Miller, Anthony B.

Epidemiologic Studies in Cancer Prevention and Screening

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Table of contents

1. Health Promotion Approaches to Reducing Cancer Incidence
Roy Cameron, Jon Kerner

2. Preventing Cancer by Ending Tobacco Use
Neil Collishaw, Cynthia Callard

3. Prevention of Occupationally Induced Cancer
Aaron Blair, Karin Hohenadel, Paul Demers, Loraine Marrett, Kurt Straif

4. Human Papillomavirus Vaccination for the Prevention of Cervical and Other Related Cancers
F. Xavier Bosch

5. Prevention of Cancers Due to Infection
Hideo Tanaka

6. Applying Physical Activity in Cancer Prevention
Christine M. Friedenreich, Brigid M. Lynch, Annie Langley

7. Cancer Prevention in the United States
Otis W. Brawley, Barnett S. Kramer

8. The Role of Nutrition in Cancer Prevention
W. Philip T. James

9. Chemoprevention of Cancer: From Nutritional Epidemiology to Clinical Trials
Mary Reid, James Marshall

10. The Role of Hormonal Factors in Cancer Prevention
David B. Thomas

11. Controlling Environmental Causes of Cancer
Paolo Vineis

12. A Historical Moment: Cancer Prevention on the Global Health Agenda
Andreas Ullrich

13. Evidence-Based Cancer Screening
Anthony B. Miller

14. Comprehensive Cervical Cancer Control: Strategies and Guidelines
Nathalie Broutet

15. Screening for Cervical Cancer
Matti Hakama

16. Screening for Colon Polyps and Cancer
Swati G. Patel, Dennis J. Ahnen

17. Breast Cancer Screening
Anthony B. Miller

18. Prostate Cancer Screening
Anthony B. Miller

19. Applying Cancer Screening in the Context of a National Health Service
Julietta Patnick

20. Do International Trends in Cancer Incidence and Mortality Reflect Expectations from Cancer Screening?
Philippe Autier

21. Using Mathematical Models to Inform Public Policy for Cancer Prevention and Screening
Natasha K. Stout, Michelle C. Dunn, J. Dik F. Habbema, David T. Levy, Eric J. Feuer

22. Role of the Oncologist in Cancer Prevention
William Hryniuk

23. Integrating Prevention and Screening for Lung Cancer into Clinical Practice
William Hocking

24. Early Detection of Cancer in Asia (Including Australia)
Robert Burton, Cheng-Har Yip, Marilys Corbex

25. Prevention and Screening for Cancer in Primary Health Care
Alan Katz, Jennifer Enns

26. Finale: What Can We Expect from Cancer Prevention and Screening?
Anthony B. Miller

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