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Proteomics in Foods

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Table of contents

1. Understanding the Proteome
Emøke Bendixen

2. Extraction/Fractionation Techniques for Proteins and Peptides and Protein Digestion
Daniel Martínez-Maqueda, Blanca Hernández-Ledesma, Lourdes Amigo, Beatriz Miralles, José Ángel Gómez-Ruiz

3. Primary Separation: 2-D Electrophoresis
Romina Pedreschi

4. Primary Separation: Chromatography
M.-Concepción Aristoy, Leticia Mora, Elizabeth Escudero, Fidel Toldrá

5. Mass Spectrometry Applications
Carla Soler, Josep Rubert, Jordi Mañes

6. Challenges and Applications of Proteomics for Analysis of Changes in Early Postmortem Meat
Honggang Huang, René Lametsch

7. Application of Proteomics for Analysis of Protein Modifications in Postmortem Meat
Honggang Huang, René Lametsch

8. Biological Markers for Meat Tenderness of the Three Main French Beef Breeds Using 2-DE and MS Approach
Thibault Chaze, Jean-François Hocquette, Bruno Meunier, Gilles Renand, Catherine Jurie, Christophe Chambon, Laurent Journaux, Sylvie Rousset, Christophe Denoyelle, Jacques Lepetit, Brigitte Picard

9. Dry-Cured Ham
Leticia Mora, Fidel Toldrá

10. Evaluation of Fish Quality and Safety by Proteomics Techniques
Carmen Piñeiro, Iciar Martinez

11. Farmed and Wild Fish
Maria Filippa Addis

12. Fish Authentication
Mónica Carrera, Benito Cañas, José M. Gallardo

13. Proteomics in Milk and Milk Processing
Qiang Zhang, Catherine J. Carpenter

14. Cheese Processing
Aldo Luccia, Michele Faccia, Caterina Incoronato, Filomena Inglese, Carmela Lamacchia, Sara Lamparelli, Mariaconsiglia Occidente, Donato Matassino

15. Lactic Acid Bacteria in Fermented Foods
Françoise Rul, Monique Zagorec, Marie-Christine Champomier-Vergès

16. Wine Quality
Marzia Giribaldi

17. Eggs
Gustavo Martos, Elena Molina, Iván López-Expósito

18. Fruits and Vegetables
Peter M. Bramley

19. Wheat Grain Proteomics for the Food Industry
Angéla Juhász, Paula Moolhuijzen, Matthew Bellgard, Rudi Appels, Frank Békés

20. Proteomics and Applications to Food Science in Rice
Pingfang Yang, Mohammad-Zaman Nouri, Setsuko Komatsu

21. Beer Proteomics
Gianluca Picariello, Chiara Nitride, Gianfranco Mamone, Takashi Iimure, Francesco Addeo, Pasquale Ferranti

22. Nutritionally Relevant Proteins
Djuro Josić, Spomenka Kovac, Dajana Gaso-Sokac

23. Relevance of Peptides Bioactivity in Foods
Keizo Arihara

24. The Role of Proteomics in the Discovery of Marker Proteins of Food Adulteration
Gianfranco Mamone, Gianluca Picariello, Chiara Nitride, Francesco Addeo, Pasquale Ferranti

25. Evaluation of Genetically Engineered Crops Using Proteomics
Agnès E. Ricroch, Marcel Kuntz

26. Microbial Proteomics for Food Safety
Jasminka Giacometti, Djuro Josić

27. Prion Biomarkers
Rhiannon L. C. H. Huzarewich, Philippe Simon, Stephanie A. Booth

28. Proteomics of Filamentous Fungi
Mark W. J. Passel, Peter J. Schaap, Leo H. Graaff

Keywords: Chemistry, Food Science, Proteomics, Biotechnology

Publication year
Food Microbiology and Food Safety
Page amount
17 pages
Natural Sciences

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