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Handbook of Family Policies Across the Globe

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Table of contents

Part I. Introduction

1. Family Policies Across the Globe: Development, Implementation, and Assessment
Mihaela Robila

Part II. Family Policies in Africa

2. Toward Sustainable Family Policies in Sierra Leone: Developments and Recommendations
Adeyinka M. Akinsulure-Smith, Hawthorne E. Smith

3. Public Policy and Families in Kenya
Dorothy O. Rombo, Stephan M. Wilson, Lauren M. Oseland

4. Child- and Family-Focused Policy in Botswana
Randy Leite

5. Family Policy in South Africa
Zitha Mokomane

Part III. Family Policies in Europe

6. Family Policies in Norway
Mette L. Baran, Evan E. Diehnelt, Janice E. Jones

7. Families and Family Policies in Sweden
Michael B. Wells, Disa Bergnehr

8. Family Policies: The Case of Iceland
Guðný Björk Eydal, Ingólfur V. Gíslason

9. Family Policy in Ireland
Tony Fahey, Elizabeth Nixon

10. Family Policy in Germany
Eileen Trzcinski, Jessica K. Camp

11. Family Patterns of Change in Italy: Challenges, Conflicts, Policies, and Practices
Giovanna Gianesini

12. Family Policies in Spain
Antía Pérez-Caramés

13. Family Policies in Portugal
Maria das Dores Guerreiro

14. Family Policies in Moldova
Valentina Bodrug-Lungu, Mihaela Robila

15. Family Policy in Russia: Folkways Versus Stateways Revisited
Zhanna Kravchenko, Irina Grigoryeva

16. For Whose Sake Is It Anyway? Evaluation of Explicit Family Policies in Turkey
Aslı Çarkoğlu, Nilüfer Kafescioğlu

Part IV. Family Policies in Asia

17. Family Policy in China: A Snapshot of 1950–2010
Yan Ruth Xia, Haiping Wang, Anh Do, Shen Qin

18. Family Policies in Taiwan: Development, Implementation, and Assessment
Shann Hwa Hwang

19. Family in India: Problems and Policies
J. P. Singh

20. Family Policy in South Korea: Development, Implementation, and Evaluation
Meejung Chin, Jaerim Lee, Soyoung Lee, Seohee Son, Miai Sung

21. Policy Responses to Population-Declining Society: Development and Challenges of Family Policies in Japan
Yoshie Sano, Saori Yasumoto

Part V. Family Policies in Australia

22. Reform, (R)evolution and Lingering Effects: Family Policies in Australia
Daryl J. Higgins

Part VI. Family Policies in North America

23. Canada’s Patchwork Policy: Family Policy in the Canadian Context
Hilary A. Rose, Áine M. Humble

24. Romantic/Marital, Parental, and Familial Relationship Policies in the US
Jacki Fitzpatrick, Erin Kostina-Ritchey

25. Families and Policies in Mexico
Cristina Gomes

26. The Commonwealth Caribbean: Family Policy in the Caribbean Community (CARICOM)
Allison Y. Gibbons

Part VII. Family Policies in South America

27. Family Policies in Colombia: A Focus on Policies for Vulnerable Families
Sonia Carrillo, Karen Ripoll-Núñez

28. Family Policy Initiatives in Ecuador: A Call for Explicit Family Policies
Paul L. Schvaneveldt

29. Family Policies in Brazil
Bila Sorj, Andréa Gama

Keywords: Social Sciences, Family, Social Policy, Social Work, Child and School Psychology

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