Catbas, Fikret Necati

Topics in Dynamics of Civil Structures, Volume 4

Catbas, Fikret Necati - Topics in Dynamics of Civil Structures, Volume 4, ebook


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Table of contents

1. Accurate Damping Estimation by Automated OMA Procedures
C. Rainieri, G. Fabbrocino

2. Real-Time Structural Health Monitoring and Damage Detection
Yavuz Kaya, Erdal Safak

3. Improved Substructure Identification Through Use of an Active Control Device
Charles DeVore, Erik A. Johnson, Richard E. Christenson

4. Hybrid MPC: An Application to Semiactive Control of Structures
Wael M. Elhaddad, Erik A. Johnson

5. Findings with AVC Design for Mitigation of Human Induced Vibrations in Office Floors
Donald Nyawako, Paul Reynolds, Malcolm Hudson

6. Power Requirements for Active Control of Floor Vibrations
M. J. Hudson, P. Reynolds, D. S. Nyawako

7. Tuning TMDs to “Fix” Floors in MDOF Shear Buildings
Jennifer Rinker

8. Precise Stiffness Control with MR Dampers
Marcin Maślanka, Felix Weber

9. Employing Hybrid Tuned Mass Damper to Solve Off-Tuning Problems for Controlling Human Induced Vibration in Stadia
Nima Noormohammadi, Paul Reynolds

10. Semi-Active TMD Concept for Volgograd Bridge
Felix Weber, Johann Distl, Marcin Maślanka

11. A New Shape Memory Alloy-Based Damping Device Dedicated to Civil Engineering Cables
G. Helbert, L. Dieng, T. Lecompte, S. Arbab-Chirani, S. Calloch, P. Pilvin

12. Using Pall Friction Dampers for Seismic Retrofit of a 4-Story Steel Building in Iran
Seyed Mehdi Zahraei, Alireza Moradi, Mohammadreza Moradi

13. Modal Identification of a 5-Story RC Building Tested on the NEES-UCSD Shake Table
Rodrigo Astroza, Hamed Ebrahimian, Joel P. Conte, Jose I. Restrepo, Tara C. Hutchinson

14. Modal Testing of a Repaired Building After 2010 Chile Earthquake
Manuel Archila, Ruben Boroschek, Carlos E. Ventura, Sheri Molnar

15. System Identification and Displacement Profiles of Multi-Span Skewed Bridges with Seat Type Abutments
Seku Catacoli, Carlos E. Ventura, Steve McDonald

16. Robustness of Modal Parameter Estimation Methods Applied to Lightweight Structures
Kristoffer A. Dickow, Poul Henning Kirkegaard, Lars V. Andersen

17. A Comparative Study of System Identification Techniques Under Ambient Vibration
Muhammad S. Rahman, David T. Lau

18. Some Implications of Human-Structure Interaction
Lars Pedersen

19. Evolution of Dynamic Properties of a 5-Story RC Building During Construction
Rodrigo Astroza, Hamed Ebrahimian, Joel P. Conte, Tara C. Hutchinson, Jose I. Restrepo

20. Structural Dynamic Parameter Identification and the Effect of Test Techniques
A. Devin, P. J. Fanning, C. J. Middleton, A. Pavic

21. Comparison of Damping Models for Space Flight Cables
Kaitlin Spak, Gregory Agnes, Daniel Inman

22. Forced 3D Nonlinear Dynamics of a Hanging Cable Under Multiple Resonance Conditions
R. Alaggio, F. Benedettini, G. Rega, D. Zulli

23. Computationally Efficient Design of Semiactive Structural Control in the Presence of Measurement Noise
Mahmoud Kamalzare, Erik A. Johnson, Steven F. Wojtkiewicz

24. Optimal Nonlinear Control Using a Non-quadratic Cost Function for Scalar Systems
Elham Hemmat-Abiri, Erik A. Johnson

25. Optimal Sensor Placement with a Statistical Criterion for Subspace-Based Damage Detection
Michael Döhler, Kenny Kwan, Dionisio Bernal

26. Application of Efficient Model Correction for Damage Assessment Using Limited Measurements
Yi-Cheng Wu, Chin-Hsiung Loh

27. Theory Based Sensitivity Analysis and Damage Detection of Steel Roof Sheeting for Hailstone Impact
P. Sharafi, Lip H. Teh, Muhammad N. S. Hadi

28. Long-Term Dynamic Monitoring of an Offshore Wind Turbine
Christof Devriendt, Filipe Magalhães, Mahmoud Kafafy, Gert Sitter, Álvaro Cunha, Patrick Guillaume

29. Nondestructive Evaluation of Surface Crack Depth in Concrete
Ninel Alver, Masayasu Ohtsu

30. An Improved Methodology for Anomaly Detection Based on Time Series Modeling
Qipei Mei, Mustafa Gul

31. Response Surface Model Updating for Nonlinear Structures
Golnaz Shahidi, Shamim N. Pakzad

32. Application of Multivariate Statistically Based Algorithms for Civil Structures Anomaly Detection
Masoud Malekzadeh, Mustafa Gul, F. Necati Catbas

