Borwein, Jonathan M.

Number Theory and Related Fields

Borwein, Jonathan M. - Number Theory and Related Fields, ebook


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Table of contents

1. Life and Mathematics of Alfred Jacobus van der Poorten (1942–2010)
David Hunt

2. Ramanujan–Sato-Like Series
Gert Almkvist, Jesús Guillera

3. On the Sign of the Real Part of the Riemann Zeta Function
Juan Arias Reyna, Richard P. Brent, Jan Lune

4. Additive Combinatorics: With a View Towards Computer Science and Cryptography—An Exposition
Khodakhast Bibak

5. Transcendence of Stammering Continued Fractions
Yann Bugeaud

6. Algebraic Independence of Infinite Products and Their Derivatives
Peter Bundschuh

7. Small Representations by Indefinite Ternary Quadratic Forms
J. B. Friedlander, H. Iwaniec

8. Congruences for Andrews’ spt-Function Modulo 32760 and Extension of Atkin’s Hecke-Type Partition Congruences
F. G. Garvan

9. Continued Fractions and Dedekind Sums for Function Fields
Yoshinori Hamahata

10. Burgess’s Bounds for Character Sums
D. R. Heath-Brown

11. Structured Hadamard Conjecture
Ilias S. Kotsireas

12. Families of Cubic Thue Equations with Effective Bounds for the Solutions
Claude Levesque, Michel Waldschmidt

13. Consequences of a Factorization Theorem for Generalized Exponential Polynomials with Infinitely Many Integer Zeros
Ouamporn Phuksuwan, Vichian Laohakosol

14. On Balanced Subgroups of the Multiplicative Group
Carl Pomerance, Douglas Ulmer

15. Some Extensions of the Lucas Functions
E. L. Roettger, H. C. Williams, R. K. Guy

16. The Impact of Number Theory and Computer-Aided Mathematics on Solving the Hadamard Matrix Conjecture
Jennifer Seberry

17. Description of Generalized Continued Fractions by Finite Automata
Jeffrey Shallit

18. On Prime Factors of Terms of Linear Recurrence Sequences
C. L. Stewart

19. Some Notes on Weighted Sum Formulae for Double Zeta Values
James Wan

20. Period(d)ness of L-Values
Wadim Zudilin

Keywords: Mathematics, Number Theory

Publication year
Springer Proceedings in Mathematics & Statistics
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10 pages
Natural Sciences

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