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Handbook of Asian Criminology

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Table of contents

1. Progress of Asian Criminology: Editors’ Introduction
Jianhong Liu, Bill Hebenton, Susyan Jou

2. Homicide in Asia
Mengyan Dai

3. Curbing Corruption and Enhancing Trust in Government: Some Lessons from Singapore and Hong Kong
Jon S. T. Quah

4. Cybercrime in Asia: Trends and Challenges
Roderic Broadhurst, Lennon Y. C. Chang

5. Triad, Yakuza, and Jok-Pok: Asian Gangsters in Cinema
Paul T. Lankin, Phillip C. Shon

6. Intellectual Property Crime Online in Asia
David S. Wall, Majid Yar

7. “Opportunist” Insurance Fraud Under Different Political Economies: Taiwan (Asia) and Europe Compared
Susyan Jou

8. Drug Abuse and Drug Trafficking in Asia
Huan Gao

9. Human Trafficking in Asia
R. Thilagaraj, S. Latha

10. Terrorism in Asia: A Persistent Challenge Sustained by Ideological, Physical, and Criminal Enablers
Paul J. Smith

11. Crime and Justice in Cambodia
Roderic Broadhurst, Thierry Bouhours, Chenda Keo

12. Crime and Criminal Justice in Hong Kong
Yuet Wah Cheung, Nicole W. T. Cheung

13. Criminal Justice System in India
R. Thilagaraj

14. Diversity Within an Asian Country: Japanese Criminal Justice and Criminology
Tokikazu Konishi

15. Development of Criminology in Japan from a Sociological Perspective
Minoru Yokoyama

16. Crime and Criminal Justice in Malaysia
Salim Ali Farrar

17. Criminology and Criminal Justice System in Pakistan

18. Thinking for New Horizon in Criminal Justice: Moving from Retributive to Restorative Justice in the Treatment of the Offender in Sri Lanka
M. A. D. S. J. S. Niriella

19. An Overview of the Criminal Justice System in Taiwan
Charles Hou

20. Contemporary Crime and Punishment in Thailand
Lesley D. Junlakan, Yossawan Boriboonthana, Assanee Sangkhanate

21. Violence Against Women in Singapore: Initial Data from the International Violence Against Women Survey
Wing-Cheong Chan

22. Victims of Crime in Taiwan
Hsiao Ming Wang

23. Child Protection in Asia
Mari Hirayama

24. Victims of Domestic Violence in India: Do They Have Rights?
Sesha Kethineni, Murugesan Srinivasan

25. Restorative Justice in the Asia Pacific Region: Acting Fairly, Being Just
Brian Steels, Dot Goulding

26. Evolution of Restorative Justice Practices for Juvenile Offenders in the People’s Republic of China
Dennis Sing-wing Wong, Louis Wai-yin Mok

27. The Retrospect and Prospect of China’s Victimology
Wang Dawei, Tan Longfei

Keywords: Social Sciences, Criminology & Criminal Justice, Political Science, general

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