Williams, Jerome D.

Advances in Communication Research to Reduce Childhood Obesity

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Table of contents

1. Overview, The IOM Report, and Integrated Marketing Communications

1. Introduction: Childhood Obesity: Media, Advertising, Community, and Advocacy
Chiquita A. Collins, Sara E. Champlin, Keryn E. Pasch, Jerome D. Williams

2. Progress on Public Policy: The Aftermath of the 2005 Institute of Medicine Report on Food Marketing and the Diets of Children and Youth
Ellen Wartella, Vivica Kraak, Mary Story, Jaya Ginter, Elizabeth A. Vandewater

3. Integrated Marketing Communications and Power Imbalance: The Strategic Nature of Marketing to Children and Adolescents by Food and Beverage Companies
Paul Harrison, Michaela Jackson

2. Legal, Ethical, and Policy Implications of Advertising

4. The Role of Ethics in Food and Beverage Marketing to Children
Minette Meme Drumwright, Jerome D. Williams

5. The New First Amendment and Its Implications for Combating Obesity Through Regulation of Advertising
Samantha Graff, Tamara Piety

6. Self-regulation as a Tool for Promoting Healthier Children’s Diets: Can CARU and the CFBAI Do More?
Julie Ralston Aoki, Elizabeth S. Moore

7. Monitoring Food Company Marketing to Children to Spotlight Best and Worst Practices
Jennifer L. Harris, Megan Weinberg, Johanna Javadizadeh, Vishnudas Sarda

3. Measuring the Impact of Advertising Effects

8. Children’s Exposure to Food and Beverage Advertising on Television: Tracking Calories and Nutritional Content by Company Membership in Self-regulation
Lisa M. Powell, Rebecca M. Schermbeck, Glen Szczypka, Frank J. Chaloupka

9. The Role of Advertising on Attitudes and Consumption of Food and Beverage Products
Gary B. Wilcox, Jerome D. Williams, Sara Kamal, Kyung Ok Kacy Kim

10. The Digital Food Marketing Landscape: Challenges for Researchers
Kathryn C. Montgomery, Sonya A. Grier, Jeff Chester, Lori Dorfman

11. A Multi-Method Study to Understand How Youth Perceive and Evaluate Food and Beverage Advertisements
Keryn E. Pasch, Cayley E. Velazquez, Sara E. Champlin

4. A Global Perspective of Food Marketing and the Role of Place

12. Adolescents’ Response to Food Marketing in Delhi, India
Melissa H. Stigler, Jose Medina, Monika Arora, Gaurang Nazar, Lindsay M. Rodrigues, K. Srinath Reddy, Cheryl L. Perry

13. The Role of Schools in Food and Beverage Marketing: Significance, Challenges, Next Steps
Lara A. Latimer, Joanne Delk, Andrew E. Springer, Keryn E. Pasch

14. Outdoor Food and Beverage Advertising: A Saturated Environment
Keryn E. Pasch, Natalie S. Poulos

15. Exploring Marketing Targeted at Youth in Food Stores
Diana S. Grigsby-Toussaint, Kristen Harrison, Michelle R. Nelson, Barbara H. Fiese, Mary J. Christoph

5. Racial/Ethnic Minorities and Community Empowerment

16. Understanding Community Perspectives: A Step Towards Achieving Food Marketing Equity
Sonya A. Grier, Vikki C. Lassiter

17. Latino Youth and Obesity: Communication/Media Influence on Marketing
Amelie G. Ramirez, Kipling Gallion, Rebecca Adeigbe

18. Targeted Marketing of Junk Food to Ethnic Minority Youth: Fighting Back with Legal Advocacy and Community Engagement
Karen Kramer, Liz Schwarte, Mariah Lafleur, Jerome D. Williams

6. Communicating About Physical Activity

19. Physical Activity, Media, and Marketing: Advances in Communications and Media Marketing
Toni Yancey, William J. McCarthy, Brian Cole, Jerome D. Williams

20. Communities Leveraging the Assets of a National Social Marketing Campaign: Experiences with VERB™. It’s What You Do!
Marian Huhman, Carrie D. Patnode

21. Development and Release of the 2008 Physical Activity Guidelines for Americans: Children and Adolescents
Jane D. Wargo, Janet E. Fulton, Sarah M. Lee

7. Thinking Outside the Box: Finding Solutions to Reverse Childhood Obesity

22. Voluntary Health Organizations and Nonprofit Advocacy Organizations Play Critical Roles in Making Community Norms More Supportive of Healthier Eating and Increased Physical Activity
William J. McCarthy, Harold Goldstein, Matthew Sharp, Eric Batch

23. Childhood Obesity and Exergames: Assessments and Experiences from Singapore
May O. Lwin, Benjamin J. Li, Jerome D. Williams

24. Leveraging Industry Efforts to Fight Childhood Obesity: A Multi-Sectored Approach to Communications
Anthony C. Signorelli, George Perlov

Keywords: Medicine & Public Health, Health Promotion and Disease Prevention

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