Giaoutzi, Maria

Recent Developments in Foresight Methodologies

Giaoutzi, Maria - Recent Developments in Foresight Methodologies, ebook


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Table of contents

1. In Search of Foresight Methodologies: Riddle or Necessity
Maria Giaoutzi, Bartolomeo Sapio

2. Defining the Future: Concepts and Definitions as Linguistic Fundamentals of Foresight
Ruud Helm

3. Classification of Tools and Approaches Applicable in Foresight Studies
Jan Erik Karlsen, Hanne Karlsen

4. Bridging Qualitative and Quantitative Methods in Foresight
Matthias K. B. Lüdeke

5. New Emerging Issues and Wild Cards as Future Shakers and Shapers
Victor Rij

6. Forms of Reasoning in Pattern Management and in Strategic Intelligence
Tuomo Kuosa

7. Micro-Meso-Macro: From the Heritage of the Oracle to Foresight
Péter Alács

8. Going from Narrative to Number: Indicator-Driven Scenario Quantification
Eric Kemp-Benedict

9. On Foresight Design and Management: A Classification Framework for Foresight Exercises
Totti Könnölä, Toni Ahlqvist, Annele Eerola, Sirkku Kivisaari, Raija Koivisto

10. Will Entrepreneurship, Knowledge Management and Foresight Emerge in a System?
Arturs Puga

11. Scenario Transfer Methodology and Technology
Bartolomeo Sapio, Enrico Nicolò

12. Willingness of Stakeholders to Use Models for Climate Policy: The Delft Process
Serge Stalpers, Carolien Kroeze

13. Linking Narrative Storylines and Quantitative Models to Combat Desertification in the Guadalentín Watershed (Spain)
Kasper Kok, Hedwig Delden

14. Scenario Planning as a Tool in Foresight Exercises: The LIPSOR Approach
Anastasia Stratigea, Maria Giaoutzi

15. Foresights, Scenarios, and Sustainable Development: A Pluriformity Perspective
Eveline Leeuwen, Peter Nijkamp, Aliye Ahu Akgün, Masood Gheasi

16. Methodological Challenges in Combining Quantitative and Qualitative Foresight Methods for Sustainable Energy Futures: The SEPIA Project
Erik Laes, Da Ruan, Fre Maes, Aviel Verbruggen

17. Building Strategic Policy Scenarios for EU Agriculture: AG2020
Maria Giaoutzi, Anastasia Stratigea

18. Opportunities for Combining Quantitative and Qualitative Approaches in Scenario Building: The Experience of the ‘Estonia 2010’ Project
Erik Terk

Keywords: Economics/Management Science, Operation Research/Decision Theory, Regional/Spatial Science, Complex Systems

Publication year
Complex Networks and Dynamic Systems
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18 pages

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