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Intelligent Technologies and Engineering Systems

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Table of contents

Part I. Networking

1. Wireless Sphygmomanometer with Data Encryption
Hsien-Ju Ko, Kang-Ming Chang

2. Design and Implementation of Multimedia Social Services on Elgg
Meng-Yen Hsieh, Yin-Te Tsai, Ching-Hsien Hsu, Chao-Hung Hung, Kuan-Ching Li

3. On Migration and Consolidation of VMs in Hybrid CPU-GPU Environments
Kuan-Ching Li, Keunsoo Kim, Won W. Ro, Tien-Hsiung Weng, Che-Lun Hung, Chen-Hao Ku, Albert Cohen, Jean-Luc Gaudiot

4. A Case of Security Encryption Storage System Based on SAN Environments
Changyan Di, Kuan-Ching Li, Jason C. Hung, Qi Yu, Rui Zhou, Chao-Hung Hung, Qingguo Zhou

5. Applying General Probabilistic Neural Network to Adaptive Measurement Fusion
Li-Wei Fong, Pi-Ching Lou, Kai-Yung Lin, Chien-Liang Chuang

6. Reorder Adapting TCP
Yi-Cheng Chan, Chien-Yu Chen, Yu-Shuo Lee

7. A Novel and Feasible System for Rule Anomaly and Behavior Mismatching Diagnosis Among Firewalls
Chi-Shih Chao

8. A Secure Routing Protocol to Prevent Cooperative Black Hole Attack in MANET
Nai-Wei Lo, Fang-Ling Liu

9. IP Address Management in Virtualized Cloud Environments
Chen-Hao Ku, Kuan-Ching Li, Ching-Hsien Hsu, Kuan-Chou Lai, Meng-Yen Hsieh, Tien-Hsiung Weng, Hai Jiang

Part II. Signal Processing

10. A Fuzzy C-Means Method for Determining Motor’s Quality Types Based on Current Waveforms
Yun-Chi Yeh, Yi Chu, Che Wun Chiou, Hong-Jhih Lin

11. License Plate Recognition Based on Rough Set
Xin-Yan Cao, Chen-Ming Zhang

12. Electroencephalogram Lifting Recognition Using Unsupervised Gray-Based Competitive Clustering Networks
Chi-Yuan Lin, Yi-Fang Chen, Sheng-Chih Yang

13. Adapting Intensity Degradation to Enhance Fisheye Images Shot Inside Cup-Shaped Objects
Chuang-Jan Chang, Chang-Min Cheng, Tsung-Kai Chou, Shu-Lin Hwang

14. A Method to Implementation of Lane Detection Under Android System Based on OpenCV
Xiao-Xu Wei, Lei Meng

15. Automatic Broadcast Soccer Video Analysis, Player Detection, and Tracking Based on Color Histogram
Der-Jyh Duh, Shu-Yu Chang, Shu-Yuan Chen, Cheng-Chung Kan

16. Conversion of 3D Triangular-Meshed Model to Dot Representation
Chih-Hung Huang, Cheng Wen, Kuang-Chiung Chang

17. Image Retrieval System Based on EMD Similarity Measure and S-Tree
Thanh Manh Le, Thanh The Van

18. Tri-axis Accelerometer-Based Body Motion Detection System
Kang-Ming Chang, Sih-Huei Chen, Chun-Lung Huang

19. On Mapping the Sorted-Set Intersection Problem onto a Graphics Processing Unit
Syun-Sheng Jhan, Liang-Tsung Huang, Lien-Fu Lai, Kai-Cheng Wei, Tsung-Yu Wei, Chao-Chin Wu

20. A Novel Double Dynamic Stress Accelerated Degradation Test to Evaluate Power Fade of Batteries for Electric Vehicles
Yu-Chang Lin, Kuan-Jung Chung, Chueh-Chien Hsiao

