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Positive Psychology

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Table of contents

Part I. Positive Subjective Experiences

1. Calling in Childrearing: Promoting Meaningful, Purposeful Living in Family Life
Justin Coulson, Gerald Stoyles, Lindsay Oades

2. Mental Health and Illness In Relation to Physical Health Across the Lifespan
Sanne M. A. Lamers, Gerben J. Westerhof, Ernst T. Bohlmeijer, Corey L. M. Keyes

3. Flow Theory and the Paradox of Happiness
Bryan Moore

4. Finding Flow: The History and Future of a Positive Psychology Concept
Grant J. Rich

5. Identity, Wisdom, and Critical Life Events in Younger Adulthood
Jeffrey Dean Webster

6. Amusing Ourselves to Health: A Selected Review of Lab Findings
Evangeline A. Wheeler

Part II. Positive Personality Traits

7. Rediscovering Internal Strengths of the Aged: The Beneficial Impact of Wisdom, Mastery, Purpose in Life, and Spirituality on Aging Well
Monika Ardelt, Scott D. Landes, Kathryn R. Gerlach, Leah Polkowski Fox

8. The Black Survivors: Courage, Strength, Creativity and Resilience in the Cultural Traditions of Black Caribbean Immigrants
Leonie J. Brooks

9. The Role of Motivation in Adults’ Reading Comprehension: A Lifespan View
Kelly Branam Cartwright

10. Martial Arts as a Pathway to Flourishing
Charles H. Hackney

Part III. Positive Environments

11. Creating a More Ethical Workplace
Larry Froman

12. A Seminar in Positive Psychology
Sanford Lopater

13. The Positive Psychology of Adult Generativity: Caring for the Next Generation and Constructing a Redemptive Life
Dan P. McAdams

14. The History and Future Directions of Positive Health Psychology
Christa K. Schmidt, Kathryn Schaefer Ziemer, Sarah Piontkowski, Trisha L. Raque-Bogdan

Part IV. Learning to Thrive During Adulthood

15. The Influence of Erik Erikson on Positive Psychology Theory and Research
Michelle D. Vaughan, Eric M. Rodriguez

16. Resilience and Multiple Stigmatized Identities: Lessons from Transgender Persons’ Reflections on Aging
Susan H. McFadden, Scott Frankowski, Heather Flick, Tarynn M. Witten

17. Experiential Wisdom and Lifelong Learning
Kevin Rathunde

18. Stress-Related Growth in the Lives of Lesbian and Gay People of Faith
Eric M. Rodriguez, Michelle D. Vaughan

19. Biological Complexity Meets Positive Psychology: What Can Complexity Theory Tell Us About Positive Psychology?
Tarynn M. Witten

Keywords: Psychology, Positive Psychology, Personality and Social Psychology

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