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Liver Anesthesiology and Critical Care Medicine

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Table of contents

1. Physiology and Anatomy of the Liver
Teresa A. Mulaikal, Jean C. Emond

2. Acute Hepatic Failure
Andrew Slack, Navjoyt Ladher, Julia Wendon

3. Drug Metabolism in Liver Failure
Simon W. Lam

4. Evaluation of Liver Disease
D. Robert Dufour, Nazia Qazi

5. History of Liver Transplantation
J. R. Klinck

6. Recipient and Donor Selection and Transplant Logistics—The European Perspective
Gabriela A. Berlakovich, Gerd R. Silberhumer

7. Recipient and Donor Selection and Transplant Logistics: The US Perspective
Ingo Klein, Claus U. Niemann

8. Surgical Techniques in Liver Transplantation
Abdulelah Alhawsawi, Juan Rio Martin

9. Intraoperative Monitoring
Claus-Georg Krenn

10. Practice Patterns of Liver Transplant Anesthesiology
Ann Walia, Roman Schumann

11. Caval Cross-Clamping, Piggyback, and Veno-Venous Bypass
Ruairi Moulding, Paul Picton

12. Liver Transplantation: Hemodynamic Changes, Cardiac Output Monitoring and Inotropic Support
Anand D. Padmakumar, Mark C. Bellamy

13. Coagulopathy: Pathophysiology, Evaluation, and Treatment
Matthew R. Kappus, Arun J. Sanyal

14. Physiology, Prevention, and Treatment of Blood Loss During Liver Transplantation
Freeha Arshad, Ton Lisman, Robert J. Porte

15. The Marginal Liver Donor and Organ Preservation Strategies
Coney Bae, Scot D. Henry, Giridhar Vedula, James V. Guarrera

16. Pediatric Liver Transplantation
Philipp J. Houck

17. Combined Solid Organ Transplantation Involving the Liver
Geraldine Diaz

18. Liver Transplantation for the Patient with High MELD
Cynthia Wang, Randolph Steadman

19. Perioperative Considerations for Transplantation in Acute Liver Failure
Christopher P. Snowden, David M. Cressey

20. Renal Failure
Lloyd Meeks, Joseph Meltzer

21. The Patient with Severe Comorbidities: Cardiac Disease
Shahriar Shayan, Andre M. Wolf

22. Pulmonary Complications of Liver Disease
Mercedes Susan Mandell, Masahiko Taniguchi

23. Liver Transplantation: The Patient with Severe Co-morbidities, CNS Disease and Increased Intracranial Pressure
Chris Willars, Georg Auzinger

24. Hepatobiliary Surgery: Indications, Evaluation, and Outcomes
Milan Kinkhabwala, Marcelo Vivanco

25. Liver Resection Surgery: Anesthetic Management, Monitoring, Fluids, and Electrolytes
Jean Mantz, Catherine Paugam-Burtz

26. Anesthetic Aspects of Living Donor Hepatectomy
Navraj Kahlon, Tricia Brentjens

27. Complications of Liver Surgery
Oliver Panzer, Jennifer Sandadi

28. The Patient with Liver Disease for Non-hepatic Surgery
Katherine Palmieri, Robert N. Sladen

29. Routine Postoperative Care After Liver Transplantation
Jonathan Hastie, Vivek K. Moitra

30. Immunosuppression
Amit Gera, Kosh Agarwal

31. Acute Kidney Injury After Liver Transplantation
Raymond M. Planinsic, Tetsuro Sakai, Ibtesam A. Hilmi

32. Early Graft Failure
Srinath Chinnakotla, James F. Trotter

33. Sepsis and Infection
Fuat Hakan Saner

34. Respiratory Failure and ARDS
James Y. Findlay, Mark T. Keegan

35. Pain Management in Liver Transplantation
Paul Weyker, Christopher Webb, Leena Mathew

36. Postoperative Care of Living Donor for Liver Transplant
Subramanian Sathishkumar, Tadahiro Uemura

37. Liver Surgery: Early Complications—Liver Failure, Bile Leak, and Sepsis
Albert C. Y. Chan, Sheung Tat Fan

Keywords: Medicine & Public Health, Anesthesiology, Intensive / Critical Care Medicine, Transplant Surgery

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