21. The Development of Estimating Deviations Directly from Point Clouds
Cheng-Tiao Hsieh

22. Using Modified Digital Halftoning Technique to Design Invisible 2D Barcode by Infrared Detection
Hsi-Chun Wang, Ya-Wen Cheng, Wan-Chi Huang, Chia-Long Chang, Shih-Yun Lu

23. Color Visual Evoked Potential Response for Myopia Subjects
Kang-Ming Chang, Chung-Yi Tsai, Sih-Huei Chen

24. License Plate Recognition Under Nonuniform Illumination
Ren-Chao Shen, Day-Fann Shen

Part III. Artificial Intelligence

25. A Cross-Coupled MIMO Fuel Cell System Design by Using Intelligent Fuzzy-Neural Controller
Jium-Ming Lin, Cheng-Hung Lin

26. Development of Fuzzy Comprehensive Evaluation and Approaching Degree Toolbox via Matlab
Yaug-Fea Jeng, Ting-Hui Hsu, Kun-Li Wen, Rui-Xiang Chen

27. Deploying Autonomous Coordinating Agent for Assessment Model in Smart Urban Space: A Case Study of Cozy Space Design Pattern
Chiung-Hui Chen

28. Quantum-Membership-Function-Based Adaptive Neural Fuzzy Inference System
Cheng-Hsiung Chiang

29. A Set-Checking Algorithm for Mining Maximal Frequent Itemsets from Data Streams
Ye-In Chang, Meng-Hsuan Tsai, Chia-En Li, Pei-Ying Lin

30. Parallel Matrix Transposition and Vector Multiplication Using OpenMP
Tien-Hsiung Weng, Delgerdalai Batjargal, Hoa Pham, Meng-Yen Hsieh, Kuan-Ching Li

31. Designing Parallel Sparse Matrix Transposition Algorithm Using CSR for GPUs
Tien-Hsiung Weng, Hoa Pham, Hai Jiang, Kuan-Ching Li

32. Analysis of USDA Food Classifications Using Neural Network Classifier
Thomas Evans, Anthony Choi

33. Optimization Path Programming Using Improved Multigroup Ant Colony Algorithms
Wen-Jong Chen, Li-Jhen Jheng, Yan-Ting Chen, Der-Fa Chen

34. Conceptual Information Retrieval System Based on Automatically Constructed Semantic Word Network
Ko-Li Kan, Hsiang-Yuan Hsueh

35. An Intelligence-Based Approach to Optimal Power Flow Control Considering Flexible AC Transmission Systems
Chao-Ming Huang, Yann-Chang Huang, Shin-Ju Chen

36. Modern Heuristic Optimization Approaches for Electrical Power System Applications
Yann-Chang Huang, Chao-Ming Huang, Chien-Yuan Liu

37. A New Product Design Process: Combining the System Model and VRTC
Hsiao-wen Wu, Jin-Jen Wang, Wen-Chih Wang

Part IV. Control and Software Engineering

38. The Study of Permanent Magnetic Synchronous Motor Control System Through the Combination of BP Neural Network and PID Control
Lin Zhang, Bao-Jie Xu, Kun-Li Wen, Yuan-Hui Li

39. Power Compensation Methodology for Electric Vehicles
Chien-An Chen, Ming-Chih Lin

40. Model-Based Robust Control for Nonlinear Networked Control Systems
Cheng-Fa Cheng, Cheng-Han Yang

41. Control Strategies Development for a Series Hydraulic Hybrid Vehicle Based on Engine Experimental Map
Chih-Keng Chen, Tri-Vien Vu, Chih-Wei Hung, Chuan-Sian Wang

42. Japanese Calligraphy Using Whole Body Motion of a Humanoid Robot
Seiji Sugiyama, Ikuma Oshita, Tsuneo Yoshikawa

43. Design and Experiment of the Auto-alignment Control System for TPS Storage Ring Girder
Meng-Hsiu Wu, Wei-Yang Lai, Tse-Chuan Tseng, Mei-Ling Chen, Huai-San Wang, His-Chou Ho, Chia-Jui Lin, Hung-Ming Luo, Shen-Yaw Perng, Pei-Lun Sung, Chang-Sheng Lin, Hsueh-Cheng Lin, June-Rong Chen

