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Biennial Review of Infertility

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Table of contents

Part I. Male Infertility

1. Supplements to Enhance Male Fertility
Peter N. Schlegel

2. Poor Quality Ejaculate Sperm: Do the Data Support the Use of Testis Sperm?
Robert D. Oates

3. The Aging Male and Impact on Offspring
Timothy G. Jenkins, Kenneth I. Aston, Douglas T. Carrell

4. Testosterone Replacement Therapy in Men: Effects on Fertility and Health
Peter T. K. Chan

Part II. Female Infertility

5. A Practical Approach to Recent Advances in Ovarian Reserve Testing
Benjamin Leader, Valerie L. Baker

6. Maternal Age and Oocyte Aneuploidy: Lessons Learned from Trisomy 21
Stephanie L. Sherman, Emily G. Allen, Lora J. H. Bean

7. Fertility Preservation for Cancer Patients
Suneeta Senapati, Clarisa R. Gracia

8. Reproductive Surgery and Computer-Assisted Laparoscopy: The New Age of Subspecialty Surgery Is Here
Shane T. Lipskind, Antonio R. Gargiulo

Part III. Assisted Reproduction Techniques

9. Advances in Systems for Embryo Culture
Roberta Maggiulli, Lisa Dovere, Filippo Ubaldi, Laura Rienzi

10. Patient-Tailored Approaches to Ovarian Stimulation in ART
Theodora C. Tilborg, Frank J. M. Broekmans, Helen L. Torrance, Bart C. Fauser

11. Cryopreserved Oocyte Banking: Its Prospects and Promise
Kathryn J. Go, Zsolt Peter Nagy, Ching-Chien Chang

12. Reproductive Tourism
Raphael Ron-El

Part IV. Evolving Controversies in Contemporary Reproductive Medicine

13. Intrauterine Insemination: An Ineffective Treatment
Erica B. Johnstone, Jessie Dorais

14. IUI Is a Valuable and Cost-Effective Therapy for Most Couples
Lobke M. Moolenaar, Bradley J. Voorhis, Fulco Veen

15. Vitrification of Human Oocytes and Embryos: An Overview
Juergen Liebermann

16. Should We Eliminate Fresh Embryo Transfer from ART?
Daniel J. Kaser, Maria Assens, Catherine Racowsky

17. ICSI Is a Revolutionary Treatment of Male Infertility That Should Be Employed Discriminately and Further Studied
Douglas T. Carrell

18. The Need for Long-Term Follow-Up of Children Conceived Through ICSI
Rachel Weinerman, Kurt T. Barnhart, Suleena Kansal Kalra

19. Popularity of ICSI
Gianpiero D. Palermo, Queenie V. Neri, Trina Fields, Zev Rosenwaks

Part V. Clinical Research Design

20. Cohort Designs: Critical Considerations for Reproductive Health
Stacey A. Missmer, Germaine M. Buck Louis

Keywords: Medicine & Public Health, Reproductive Medicine, Gynecology, Urology/Andrology

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