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Computational Intelligence in Biomedical Imaging

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Table of contents

Part I. Decision Support

1. Brain Disease Classification and Progression Using Machine Learning Techniques
Bo Cheng, Chong-Yaw Wee, Manhua Liu, Daoqiang Zhang, Dinggang Shen

2. The Role of Content-Based Image Retrieval in Mammography CAD
Issam El Naqa, Yongyi Yang

3. A Novel Image-Based Approach for Early Detection of Prostate Cancer Using DCE-MRI
Ahmad Firjani, Fahmi Khalifa, Ahmad Elnakib, Georgy Gimel’farb, Mohammed Abou El-Ghar, Adel Elmaghraby, Ayman El-Baz

4. Computational Intelligent Image Analysis for Assisting Radiation Oncologists’ Decision Making in Radiation Treatment Planning
Hidetaka Arimura, Taiki Magome, Genyu Kakiuchi, Jumpei Kuwazuru, Asumi Mizoguchi

Part II. Computational Anatomy

5. Computational Anatomy in the Abdomen: Automated Multi-Organ and Tumor Analysis from Computed Tomography
Marius George Linguraru, Ronald M. Summers

6. Liver Volumetry in MRI by Using Fast Marching Algorithm Coupled with 3D Geodesic Active Contour Segmentation
Hieu Trung Huynh, Ibrahim Karademir, Aytekin Oto, Kenji Suzuki

7. Computer-Aided Image Analysis for Vertebral Anatomy on X-Ray CT Images
T. Hayashi, H. Chen, K. Miyamoto, X. Zhou, T. Hara, H. Fujita

8. Robust Segmentation of Challenging Lungs in CT Using Multi-stage Learning and Level Set Optimization
Neil Birkbeck, Michal Sofka, Timo Kohlberger, Jingdan Zhang, Jens Wetzl, Jens Kaftan, S. Kevin Zhou

Part III. Image Processing and Analysis

9. Bone Suppression in Chest Radiographs by Means of Anatomically Specific Multiple Massive-Training ANNs Combined with Total Variation Minimization Smoothing and Consistency Processing
Sheng Chen, Kenji Suzuki

10. Image Segmentation for Connectomics Using Machine Learning
T. Tasdizen, M. Seyedhosseini, T. Liu, C. Jones, E. Jurrus

11. Image Analysis Techniques for the Quantification of Brain Tumors on MR Images
Nishant Verma, Matthew C. Cowperthwaite, Mark G. Burnett, Mia K. Markey

12. Respiratory and Cardiac Function Analysis on the Basis of Dynamic Chest Radiography
Rie Tanaka, Shigeru Sanada

13. Adaptive Noise Reduction and Edge Enhancement in Medical Images by Using ICA
Xian-Hua Han, Yen-Wei Chen

14. Subtraction Techniques for CT and DSA and Automated Detection of Lung Nodules in 3D CT
Takayuki Ishida, Megumi Yamamoto, Yasuhiko Okura

Keywords: Engineering, Computational Intelligence, Biomedical Engineering, Computer Imaging, Vision, Pattern Recognition and Graphics, Signal, Image and Speech Processing, Imaging / Radiology

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