44. A Proposed System for Practicing Industrial Robot Remotely
Fu-Hua Jen, The Can Do

45. An Intelligent Sensorless Drive Strategy for a Brushless DC Motor Based on Back-EMF Detection
Seng-Chi Chen, Ying-Jyh Lin, Ming-Mao Hsu, Yung-Nan Hu

46. Establishment of the Photovoltaic Simulation System Using Mixed Programming with LabVIEW and Simulink
Ting-Chung Yu, Yih-Bin Lin, Fu-Sheng Chang

47. Implementation of Fuzzy Force Control for an Electrohydraulic Servo Press System
Hong-Ming Chen, Chun-Sheng Shen, Guo-Wei Yang

48. Sizing Cloud Applications with ISO/IEC 19761: A Case Study
Wen-Ming Han, Wei-Tso Chen

49. Development of a Fuzzy-Control-Based Battery Charging Technique for Li-Ion Battery Module for Light Electrical Vehicles
Yi-Hsun Chiu, Chun-Liang Liu, Yi-Feng Luo, Jung-Hsien Chen, Yi-Hua Liu

50. Low-Cost and High-Speed Eye Tracker
Chi-Wu Huang, Zong-Sian Jiang, Wei-Fan Kao, Yen-Lin Huang

51. Using Hedge Algebra to Control Varied-Parameter Object
Trung Kien Ngo, Duy Tien Nguyen, Tuan Quoc Duong, Huy Ngoc Vu, Tan Duc Vu

52. Variable-Speed Wind Generator System with Maximum Output Power Control
Yoko Amano

53. FPGA-Based Control for a Boost PFC Converter with Improved Dynamic Performance
Shin-Ju Chen, Sung-Pei Yang, Chao-Ming Huang, Ruei-Hong Wong

54. Robotic Manipulator Trajectory Tracking Using Direct Collocation
Cheng-cai Mei, Xiu-qiang Pan, Satya Prakash, Jyun-jye Felipe Chen, Xiu-long Wu

55. Objective Function Design in Real-Number-Coding Genetic Algorithm for Laser-Cutting Tool-Path Minimization
Wei-Kai Hu, Kerwin Wang

56. A Fuzzy Control Load Balancing Method for Dual CAN Bus
Yu-Wei Huang, Chih-Hung Wu

57. Backup Host Plan for Banking Information System Based on Capacity on Demand Model
Ming-Tsung Yeh, Wan-Chun Liu, Yi-Nung Chung

Part V. Intelligent Electronic Circuits and Systems

58. A Design of LED Panel Lamp for Indoor Illumination
Ming-Da Tsai, Jin-Jia Chen, Kuang-Lung Huang

59. Analysis of Voltage Variations of a Large-Scale Offshore Wind Farm Connected to Taipower Grid
Li Wang, Chun-Jui Yeh, Min-Han Hsieh, Cheng-Tai Wu, Chieh-Lung Lu

60. Source-End Layouts on ESD/LU Reliabilities in an HV 0.25 um 60 V nLDMOS
Shen-Li Chen, Min-Hua Lee, Tzung-Shian Wu, Yi-Sheng Lai, Chun-Ju Lin, Hsun-Hsiang Chen

61. The Functional Catoptric LED Luminaire in T8 Form Factor
Chuang-Jan Chang, Yi-Hsuang Tseng, Chiang-Wei Huang, Bor-Jen Wu, Shu-Lin Hwang

