Surdam, Ronald C.

Geological CO2 Storage Characterization

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Table of contents

1. Geological Observations Supporting Dynamic Climatic Changes
Ronald C. Surdam

2. The Story of the Wyoming Carbon Underground Storage Project (WY-CUSP), and the Regional Inventory and Prioritization of Potential CO2 Storage Reservoirs in Wyoming
Ramsey D. Bentley, Ronald C. Surdam

3. Legal Framework: Carbon Storage Regulations and Access for the Wyoming Carbon Underground Storage Project (WY-CUSP)
Lynne Boomgaarden, Shanna C. Dahl

4. A Strategy for Designing an Optimal Characterization Study of the Premier Carbon Capture, Utilization and Storage Site in Wyoming
Ronald C. Surdam

5. Regional Geologic History, CO2 Source Inventory, and Groundwater Risk Assessment of a Potential CO2 Sequestration Site on the Rock Springs Uplift in Southwest Wyoming
J. Fred McLaughlin, Ramsey D. Bentley, Scott A. Quillinan

6. Detailed Geologic Characterization of Core and Well Data from the Weber and Madison Formations and Associated Seals at a Potential CO2 Sequestration Site in Southwest Wyoming: Definining the Lithologic, Geochemical, Diagenetic, and Burial Histories Relative to Successful CO2 Storage
J. Fred McLaughlin, Mario Garcia-Gonzalez

7. Utility of 3-D Seismic Attribute Analysis and VSP for Assessing Potential Carbon Sequestration Targets on the Rock Springs Uplift, Southwest Wyoming
Yuri Ganshin, Ronald C. Surdam

8. Reservoir Fluid Characterization of the Weber Sandstone and Madison Limestone on the Rock Springs Uplift in Southwest Wyoming
Scott A. Quillinan, J.Fred McLaughlin

9. Predicting Permeability in the Target Reservoirs on the Rock Springs Uplift, Southwest Wyoming
Yuri Ganshin

10. Advances in Estimating the Geologic CO2 Storage Capacity of the Madison Limestone and Weber Sandstone on the Rock Springs Uplift by Utilizing Detailed 3-D Reservoir Characterization and Geologic Uncertainty Reduction
Zunsheng Jiao, Ronald C. Surdam

11. Displaced Fluid Management—the Key to Commercial-Scale Geologic CO2 Storage
Ronald C. Surdam, Scott A. Quillinan, Zunsheng Jiao

12. The Carbon Management Institute’s Integrated CO2 Storage/EOR Strategy: the Advantages of Deploying Innovative, Multiple-Resource Development Strategies Designed to Foster Sustainability of Energy and Environmental Resources
Ronald C. Surdam, Ramsey D. Bentley, Zunsheng Jiao

13. A Feasibility Study of the Integration of Geologic CO2 Storage with Enhanced Oil Recovery (CO2 Flooding) in the Ordos Basin, China
Zunsheng Jiao, Ronald C. Surdam, Lifa Zhou, Yajun Wang

14. Summary of the WY-CUSP Characterization Program
Ronald C. Surdam

Keywords: Earth Sciences, Environmental Science and Engineering, Geotechnical Engineering & Applied Earth Sciences, Geoengineering, Foundations, Hydraulics, Economic Geology, Earth System Sciences, Fossil Fuels (incl. Carbon Capture)

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