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Diet Quality

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Table of contents

Part I. Introductory Chapters

1. Diet Quality: Setting the Scene
Najeeba F. Alamir, Victor R. Preedy

2. Food Intake and Food Preference
Stephanie Stein, Elizabeth Lamos, Michael Quartuccio, Sruti Chandraskaran, Nicole Ionica, Nanette Steinle

3. An Evidence-Based Approach to the Nutritional Quality of Home Meals: Exploring Emotional Reinforcement and Attachment Style as Underlying Mechanisms
Ji Lu, Aida Faber, Laurette Dubé

4. Diet Quality and Its Potential Cost Savings
Clare Collins, Alexis Hure, Tracy Burrows, Amanda Patterson

Part II. Reproduction, Pregnancy and Women

5. Reproduction, Pregnancy, and Women: Diet Quality and Dysmenorrhea
Khalid K. Abdul-Razzak, Bayan A. Obeidat, Nehad M. Ayoub, Mudhaffar I. Al-Farras, Ahmed A. Jaradat

6. Maternal Diet Quality and Pregnancy Outcomes
Clara L. Rodríguez-Bernal, Marisa Rebagliato, Leda Chatzi, Clara Cavero Carbonell, Carmen Martos, Ferran Ballester

7. Diet Quality in Pregnancy: A Focus on Requirements and the Protective Effects of the Mediterranean Diet
Miguel Mariscal-Arcas, Celia Monteagudo, Fátima Olea-Serrano

8. Maternal Dietary Counselling and Children’s Diet Quality
Márcia Regina Vitolo, Maria Laura Costa Louzada, Fernanda Rauber

9. Diet Quality, Micronutrient Intakes and Economic Vulnerability of Women
Liv Elin Torheim, Mary Arimond

Part III. Life Stages: Children and Seniors

10. Interventions to Improve Dietary Quality in Children
Melanie Hingle

11. Free Fruit for School Children to Improve Food Quality
Elling Bere, Knut-Inge Klepp

12. Diet Quality in Childhood: Impact on Growth
Guo Cheng, Anette E. Buyken

13. Diet Quality, in Relation to TV Viewing and Video Games Playing
George Antonogeorgos, Demosthenes Panagiotakos

14. Parental Perceptions and Childhood Dietary Quality: Who Holds the Reins?
Kristi B. Adamo, Kendra E. Brett

15. Convenience Foods and Dietary Quality in Children
Ute Alexy

16. Nutritional Education of Secondary Education Students and Diet Quality
María Isabel Martinez-Martinez, Jose Martinez-Raga

17. Diet Quality and Older Adults: Special Considerations
Alice H. Lichtenstein

Part IV. Foods and Dietary Components

18. Mediterranean Diet and Dietary Sodium Intake
Paul Farajian, Antonis Zampelas

19. Nutritional Quality of Foods: Sweet Potato
Hoang Chuyen, Jong-Bang Eun

20. Cooking and Diet Quality: A Focus on Meat
Cristina M. Alfaia, Anabela F. Lopes, José A. M. Prates

21. The Quality of Orange Juice
Luciano Cinquanta, Marisa Matteo

22. Whole Grains and Diet
Satya S. Jonnalagadda

Keywords: Medicine & Public Health, Clinical Nutrition, Nutrition, Primary Care Medicine, Food Science, Medicine/Public Health, general, Health Promotion and Disease Prevention

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Nutrition and Health
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30 pages
Medicine, Health Care, Mode

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