62. A Sigma–Delta ADC Design for Audio Applications
Chin-Fa Hsieh, Chun-Sheng Chen, Kang-Ni Lin

63. Applications of ZigBee on Building a Home Automation System
Shih-Ching Huang, Chin-Sung Hsiao

64. Design of a Smart Battery System for Laptop Computer
Yu-Shan Cheng, Jing-Hsiau Chen, Yi-Feng Luo, Chun-Wei Ko, Yi-Hua Liu

65. A Novel Fuzzy Neural Network Controller for Maglev System with Controlled-PM Electromagnets
Seng-Chi Chen, Ying-Jyh Lin, Van-Sum Nguyen, Ming-Mao Hsu

66. CMOS Transimpedance Amplifiers for Optical Wireless Communications
Roger Yubtzuan Chen, Zong-Yi Yang

67. Dependable Embedded Memory for Intelligent Systems
Yen-Chieh Huang, Tsung-Chu Huang

68. Research and Development of Versatile Autonomous Vehicles for Education
Chien-Yuan Liu, Chih-Feng Huang, Yann-Chang Huang

69. New Ultrasonic Parking Sensor System in Automobiles
Chih-Feng Huang, Chien-Yuan Liu

70. Using the Gate-Diffusion Input Technique for Low-Power Programmable Logic Array Design
Shou-Hung Chiu, Kai-Cheng Wei

71. Using LC-3 Soft Core on an FPGA Development Board for Microprocessor Labs
Yuan-Jhang Liao, Wing-Kwong Wong

72. Executing Linux-Based Software of Electronic Design Automation on Windows Platform of Microsoft
Hsin-Jung Wang, Zhi-Ming Lin

73. Design of a Transparent Pipeline Based on Synchronous Elastic Circuits
Ren-Der Chen, Sheng-Hung Chang

74. The Wireless Electric Guitar with Digitally Integrated Effector
Chun-Tang Chao, Kuo-An Li, Nopadon Maneetien

75. Implementation and Study of Constant-Frequency LLC Resonant Converter
Shi-Yi Lin, Shih-Kuen Changchien, Chien-Ming Hong, Yi-Nung Chung

Part VI. Communications

76. Exercise Bracelet with Bluetooth Low Energy Module and Accelerometer for Sporting Events
Jung-Tang Huang, Wen-Chia Chao, Chia-Hsiang Lee

77. Design and Implementation of an eBook Access Control Protocol
Hui-Wen Liao, Po-Hsien Wang, Meng-Lieh Sheu

78. Novel T-Shaped Non-orthogonal Dual-Mode Band-Pass Filters with Two Differently Structured Resonators
C. Y. Kung, C. F. Yang, Y. T. Hsieh, W. C. Chang, C. G. Kuo, C. C. Diao

79. A Novel Method to Simplify the Structure of Dual-Band Bandpass Filters: Design the Resonators on Combined Substrates
Cheng-Yuan Kung, Yuan-Tai Hsieh, Chien-Chen Diao, Chia-Ching Wu, Cheng-Fu Yang

80. Constructing an Integrated Communication and Oriented Protocols into EV Preliminary Operation: A Case Study of EV Surveillance Application
Chan-Wei Hsu, Yu-Chi Shiue, Shun-Li Wang, Hou-Yu Huang, Cheng-Ruei Wei

81. The Design of Capacitive Coupling Bandpass Filter Using Stepped Impedance Resonator
Chien-Hung Chen, Hua-Ming Chen, Chien-Chen Diao, Wei-Kuo Chia, Cheng-Fu Yang

Part VII. Materials and Mechanical Engineering

82. A Novel Power-Effective and Reliable Wireless Thermal Convection Angular Accelerometer Without Any Movable Parts and Grooved Cavity
Jium-Ming Lin, Cheng-Hung Lin

83. Parallel Operation of the Piezoelectric Energy Harvest Using the Taguchi Method
Po-Jen Cheng, Chin-Hsing Cheng, Chuan-Wei Chen

84. Effect of Anisotropy Parameters on the Initiation of Plastic Yielding in Thin Hollow Disks Subject to Thermomechanical Loading
Sergei Alexandrov, Elena Lyamina, Yeau-Ren Jeng

