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Special Topics in Structural Dynamics, Volume 6

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Table of contents

1. Safety Improvement of Child Restraint System by Using Adoptive Control
Takayuki Koizumi, Nobutaka Tsujiuchi, Shin Ito

2. Dynamic Response and Damage Estimation of Infant Brain for Vibration
Takayuki Koizumi, Nobutaka Tsujiuchi, Keisuke Hara, Yusuke Miyazaki

3. Mechanical Strength of Bone Cement with and Without Adjuvant Screw Fixation
Ryan Keyser, Robert Migliori, Tessa Morgan, Steven R. Anton, Kevin M. Fariholt, R. Michael Meneghini

4. Development of a Bench for Testing Leg Prosthetics
H. Giberti, F. Resta, E. Sabbioni, L. Vergani, C. Colombo, G. Verni, E. Boccafogli

5. Application of Modal Testing and Analysis Techniques on a sUAV
Kaci J. Lemler, William H. Semke

6. Progress in Operational Analysis of Launch Vehicles in Nonstationary Flight
George James, Mo Kaouk, Tim Cao

7. Influence of Test Conditions on Comfort Ranking of Road Bicycle Wheels
Julien Lépine, Yvan Champoux, Jean-Marc Drouet

8. Direct Measurement of Power on a Gravity Independent Flywheel-based Ergometer
F. Braghin, M. Bassetti, P. Crosio, D. Locati

9. Instrumented Treadmill for Cross-Country Skiing Enhanced Training
M. Bassetti, F. Braghin, S. Maldifassi

10. Instrumenting a Rowing Ergometer for Improved Training
G. Cazzulani, M. Bassetti, G. Picardi, L. Mariella, J. Verdonkschot, A. Benecchi, Dario Dalla Vedova

11. A Laboratory Technique to Compare Road Bike Dynamic Comfort
Yvan Champoux, Julien Lépine, Philippe-Aubert Gauthier, Jean-Marc Drouet

12. Exploring Experimental Structural Dynamics in EMA/ME 540 at UW-Madison
Matthew S. Allen

13. The ABRAVIBE Toolbox for Teaching Vibration Analysis and Structural Dynamics
Anders Brandt

14. Structural Dynamics Teaching Example: A Linear Test Analysis Case Using Open Software
Per-Olof Sturesson, Anders Brandt, Matti Ristinmaa

15. Testing Anti-Ram Barrier Protection Systems
Kurt Veggeberg

16. Fiber Optic Accelerometers and Sensors for Dynamic Measurements
Kurt Veggeberg

17. Nonlinear Model Tracking for Varying System Geometries
Timothy A. Doughty, Matthew R. Dally, Mikah R. Bacon, Nick G. Etzel

18. Fuzzy Arithmetical Assessment of Wave Propagation Models for Multi-Wire Cables
Christoph Schaal, Michael Hanss

19. A Vibro-Haptic Human-Machine Interface for Structural Health Monitoring Applications
Christina Brown, Martin Cowell, C. Ariana Plont, Heidi Hahn, David Mascareñas

20. Technologies for Seismic Safety Management of Existing Health Facilities
C. Rainieri, G. Fabbrocino

21. Wave-Induced Vibration Monitoring for Stability Assessment of Harbor Caisson
So-Young Lee, Thanh Canh Huynh, Han-Sam Yoon, Jeong-Tae Kim, Sang-Hun Han

22. Damage Assessment of a Beam Using Artificial Neural Networks and Antiresonant Frequencies
V. Meruane, J. Mahu

23. Case Studies of Tools Used in Teaching Structural Dynamics
Kurt Veggeberg

24. “Structural System Testing and Model Correlation”: An Industry-University Collaborative Course in Structural Dynamics
Michael Todd, Dustin Harvey, David Gregg, Bill Fladung, Paul Blelloch, Kevin Napolitano

25. Visualizing Structural Vibrations Using Stroboscopic Light in a Novel Setup
Markus J. Hochrainer

26. Analytical and Experimental Learning in a Vibrations Course at the University of Massachusetts Lowell
Pawan Pingle, Peter Avitabile

27. Around the World in 80 Courses
David Ewins

28. Review of a Pilot Internet System Dynamics Course
C. C. Claeys, S. Leuridan, D. Brown, J. Connor

29. Using Random Response Input in Ibrahim Time Domain
Peter Olsen, Rune Brincker

30. Modal Parameter Identification of New Design of Vertical Axis Wind Turbine
Prasad D. Chougule, Søren R. K. Nielsen

31. Predicting Dynamic Strain on Wind Turbine Blade Using Digital Image Correlation Techniques in Conjunction with Analytical Expansion Methodologies
Jennifer Carr, Javad Baqersad, Christopher Niezrecki, Peter Avitabile, Micheal Slattery

32. Dynamic Characterization of a Free-Free Wind Turbine Blade Assembly
Javad Baqersad, Christopher Niezrecki, Peter Avitabile, Micheal Slattery

33. Harmonic Analysis on a Lévy Plate and Its Application to Fatigue Analysis
Nam-Gyu Park, Jung-Min Suh, Kyeong-Lak Jeon