33. System Identification of a Three-Story Precast Concrete Parking Structure
Andrea Belleri, Babak Moaveni, Jose I. Restrepo

34. Structural Damage Localization Using Sensor Cluster Based Regression Schemes
Ruigen Yao, Shamim N. Pakzad

35. Operational Modal Analysis Based on Multivariable Transmissibility Functions: Revisited
Wout Weijtjens, Gert Sitter, Christof Devriendt, Patrick Guillaume

36. Diagnosis of Building Vibration Sources via Time-Frequency Analysis
Linda M. Hanagan, Martin W. Trethewey

37. Medial-Lateral Gait Patterns in Healthy Adult Walkers
Daniel Claff, M. S. Williams, A. Blakeborough, J. Stebbins

38. Quantifying Differences Between Walking Locomotion on Rigid and Flexible Pavements
M. V. Istrate, S. Zivanovic, A. Lorenzana, N. Ibán, H. V. Dang

39. Using MSD Model to Simulate Human-Structure Interaction During Walking
E. Shahabpoor, A. Pavic, V. Racic

40. Effect of Sensory Stimuli on Dynamic Loading Induced by People Bouncing
Vitomir Racic, James M. W. Brownjohn, Shu Wang, Mark T. Elliot, Alan Wing

41. Design and Construction of a Very Lively Bridge
S. Živanović, R. P. Johnson, H. V. Dang, J. Dobrić

42. Experimental Results from a Laboratory Test Program to Examine Human-Structure Interaction
Kelly A. Salyards, Nicholas C. Noss

43. Alleviation of Wind-induced Vibrations of Railings in a Building
C. M. Hou, W. D. Zhu

44. Operational Modal Analysis of a Slender Footbridge to Serviceability Purposes
Anna Cappellini, Stefano Manzoni, Marcello Vanali, Elena Mola

45. Optimal Sensor Placement for Structural Health Monitoring of Power Transmission Tower-Line Systems
José Antonio Vergara, Rafael Castro-Triguero, David Bullejos, Rafael Gallego, Diego Zamora

46. Evaluation of Economical Dynamic Exciters for Vibration Testing of Bridges
E. V. Fernstrom, J. L. Carreiro, K. A. Grimmelsman

47. Assessment of Floor Vibrations for Building Re-use: A Case Study
Brad Pridham

48. Experimental Validation on a Continuous Modulated Wave-Form Command Shaping Applied on Damped Systems
Khaled A. Alhazza

49. Quantification of Damping Effect of Humans on Lightly Damped Staircases
Anna Cappellini, Stefano Manzoni, Marcello Vanali

50. Robust Design Optimization of Steel Moment Resisting Frame Under Ground Motion Uncertainty
Zhifeng Liu, Sez Atamturktur, Hsein Juang

51. Structural Assessment of Fort Sumter Masonry Coastal Fortification Subject to Foundation Settlements
Sez Atamturktur, Saurabh Prabhu, Rick Dorrance

52. Condition Assessment of a Coal Mine Shiploader
Carlos E. Ventura, Freddy Pina, Steve Yee, Christopher Prychon

53. Experimental Assessment of Structure Borne Noise Generated by a Braking Resistor
F. Braghin, F. Cheli, G. Galli

54. Pre-Test Nonlinear FE Modeling and Simulation of a Full-Scale Five-Story Reinforced Concrete Building
Hamed Ebrahimian, Rodrigo Astroza, Joel P. Conte, Jose I. Restrepo, Tara C. Hutchinson

55. The Dynamic Stiffening Effects of Non-Structural Partitions in Building Floors
C. J. Middleton, A. Pavic

56. Experimental Characterization and Predictive Modeling of a Residential-Scale Wind Turbine
Jordan B. Chipka, Andrew R. Lisicki, Chuong T. Nguyen, Stuart G. Taylor, Gyuhae Park, Curtt N. Ammerman, Charles R. Farrar

57. Sizing Optimization of Trapezoidal Corrugated Roof Sheeting, Supporting Solar Panels, Under Wind Loading
P. Sharafi, Lip H. Teh, Muhammad N. S. Hadi

58. Establishment of Optimized Digging Trajectory for Hydraulic Excavator
Tatsuya Yoshida, Takayuki Koizumi, Nobutaka Tsujiuchi, Kan Chen, Yozo Nakamoto

59. Modeling, Simulation, and Optimization of California High-Speed Rail Bridge Under Earthquakes
Yong Li, Joel P. Conte

Keywords: Engineering, Structural Mechanics, Civil Engineering, Engineering Design

Publication year
Conference Proceedings of the Society for Experimental Mechanics Series
Page amount
10 pages
Technology, Energy, Traffic

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