85. Development of MEMS Gyroscope Module for Rotating Machine Performance Characterization
Guo-Hua Feng, Fu-Tun Chang

86. Design and Surface Roughness Analysis of Thin-Sheet Plastic Injection Forming
Dyi-Cheng Chen, Jun-Yan Pan, Juan-Wei Gao, Wen-Jong Chen

87. A Comparison of Correlation Technique and Random Decrement Algorithm for Modal Identification from Nonstationary Ambient Vibration Data Only
Chang-Sheng Lin, Tse-Chuan Tseng, June-Rong Chen, Dar-Yun Chiang

88. Effect of Annealing Temperature on the Mechanical Properties and the Spherical Indentation of NiTi Shape Memory Alloy
Tsung-Han Tan, Mei-wen Wu, Chun-Ying Lee

89. The Analysis of Engine Intake Air Cooling Device by Using Thermoelectric Module
Wang Jia-Wei, Ming-Hsien Hsueh

90. Effects of Deposition Temperature and Hydrogen Plasma on the Properties of the Radio-Frequency Magnetron Sputtering Deposition of ZnO-Al2O3 Films
Fang-Hsing Wang, Chia-Cheng Huang, Chien-Chen Diao, Chia-Ching Wu, Cheng-Fu Yang

91. The Influences of Post-annealing Temperature on the Properties of Sr0.6Ba0.4Nb2O6 Thin Films
Chin-Guo Kuo, Chien-Chen Diao, Chien-Hung Chen, Wen-Cheng Tzou, Cheng-Fu Yang

92. Improving the Properties of Sol–Gel Deposition SrBi4Ti4O15 Thin Films by Post-annealing Process
Wen-Cheng Tzou, Ping-Shou Cheng, Wen-Chung Chang, Chien-Chen Diao, Cheng-Fu Yang

93. Water Tank Simulation of a Continuous Hot-Dip Galvanized Zinc Pot
Y. S. Lo, C. J. Fang, L. C. Tsao, J. C. Leong

94. The Finite Element Analysis Study of the Laser Lift-Off (LLO) of III-Nitride Compound
Yan-Hsin Wang, Wei-Li Chen

95. Combining Quality Function Deployment and TRIZ to Solve the Drainer Problems
Chia-Pao Chang, Ying-Hsiang Lin

96. A Study on Improving Polishing Process Effectiveness for Silicon Reclaim Wafer
Chia-Pao Chang, Wei-Ling Wang, Yung-Ching Kuo

97. Detection of CO Concentration by Using SnO2 SPR Apparatus and Common-Path Heterodyne Interferometer
Ke-Ming Chen, Chih-Hsiung Shen, Jing-Heng Chen

98. Magnetic Field Correction Based on Intelligent Shimming Method
Jui-Che Huang, Ching-Shiang Hwang

99. Innovative Designs for Quartz Crystal Microbalance
Chih-Chi Lai, Shu Jung Chen, Chih-Hsiung Shen

100. Semi-active Control of Tunable Hybrid Shape Memory Material for Vibration Attenuation
Jinsiang Shaw, Jiun-Du Huang

101. Simultaneous Thickness Measurement and Material Composition Analysis Using X-Ray Fluorescence Technique
Hsiao-Wen Wu, Xuan-Loc Nguyen

102. Integration Design and Installation of Girder Systems in the Injection Section of Taiwan Photon Source
Keng-Hao Hsu, Wei-Yang Lai, Yung-Hui Liu, Che-Kai Chan, Chih-Sheng Yang, Chih-Sheng Chen, His-Cho Ho, Pei-Lung Sung, Shen-Yaw Perng, Tse-Chuan Tseng, Din-Goa Huang, June-Rong Chen

