Naum, Magdalena

Scandinavian Colonialism and the Rise of Modernity

Naum, Magdalena - Scandinavian Colonialism  and the Rise of Modernity, ebook


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Table of contents

Part I. Charting Scandinavian Colonialism

1. Introduction: Situating Scandinavian Colonialism
Magdalena Naum, Jonas M. Nordin

2. Colonialism and Swedish History: Unthinkable Connections?
Gunlög Fur

3. Black on White: Danish Colonialism, Iceland and the Caribbean
Kristín Loftsdóttir, Gísli Pálsson

4. From Gammelbo Bruk to Calabar: Swedish Iron in an Expanding Atlantic Economy
Chris Evans, Göran Rydén

5. Heritage Tourism in Tranquebar: Colonial Nostalgia or Postcolonial Encounter?
Helle Jørgensen

Part II. Colonizing the North

6. Icelandic Archaeology and the Ambiguities of Colonialism
Gavin Lucas, Angelos Parigoris

7. Circumventing Colonial Policies: Consumption and Family Life as Social Practices in the Early Nineteenth-Century Disko Bay
Peter A. Toft, Inge Høst Seiding

8. Colonial Encounter in Early Modern Sápmi
Daniel Lindmark

9. Materialities on the Move: Identity and Material Culture Among the Forest Finns in Seventeenth-Century Sweden and America
Fredrik Ekengren

Part III. Venturing Into the World: Scandinavian Colonies in America, Africa and Asia

10. Sweden in the Delaware Valley: Everyday Life and Material Culture in New Sweden
Fredrik Ekengren, Magdalena Naum, Ulla Isabel Zagal-Mach Wolfe

11. Borderland in the Middle: The Delaware Colony on the Atlantic Coast
Lu Ann Cunzo

12. There and Back Again: A Study of Travelling Material Culture in New and Old Sweden
Jonas M. Nordin

13. Sweden and the Atlantic: The Dynamism of Sweden’s Colonial Projects in the Eighteenth Century
Eric Schnakenbourg

14. The Danish Gold Coast as a Multinational and Entangled Space, c. 1700–1850
Holger Weiss

15. The 1733 Slave Revolt on the Island of St. John: Continuity and Change from Africa to the Americas
Louise Sebro

16. Networked Interaction: Archaeological Exploration of Walled and Terraced House Compounds in the Danish Colonial Port Town of Charlotte Amalie, St. Thomas
Douglas V. Armstrong, Christian Williamson, Alan D. Armstrong

Part IV. Post Scriptum: Reflections

17. Insinuations: Framing a New Understanding of Colonialism
Audrey Horning

18. Colonial Encounters of the Nordic Kind
James Symonds

Keywords: Social Sciences, Archaeology, Anthropology, Cultural Heritage

Publication year
Contributions To Global Historical Archaeology
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10 pages

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