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Communications, Signal Processing, and Systems

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Table of contents

1. A Hierarchy System for Automatic Target Recognition in SAR Images
Zongyong Cui, Zongjie Cao, Jianyu Yang, Jian Cheng, Yulin Huang, Liyuan Xu

2. Building Extraction of SAR Images Using Morphological Attribute Profiles
Lingzi Xue, Xiaqing Yang, Zongjie Cao

3. Variational Segmentation of Polarimetric SAR Image By Using a Continous Potts Model and Automatic Initialization
Ying Tan, Zongjie Cao, Jilan Feng, Zongyong Cui

4. Mismatched Signal Jamming to Synthetic Aperture Radar
Xiaodong He, Bin Tang

5. A CGRT-CLEAN Method for Circular SAR Three Dimensional Imaging
Biao Zhang, Yiming Pi, Rui Min

6. Outage Probability Analysis of HANs in Multiuser Downlink Scenario for Smart Grid Communications
Zhuo Li, Qilian Liang

7. Bidirectional Energy Management for Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicles via Vehicle-to-Grid
Xin Wang, Qilian Liang

8. Intelligent Power Management System Based Impedance Identification Technology for Safety of Power Utilization
Wei Song, Ning Xie, Baoju Zhang

9. Providing Destination-Location Privacy in Wireless Sensor Network Using Bubble Routing
Leron Lightfoot, Jian Ren

10. New Scalar Encoding Method to Accelerate Point Multiplication in Elliptic Curve Cryptography
Chalak Shakir Ahmed, Min Jia, Xuemai Gu

11. Model and Simulation of Data Aggregation Based on Voronoi Diagram in Hierarchical Sensor Network
Jianli Zhao, Qiuxia Sun

12. Lightweight Security for WSN Based on Network Coding
Xu Lu, Ting Jiang

13. Improved Energy Detection Spectrum Sensing Method for OFDM-Based Cognitive Radio System
Min Jia, Hao Yang, Xuemai Gu

14. Power Allocation in OFDM Based Cognitive Radio System
Ishrat Maherin, Qilian Liang

15. The Infrared Image Enhancement Approach Based on Directionlet Transform
Xin Zhou, Wei Wang

16. Particle Filter Track-Before-Detect Implementation on GPU
Xu Tang, Jinzhou Su, Fangbin Zhao, Jian Zhou, Ping Wei

17. An Improved Monopulse Forward-Looking Imaging Algorithm
Xiaomin Jiang, Yulin Huang, Jianyu Yang, Wenchao Li

18. Compressed Sensing Based on the Contourlet Transform for Image Processing
Qing Lei, Bao-ju Zhang, Wei Wang

19. Revealing Image Splicing Forgery Using Local Binary Patterns of DCT Coefficients
Yujin Zhang, Chenglin Zhao, Yiming Pi, Shenghong Li

20. Sampling Synchronization for OFDM-Based System with Unified Reference Clock
Zhuo Sun

21. A New Low Voltage Low Power Consumption Comparator for Successive Approximation Register ADCs
Shitong Yuan, Hai Huang, Qiang Li

22. A Novel High-Resolution Wide-Swath SAR Imaging Algorithm
Weihua Zuo, Rui Min, Jin Li

23. The Robust Sparse PCA for Data Reconstructive via Weighted Elastic Net
Wang Ling, Jihao Yin

24. Research on Theory of Almost Perfect Binary-Third-Order Cyclic Autocorrelation Sequences
Yi Zhong, Zheng Zhou, Ting Jiang

25. A Strategy of Network Coding Against Nodes Conspiracy Attack
Rong Du, Chenglin Zhao, Feng Zhao, Shenghong Li

26. A New Modulation Diversity Technique of 60 GHz Millimeter-Wave System to Reduce PAPR
Yueteng Liu, Qizhu Song, Junfeng Wang, Bin Li, Xuebin Sun, Chenglin Zhao, Zheng Zhou

27. Artificial Reflector Based Efficient NLOS Transmissions in 60 GHz Millimeter-Wave Wireless Communication
Peng Zhang, Chenglin Zhao, Bin Li, Yun Liu, Zhou Li

28. A Novel Frequency Drift Tracking Algorithm Based on Kalman Filter in 60GHz mm-WaveSystem
Jingya Ma, Chenglin Zhao, Bin Li, Yun Liu, Zhou Li

29. An Efficient Hybrid Beamforming for Uplink Transmissions of 60GHz Millimeter-Wave Communications
Chenglin Zhao, Wei Zhang, Bin Li, Yun Liu, Zhou Li