34. Vibration Level Assessment of Nuclear Power Plant Powerhouse Hall
G. G. Boldyrev, A. A. Zhivaev

35. Study on the Band Structure of Trigonal Chiral Structures
Shiyin Xu, Xiuchang Huang, Hongxing Hua

36. FEM Sensitivity Vector Basis for Measured Mode Expansion
Robert N. Coppolino

37. Estimation of Unmeasured DOF’s on a Scaled Model of a 4-Storey Building
Anders Skafte, Rune Brincker

38. Estimation of Rotational Degrees of Freedom by EMA and FEM Mode Shapes
A. Sestieri, W. D’Ambrogio, R. Brincker, A. Skafte, A. Culla

39. Real-Time Dynamic Stress Response Estimation at Critical Locations of Instrumented Structures Embedded in Random Fields
Eric M. Hernandez, Kalil Erazo

40. Strain Estimation in a Glass Beam Using Operational Modal Analysis
Manuel L. Aenlle, Anders Skafte, Pelayo Fernández, Rune Brincker

41. Pressure Measurement Sensor for Jointed Structures
G. Chevallier, H. Festjens, F. Renaud, J.-L. Dion

42. Modal Analysis of Machine Tools Using a Single Laser Beam Device
Christian Brecher, Stephan Bäumler, Alexander Guralnik

43. Valvetrain Motion Measurements in Firing Conditions by Laser Doppler Vibrometer
P. Castellini, P. Chiariotti, M. Martarelli, E. P. Tomasini

44. Using High-Speed Stereophotogrammetry to Collect Operating Data on a Robinson R44 Helicopter
Troy Lundstrom, Javad Baqersad, Christopher Niezrecki

45. Principles of Image Processing and Feature Recognition Applied to Full-Field Measurements
John E. Mottershead, Weizhuo Wang

46. Model Updating Using Shape Descriptors from Full-Field Images
Weizhuo Wang, John E. Mottershead, Eann Patterson, Thorsten Siebert, Alexander Ihle

47. Shape-Descriptor Frequency Response Functions and Modal Analysis
John E. Mottershead, Weizhuo Wang, Thorsten Siebert, Andrea Pipino

48. Dynamic Simulation of the Lunar Landing Using Flexible Multibody Dynamics Model
Huinam Rhee, Sang Jin Park, Tae Sung Kim, Yong Ha Kim, Chang Ho Kim, Jae Hyuk Im, Do-Soon Hwang

49. A New Approach for a Train Axle Telemetry System
M. Bassetti, F. Braghin, F. Castelli-Dezza, M. M. Maglio

50. Triaxial Multi-range MEMS Accelerometer Nodes for Railways Applications
M. Bassetti, F. Braghin, G. Cazzulani, F. Castelli-Dezza

51. Acoustical Excitation for Damping Estimation in Rotating Machinery
Bram Vervisch, Michael Monte, Kurt Stockman, Mia Loccufier

52. Numerical Simulations on the Performance of Passive Mitigation Under Blast Wave Loading
Oruba Rabie, Yahia M. Al-Smadi, Eric Wolff

53. Finite Element Model Updating Using the Shadow Hybrid Monte Carlo Technique
I. Boulkaibet, L. Mthembu, T. Marwala, M. I. Friswell, S. Adhikari

54. Pseudo Velocity Shock Data Analysis Calculations Using Octave
Howard A. Gaberson

55. Analysis and Dynamic Characterization of a Resonant Plate for Shock Testing
Richard Hsieh, R. Max Moore, Sydney Sroka, James Lake, Christopher Stull, Peter Avitabile

56. Resonances of Compact Tapered Inhomogeneous Axially Loaded Shafts
Arnaldo J. Mazzei, Richard A. Scott

57. Modelling Friction in a Nonlinear Dynamic System via Bayesian Inference
P. L. Green, K. Worden

58. Optimum Load for Energy Harvesting with Non-linear Oscillators
A. Cammarano, A. Gonzalez-Buelga, S. A. Neild, D. J. Wagg, S. G. Burrow, D. J. Inman

59. Harvesting of Ambient Floor Vibration Energy Utilizing Micro-Electrical Mechanical Devices
Joshua A. Schultz, Christopher H. Raebel

60. Robust Optimization of Magneto-Mechanical Energy Harvesters for Shoes
Stefano Tornincasa, Maurizio Repetto, Elvio Bonisoli, Francesco Monaco

61. Optimization of an Energy Harvester Coupled to a Vibrating Membrane
Levent Beker, H. Nevzat Özgüven, Haluk Külah

62. Experimental Localization of Small Damages Using Modal Filters
G. Tondreau, A. Deraemaeker

63. Output Only Structural Identification with Minimal Instrumentation
Suparno Mukhopadhyay, Raimondo Betti, Hilmi Lus

64. Simulation of Guided Wave Interaction with Defects in Rope Structures
Stefan Bischoff, Lothar Gaul

65. Estimation of Modal Parameters Confidence Intervals: A Simple Numerical Example
Elisa Bosco, Ankit Chiplunkar, Joseph Morlier

66. A Bayesian Framework of Transmissibility Model Selection and Updating
Zhu Mao, Michael Todd

67. Monitoring of Torsion of Guyed Mast Shafts
Shota Urushadze, Miroš Pirner

Keywords: Engineering, Civil Engineering, Vibration, Dynamical Systems, Control, Structural Mechanics

Publication year
Conference Proceedings of the Society for Experimental Mechanics Series
Page amount
10 pages
Technology, Energy, Traffic

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