Graham, Ronald L.

The Mathematics of Paul Erdős II

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Table of contents

1. Reconstruction Problems for Digraphs
Martin Aigner, Eberhad Triesch

2. Neighborly Families of Boxes and Bipartite Coverings
Noga Alon

3. On the Isolation of a Common Secret
Don Beaver, Stuart Haber, Peter Winkler

4. Properties of Graded Posets Preserved by Some Operations
Sergei L. Bezrukov, Konrad Engel

5. The Dimension of Random Graph Orders
Béla Bollobás, Graham Brightwell

6. Hereditary and Monotone Properties of Graphs
Béla Bollobás, Andrew Thomason

7. Cycles and Paths in Triangle-Free Graphs
Stephan Brandt

8. Problems in Graph Theory from Memphis
Ralph J. Faudree, Cecil C. Rousseau, Richard H. Schelp

9. Some Remarks on the Cycle Plus Triangles Problem
Herbert Fleischner, Michael Stiebitz

10. Intersection Representations of the Complete Bipartite Graph
Zoltán Füredi

11. Reflections on a Problem of Erdős and Hajnal
András Gyárfás

12. The Chromatic Number of the Two-Packing of a Forest
Hong Wang, Norbert Sauer

13. Ramsey Theory in the Work of Paul Erdős
Ron L. Graham, Jaroslav Nešetřil

14. Memories on Shadows and Shadows of Memories
Gyula O. H. Katona

15. A Bound of the Cardinality of Families Not Containing -Systems
Alexandr V. Kostochka

16. Flag Algebras: An Interim Report
Alexander A. Razborov

17. Arrangeability and Clique Subdivisions
Vojtěch Rödl, Robin Thomas

18. A Finite Partition Theorem with Double Exponential Bound
Saharon Shelah

19. Paul Erdős’ Influence on Extremal Graph Theory
Miklós Simonovits

20. Applications of the Probabilistic Method to Partially Ordered Sets
William T. Trotter

21. A Few Remarks on a Conjecture of Erdős on the Infinite Version of Menger’s Theorem
Ron Aharoni

22. The Random Graph
Peter J. Cameron

23. Paul Erdős’ Set Theory
András Hajnal

24. Set Theory: Geometric and Real
Péter Komjáth

25. On Order-Perfect Lattices
Igor Kříž

26. The PCF Theorem Revisited
Saharan Shelah

27. Paul Erdős: The Master of Collaboration
Jerrold W. Grossman

Keywords: Mathematics, Mathematics, general, Combinatorics, Graph Theory, Mathematical Logic and Foundations

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Natural Sciences

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