Graham, Ronald L.

The Mathematics of Paul Erdős I

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Table of contents

1. Paul Erdős: Life and Work
Béla Bollobás

2. Erdős Magic
Joel Spencer

3. Some of My Favorite Problems and Results
Paul Erdős

4. Integers Uniquely Represented by Certain Ternary Forms
Irving Kaplansky

5. Did Erdős Save Western Civilization?
Cedric A. B. Smith

6. Encounters with Paul Erdős
Arthur H. Stone

7. On Cubic Graphs of Girth at Least Five
William T. Tutte

8. Cross-Disjoint Pairs of Clouds in the Interval Lattice
Rudolf Ahlswede, Ning Cai

9. Classical Results on Primitive and Recent Results on Cross-Primitive Sequences
Rudolf Ahlswede, Levan H. Khachatrian

10. Dense Difference Sets and Their Combinatorial Structure
Vitaly Bergelson, Paul Erdős, Neil Hindman, Tomasz Łuczak

11. Integer Sets Containing No Solution to x + y = 3z
Fan R. K. Chung, John L. Goldwasser

12. On Primes Recognizable in Deterministic Polynomial Time
Sergei Konyagin, Carl Pomerance

13. Ballot Numbers, Alternating Products, and the Erdős-Heilbronn Conjecture
Melvyn B. Nathanson

14. On Landau’s Function g(n)
Jean-Louis Nicolas

15. On Divisibility Properties of Sequences of Integers
András Sárközy

16. On Additive Representative Functions
András Sárközy, Vera T. Sós

17. Arithmetical Properties of Polynomials
Andrzej Schinzel

18. Some Methods of Erdős Applied to Finite Arithmetic Progressions
T. N. Shorey, Robert Tijdeman

19. Sur la non-dérivabilité de fonctions périodiques associées à certaines formules sommatoires
Gérald Tenenbaum

20. 1105: First Steps in a Mysterious Quest
Gérald Tenenbaum

21. Games, Randomness and Algorithms
József Beck

22. On Some Hypergraph Problems of Paul Erdős and the Asymptotics of Matchings, Covers and Colorings
Jeff Kahn

23. The Origins of the Theory of Random Graphs
Michał Karoński, Andrzej Ruciński

24. An Upper Bound for a Communication Game Related to Time-Space Tradeoffs
Pavel Pudlák, Jiří Sgall

25. How Abelian is a Finite Group?
Lásló Pyber

26. On Small Size Approximation Models
Alexander A. Razborov

27. The Erdős Existence Argument
Joel Spencer

28. Extension of Functional Equations
János Aczél, László Losonczi

29. Remarks on Penrose Tilings
N. G. Bruijn

30. Distances in Convex Polygons
Peter Fishburn

31. Unexpected Applications of Polynomials in Combinatorics
Larry Guth

32. The Number of Homothetic Subsets
Miklós Laczkovich, Imre Z. Ruzsa

33. On Lipschitz Mappings Onto a Square
Jiří Matoušek

34. A Remark on Transversal Numbers
János Pach

35. In Praise of the Gram Matrix
Moshe Rosenfeld

36. On Mutually Avoiding Sets
Pavel Valtr

Keywords: Mathematics, Mathematics, general, Number Theory, Convex and Discrete Geometry, Probability Theory and Stochastic Processes

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