103. FTIR Characterizations of the Gamma-Ray-Irradiated Silica Nanoparticles/γ-APTES Nanocomposite with UV Annealing
Po-Yen Hsu, Jing-Jenn Lin, Bo-Wei Lai, You-Lin Wu, Cheng-Fu Yang, Shou-Sheu Lin

104. Improvement of Radiation-Induced Degradation in MOSFET by Using Glass Fiber/Epoxy/Silica Nanoparticles/γ-APTES Composite as Shielding Materials for High-Energy Radiation
Po-Yen Hsu, Shou-Sheu Lin, Cheng-Fu Yang, Jing-Jenn Lin

105. An Invention of Pneumatically Powered and Charged LED Flashlight
Kuo-Yi Li

106. The Invention in the Safety Protection Device of the Table Saw
Kuo-Yi Li

107. Applying the Principles of Lean Manufacturing to Optimize Conduit Installation Process
Jun-Ing Ker, Yichuan Wang

108. Portable Measurement System for Static and Dynamic Characterization of MEMS Component
Hsiao-Wen Wu, Liang-Chia Chen, Abraham Mario Tapilouw, Xuan-Loc Nguyen, Jin-Liang Chen

109. Effects of BaTi4O9 Concentration on Dielectric Constants of the Polyetherimide/BaTi4O9 Composites
Wei-Kuo Chia, Chia-Ching Wu, Cheng-Fu Yang, Chien-Chen Diao, Chean-Cheng Su

110. Design the Bandwidth of Zero-Phase Filter of Iterative Learning Controller by Improved Particle Swarm Optimization
Shu-Ting Li, Jen-Ai Chao, Yi-Hao Li, Yi-Cheng Huang

111. Prognostic Diagnosis of Hollow Ball Screw Pretension on Preload Loss Through Sensed Vibration Signals
Yi-Cheng Huang, Yu-Shi Chen, Shi-Lun Sun, Kuan-Heng Peng

112. Simulation and Experiment of Langevin-Type Piezoelectric Ultrasonic Horn for Micro Tool Motion
Yi-Cheng Huang, Guan-Zhang Ding, Bo-Hsuan Chen, Yu-Jui Huang

113. A New Low-Temperature Fabrication Method of Dye-Sensitized Solar Cells
Yeong-Lin Lai, Shin-Hong Chen, Jiong-Heng Lu, Jia-Shan Ting, Tsung-Yen Tsai

114. A Cell Culture System with Programmable Physical Stimulation for Human Mesenchymal Stem Cell Differentiation and Promotion
Tzu-Yu Chuang, Yu-Sheng Chuang, Nancy Wang, Kerwin Wang

115. A Spray Method for Dye-Sensitized Solar Cells
Yeong-Lin Lai, Yi-Hsien Huang

116. An Intelligent Approach for High Material Removal Rate Machining
Jhy-Cherng Tsai, Shen-Jhy Wang

117. The Position and Correction System of Laser PSD
Hsueh-Cheng Lin, Mei-Ling Chen, June-Rong Chen, His-Chou Ho, Keng-Hao Hsu, Din-Goa Huang, Chien-Kuang Kuan, Wei-Yang Lai, Chang-Sheng Lin, Chia-Jui Lin, Hung-Ming Luo, Shen-Yaw Perng, Pei-Lun Sung, Tse-Chuan Tseng, Huai-San Wang, Meng-Hsiu Wu

118. Study of Cutting Parameter Effect on Spindle Vibration for Tool Breakage Monitoring in Drilling
Yu-Wei Hsu, Ming-Chyuan Lu

119. An Investigation into Electrode Wear in Layer-Cut EDM Process
Pei-Lun Song, Yo-Ming Chang, Yao-Yang Tsai

120. Precision Motion Control: Intelligent Mechanisms, Morphing Mechanisms
R. W. Longman, M. S. Chew, M. Q. Phan

Keywords: Engineering, Communications Engineering, Networks, Information Systems and Communication Service, Signal, Image and Speech Processing

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