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School Shootings

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Table of contents

1. School Shootings: Conceptual Framework and International Empirical Trends
Nils Böckler, Thorsten Seeger, Peter Sitzer, Wilhelm Heitmeyer

2. Social Disintegration, Loss of Control, and School Shootings
Wilhelm Heitmeyer, Nils Böckler, Thorsten Seeger

3. Adolescent Culture and the Tragedy of Rampage Shootings
Katherine S. Newman

4. School Rampage in International Perspective: The Salience of Cumulative Strain Theory
Eric Madfis, Jack Levin

5. On the Relevance of Phantasy for the Genesis of School Shootings
Frank J. Robertz

6. Thirty-Five Rampage School Shooters: Trends, Patterns, and Typology
Peter Langman

7. Legitimated Adolescent Violence: Lessons from Columbine
Ralph W. Larkin

8. Jeffrey Weise and the Shooting at Red Lake Minnesota High School: A Behavioral Perspective
Mary Ellen O’Toole

9. Jokela: The Social Roots of a School Shooting Tragedy in Finland
Atte Oksanen, Johanna Nurmi, Miika Vuori, Pekka Räsänen

10. A Catastrophic Solution: Psychoanalytic Perspectives on a Samurai School Attack in South Africa
Duncan Cartwright

11. Unforgiven and Alone: Brenda Spencer and Secret Shame
Jonathan Fast

12. School Shootings as Mediatized Violence
Glenn W. Muschert

13. The Role of Media Content in the Genesis of School Shootings: The Contemporary Discussion
Peter Sitzer

14. Revolution of the Dispossessed: School Shooters and their Devotees on the Web
Nils Böckler, Thorsten Seeger

15. International Perspectives on Prevention and Intervention in School Shootings
Rebecca Bondü, Herbert Scheithauer, Vincenz Leuschner, Dewey G. Cornell

16. School Shootings in Germany: Research, Prevention Through Risk Assessment and Threat Management
Jens Hoffmann, Karoline Roshdi

17. The Virginia Student Threat Assessment Guidelines: An Empirically Supported Violence Prevention Strategy
Dewey Cornell

18. Indicated Prevention of Severe Targeted School Violence: NETWorks Against School Shootings (NETWASS)
Vincenz Leuschner, Miriam Schroer-Hippel, Rebecca Bondü, Herbert Scheithauer

19. Averted School Shootings
Jeffrey A. Daniels, onathan W. Page

20. Crisis Management in School Shooting Situations: The School—A Forgotten Factor in the Equation
Camélia Dumitriu

21. Democratic Education and Promotion of Social Skills in Schools and Classrooms as Primary Prevention: An Overview of the Discourse in Germany
Carsten Rohlfs, Marius Harring

22. School Shootings, Crises of Masculinities, and the Reconstruction of Education: Some Critical Perspectives
Douglas Kellner

Keywords: Social Sciences, Criminology & Criminal Justice, Child and School Psychology, Medicine/Public Health, general, Community and Environmental Psychology

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