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Environmental Toxicology

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Table of contents

1. Environmental Toxicology, Introduction
Edward A. Laws

2. Airborne Toxic Chemicals
April Hiscox, Mark Macauda

3. Bioaccumulation/Biomagnifications in Food Chains
Paul K. Bienfang, Henry Trapido-Rosenthal, Edward A. Laws

4. Biomarkers and Metabolomics, Evidence of Stress
Young Soo Keum, Jeong-Han Kim, Qing X. Li

5. Bioremediation and Mitigation
Ralph J. Portier

6. Biosensors and Bioassays for Ecological Risk Monitoring and Assessment
Scott D. Soelberg, Clement E. Furlong

7. CERCLA, Sustainability and Public and Environmental Health
Robert Davis Jewett, Michael W. Wascom

8. Ecological and Health Risks at Low Doses
Kristine L. Willett, Christy M. Foran

9. Ecological Risk Assessment and Animal Models
Lisa J. Bain

10. Environmental Toxicology: Carcinogenesis
Vincent L. Wilson

11. Environmental Toxicology: Children at Risk
Maria J. Carroquino, M. Posada, P. J. Landrigan

12. Environmental Toxicology: Oxidative Stress
Dean P. Jones

13. Harmful Algal Blooms
Timothy I. McLean, Geoffrey A. Sinclair

14. Microbial Risk Assessment of Pathogens in Water
Gertjan Medema

15. Pathogen and Nutrient Transfer Through and Across Agricultural Soils
David M. Oliver, Louise A. Heathwaite

16. Recreational Water Risk: Pathogens and Fecal Indicators
Alexandria B. Boehm, Jeffrey A. Soller

17. Science, Policy, and Risk Management: Case of Seafood Safety
Damaris A. F. Meujo, Mark T. Hamann

18. Sentinel Species in Oceans and Human Health
Lori H. Schwacke, Frances M. Gulland, Susan White

19. Solar Radiation and Human Health
Gunther Seckmeyer, Armin Zittermann, Richard McKenzie, Ruediger Greinert

20. Toxic Chemical Risks
Edward A. Laws

21. Ultraviolet Radiation: Distribution and Variability
Julian Gröbner

22. UV Effects on Living Organisms
Philipp Weihs, Alois W. Schmalwieser, Günther Schauberger

23. Xenobiotic Protection/Resistance Mechanisms in Organisms
Christopher J. Kennedy, Keith B. Tierney

Keywords: Life Sciences, Applied Ecology, Ecotoxicology, Pharmacology/Toxicology, Pollution, general, Oxidative Stress

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