30. A Novel Phase Noise Compensation Scheme for 60GHz OFDM System Based on Quantum Genetic Algorithm
Jianfei Zhao, Chenglin Zhao, Bin Li, Zheng Zhou

31. Physical Layer Network Coding Based Two-Way Relay for 60 GHz Millimeter-Wave Wireless Personal Area Networks
Hankun Zhu, Xiao Peng, Xuebin Sun, Zheng Zhou

32. A Novel Scheme of Improving 60 GHz Millimeter-Wave System Performance in the Presence of Nonlinear Power Amplifier
Shaojian Huang, Hongbo Tao, Sha Zhang, Xuebin Sun, Zheng Zhou

33. An Improved Dynamic Programming Based Track-Before-Detect Approach for Dim Target Detection
Mingming Guo, Xiaobo Deng

34. FOD Detection on Airport Runway with Clutter Map CFAR Plane Technique
Jin Erwen, Yan Danqing, Zhang Zhongjin, Zhong Qi, Yu Xuelian

35. An Approach to the Modulation Recognition of MIMO Radar Signals
Xiaojing Wang, Ying Xiong, Bin Tang, Yunhao Li

36. Experimental Study of Through-Wall Human Detection by UWB Radar with Hilbert Huang Transform
Ashith Kumar, Qilian Liang, Zhuo Li, Baoju Zhang, Xiaorong Wu

37. A Novel Pulse Compression Method for Weather Radar
Haijiang Wang, Zhao Shi, JianXin He, Yiming Pi

38. A Method of Obstacle Identification Based on UWB and Selected Bispectra
Minglei You, Ting Jiang

39. Nonlinear Estimation for Ultra-Wideband Radar Based on Bayesian Particle Filtering Detector
Mengwei Sun, Bin Li, Chenglin Zhao, Yun Liu, Zhou Li

40. Some Recent Results on the Physical Layer Security of Frequency Hopping Systems
Hao Li, Jian Ren, Tongtong Li

41. An Improved Adaptive Filtering Algorithm for Non-Sparse Impulse Response
Songlin Sun, Xiao Xia, Chenglin Zhao, Yanhong Ju, Yueming Lu

42. 60 GHz Ultra-Band Channel Estimation Based on Cluster-Classification Compressed Sensing
Xuebin Sun, Meng Hou, Hongbo Tao, Sha Zhang, Bin Li, Chengli Zhao

43. The Study About a Novel Beam-Search Strategy in 60 GHz Wireless Communication Environment
Sen Li, Hongbo Tao, Chenglin Zhao

44. Routing Selection Strategy Based on Link Failure in ZigBee Networks with Changing Mobility
Jiasong Mu, Wei Wang, Baoju Zhang

45. Detecting Community Structure of Complex Networks Based on Network Potential
Yuxin Zhao, Chenglin Zhao, Xiuzhen Chen, Shenghong Li, Hao Peng, Yueguo Zhang

46. DOA Estimation Algorithm Based on Compressed-Sensing
Yao Luo, Qun Wan

47. A Novel Method of Acoustic Source Localization Using Microphone Array
Chunlong Liao, Xiang Xie, Yongtao Jia, Ming Tu

48. GTD-Based Model of Terahertz Radar Scattering Center Distance Estimation Method
Zhengwu Xu, Yuanjie Wu, Jin Li, Yiming Pi

49. An Kalman Filter-Based Method for BeiDou/GPS Integrated Navigation System
Xu Yang, Qing Xu, Haijiang Wang

50. A 2-Dimensional Correlation Interferometer Algorithm Based on Dimension Separation
Xin Zhang, Ting Cheng, Zishu He

51. Improved Positioning Algorithm Using the Linear Constraints of Scatterer in Two Base Stations
Fei Zhou, Xin-Yue Fan

52. Parameter Estimation of Target with Micro-Motion Based on Terahertz Radar
Jian Tu, Zhengwu Xu, Jin Li

53. Terahertz Radar Signal for Heart and Breath Rate Detection Based on Time-Frequency Analysis
Yuanjie Wu, Zhengwu Xu, Jin Li

54. Throat Polyps Detection Based on Patient Voices
Zhen Zhong, Zhangliang Chen, Qilian Liang, Shuifang Xiao

Keywords: Engineering, Communications Engineering, Networks, Signal, Image and Speech Processing, Computer Systems Organization and Communication Networks

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Lecture Notes in Electrical Engineering
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18 pages
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