Reed, Derek D.

Handbook of Crisis Intervention and Developmental Disabilities

Reed, Derek D. - Handbook of Crisis Intervention and Developmental Disabilities, ebook


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Table of contents

1. Introduction
Derek D. Reed

Part I. Organizational Preparedness

2. Importance of Organizational Infrastructure
Mark R. Dixon, Amy K. Loukus

3. Peer Review
James K. Luiselli

4. Evidence-Based Practice and Crisis Intervention
Lindsay Maffei-Almodovar, Peter Sturmey

5. Empirically Supported Staff Selection, Training, and Management Strategies
Florence D. DiGennaro Reed, Jason M. Hirst, Veronica J. Howard

6. The Use of Protective Equipment in the Management of Severe Behavior Disorders
Wayne W. Fisher, Nicole M. Rodriguez, Kevin C. Luczynski, Michael E. Kelley

7. Therapeutic Restraint and Protective Holding
Derek D. Reed, James K. Luiselli, Jonathan R. Miller, Brent A. Kaplan

Part II. Crisis Identification and Acknowledgement

8. Assessment of Problem Behavior
Brian C. Belva, Megan A. Hattier, Johnny L. Matson

9. Functional Analysis of Problem Behavior
Pamela L. Neidert, Griffin W. Rooker, Makenzie W. Bayles, Jonathan R. Miller

10. Assessment of Pediatric Feeding Disorders
Meeta R. Patel

11. Unique Considerations of Prader-Willi Syndrome
Claudia L. Dozier, Joseph D. Dracobly, Steven W. Payne

12. The Motivation for Self-Injury: Looking Backward to Move Forward
Jennifer McComas, Frank J. Symons

13. Co-occurring Psychiatric Disorders in Individuals with Intellectual Disability
Joseph N. Ricciardi

14. Involving Family in the Prevention and Intervention of Behavior Problems in Individuals with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities
Laura Lee McIntyre, Mallory Brown

Part III. Navigating the Continuum of Care

15. Legal and Ethical Issues
Jan Bowen Sheldon, Jennifer A. L. Sheldon-Sherman

16. Less to More Restrictive Settings: Policy and Planning Considerations
Mitchell L. Yell, Erik Drasgow

17. How to Make Effective Evaluation of Psychotropic Drug Effects in People with Developmental Disabilities and Self-Injurious Behavior
Stephen R. Schroeder, Jessica A. Hellings, Andrea B. Courtemanche

18. Consultation in Public School Settings
Florence D. DiGennaro Reed, Sarah R. Jenkins

19. Home-Based Services
Jonathan Tarbox, Angela Persicke, Amy Kenzer

20. Components of a Private School Program Serving Children and Adolescents with Severe Problem Behavior
Daniel M. Fienup, Amy Baranek, Jennifer Derderian, Maria Knox, Gary M. Pace

21. Treating Severe Problem Behavior Within Intensive Day-Treatment Programs
Nathan A. Call, Natalie A. Parks, Andrea R. Reavis

22. Intensive Treatment of Pediatric Feeding Disorders
Suzanne M. Milnes, Cathleen C. Piazza

23. Outpatient Units
David P. Wacker, Wendy K. Berg, Kelly M. Schieltz, Patrick W. Romani, Yaniz C. Padilla Dalmau

24. Intensive Outpatient Services
Joel E. Ringdahl

25. Do Good, Take Data, Get a Life, and Make a Meaningful Difference in Providing Residential Services!
Michael C. Strouse, James A. Sherman, Jan Bowen Sheldon

Keywords: Psychology, Child and School Psychology, Social Work, Behavioral Therapy, Educational Psychology, Family, Rehabilitation

Publication year
Issues in Clinical Child Psychology
Page amount
15 pages

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