Solving
Jill E. Stefaniak

17. Virtual Worlds in Higher Education: The Challenges, Expectations and Delivery
Helen Farley

18. Trialing e-Portfolios for University Learning: The Devil in the Detail
Margot McNeill, Amanda Parker, Andrew Cram

Part IV. Sustainable Practice in Technology-Rich Environments

19. University Student Experiences of Inquiry and Technologies
Robert A. Ellis

20. Innovators and Institutions Working as Partners on Sustainable Change
Cathy Gunn

21. Managing the Challenges of Technology to Support Learning: Some Lessons from Experience
Judyth M. Sachs

22. Sustainable Practice in Embedding Learning Technologies: Curriculum Renewal Through Course Design Intensives
Judith P. Lyons, John Hannon, Claire Macken

Keywords: Education, Curriculum Studies, Pedagogic Psychology, Educational Technology, Learning & Instruction

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