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The Comprehensive Textbook of Healthcare Simulation

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Table of contents

Part I. Introduction to Simulation

1. Healthcare Simulation: From “Best Secret” to “Best Practice”
Adam I. Levine, Samuel DeMaria, Andrew D. Schwartz, Alan J. Sim

2. The History of Simulation
Kathleen Rosen

3. Education and Learning Theory
Susan J. Pasquale

4. The Use of Humor to Enrich the Simulated Environment
Christopher J. Gallagher, Tommy Corrado

5. The Use of Stress to Enrich the Simulated Environment
Samuel DeMaria, Adam I. Levine

6. Debriefing Using a Structured and Supported Approach
Paul E. Phrampus, John M. O’Donnell

7. Debriefing with Good Judgment
Demian Szyld, Jenny W. Rudolph

8. Crisis Resource Management
Ruth M. Fanning, Sara N. Goldhaber-Fiebert, Ankeet D. Undani, David M. Gaba

9. Patient Safety
Pramudith V. Sirimanna, Rajesh Aggarwal

10. Systems Integration
William Dunn, Ellen Deutsch, Juli Maxworthy, Kathleen Gallo, Yue Dong, Jennifer Manos, Tiffany Pendergrass, Victoria Brazil

11. Competency Assessment
Ross J. Scalese, Rose Hatala

12. Simulation for Licensure and Certification
Amitai Ziv, Haim Berkenstadt, Orit Eisenberg

Part II. Simulation Modalities and Technologies

13. Standardized Patients
Lisa D. Howley

14. Computer and Web Based Simulators
Kathleen M. Ventre, Howard A. Schwid

15. Mannequin Based Simulators
Chad Epps, Marjorie Lee White, Nancy Tofil

16. Virtual Reality, Haptic Simulators, and Virtual Environments
Ryan Owens, Jeffrey M. Taekman

Part III. Simulation for Healthcare Disciplines

17. Simulation in Anesthesiology
Laurence Torsher, Paula Craigo

18. Simulation in Non-invasive Cardiology
James McKinney, Ross J. Scalese, Rose Hatala

19. Simulation in Cardiothoracic Surgery
James I. Fann, Richard H. Feins, George L. Hicks

20. Simulation in Emergency Medicine
Steve McLaughlin, Sam Clarke, Shekhar Menon, Thomas P. Noeller, Yasuharu Okuda, Michael D. Smith, Christopher Strother

21. Simulation in Dentistry and Oral Health
Riki Gottlieb, J. Marjoke Vervoorn, Judith Buchanan

22. Simulation in Family Medicine
James M. Cooke, Leslie Wimsatt

23. Simulation in General Surgery
Dimitrios Stefanidis, Paul D. Colavita

24. Simulation in Gastroenterology
Jenifer R. Lightdale

25. Simulation in Genitourinary Surgery
Marjolein C. Persoon, Barbara M. A. Schout, Matthew T. Gettman, David D. Thiel

26. Simulation in Internal Medicine
Paul E. Ogden, Courtney West, Lori Graham, Curtis Mirkes, Colleen Y. Colbert

27. Simulation in Military and Battlefield Medicine
COL Robert M. Rush

28. Simulation in Neurosurgery and Neurosurgical Procedures
Ali Alaraj, Matthew K. Tobin, Daniel M. Birk, Fady T. Charbel

29. Simulation in Nursing
Kim Leighton

30. Simulation in Obstetrics and Gynecology
Shad Deering, Tamika C. Auguste

31. Simulation in Ophthalmology
Gina M. Rogers, Bonnie Henderson, Thomas A. Oetting

32. Simulation in Orthopedic Surgery
Jay D. Mabrey, Kivanc Atesok, Kenneth Egol, Laith Jazrawi, Gregory Hall

33. Simulation in Otolaryngology
Ellen S. Deutsch, Luv R. Javia

34. Simulation in Pain and Palliative Care
Yury Khelemsky, Jason Epstein

35. Simulation in Pediatrics
Vincent Grant, Jon Duff, Farhan Bhanji, Adam Cheng

36. Simulation in Psychiatry
Elizabeth Goldfarb, Tristan Gorrindo

37. Simulation in Pulmonary and Critical Care Medicine
Adam D. Peets, Najib T. Ayas

38. Simulation in Radiology: Diagnostic Techniques
Alexander Towbin

39. Simulation in Radiology: Endovascular and Interventional Techniques
Amrita Kumar, Derek Gould

40. Simulation in Basic Science Education
Staci Leisman, Kenneth Gilpin, Basil Hanss

Part IV. Professional Development in Simulation

41. The Clinical Educator Track for Medical Students and Residents
Alan J. Sim, Bryan P. Mahoney, Daniel Katz, Rajesh Reddy, Andrew Goldberg

42. Fellowship Training in Simulation
Emily M. Hayden, James A. Gordon

43. Specialized Courses in Simulation
Deborah Navedo, Robert Simon

44. Continuing Education in Simulation
Ronald Levy, Kathryn Adams, Wanda Goranson

Part V. Program Development in Simulation

45. Center Development and Practical Considerations
Michael Seropian, Bonnie Driggers, Jesika Gavilanes

46. Business Planning Considerations for a Healthcare Simulation Center
Maria Galati, Robert Williams

47. Securing Funding for Simulation Centers and Research
Kanav Kahol

48. Program and Center Accreditation
Rosemarie Fernandez, Megan Sherman, Christopher Strother, Thomas Benedetti, Pamela Andreatta

49. A Future Vision
Adam I. Levine, Samuel DeMaria, Andrew D. Schwartz, Alan J. Sim

Keywords: Medicine & Public Health, Anesthesiology, Intensive / Critical Care Medicine, Health Informatics, Emergency Medicine, Surgery, Internal Medicine

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