Kunter, Mareike

Cognitive Activation in the Mathematics Classroom and Professional Competence of Teachers

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Table of contents

1. Professional Competence of Teachers, Cognitively Activating Instruction, and the Development of Students’ Mathematical Literacy (COACTIV): A Research Program
Jürgen Baumert, Mareike Kunter, Werner Blum, Uta Klusmann, Stefan Krauss, Michael Neubrand

Part I. Theoretical and Empirical Foundations

2. The COACTIV Model of Teachers’ Professional Competence
Jürgen Baumert, Mareike Kunter

3. Teacher Education in Germany
Kai S. Cortina, Mark Hoover Thames

4. The Development of Teachers’ Professional Competence
Mareike Kunter, Thilo Kleickmann, Uta Klusmann, Dirk Richter

5. The COACTIV Research Program: Methodological Framework
Katrin Löwen, Jürgen Baumert, Mareike Kunter, Stefan Krauss, Martin Brunner

6. The Model of Instructional Quality in COACTIV: A Multicriteria Analysis
Mareike Kunter, Thamar Voss

7. Task Analysis in COACTIV: Examining the Potential for Cognitive Activation in German Mathematics Classrooms
Michael Neubrand, Alexander Jordan, Stefan Krauss, Werner Blum, Katrin Löwen

Part II. Aspects of Professional Competence

8. Mathematics Teachers’ Domain-Specific Professional Knowledge: Conceptualization and Test Construction in COACTIV
Stefan Krauss, Werner Blum, Martin Brunner, Michael Neubrand, Jürgen Baumert, Mareike Kunter, Michael Besser, Jürgen Elsner

9. The Effect of Content Knowledge and Pedagogical Content Knowledge on Instructional Quality and Student Achievement
Jürgen Baumert, Mareike Kunter

10. Teachers’ General Pedagogical/Psychological Knowledge
Thamar Voss, Mareike Kunter

11. The Diagnostic Skills of Mathematics Teachers
Martin Brunner, Yvonne Anders, Axinja Hachfeld, Stefan Krauss

12. Mathematics Teachers’ Beliefs
Thamar Voss, Thilo Kleickmann, Mareike Kunter, Axinja Hachfeld

13. Motivation as an Aspect of Professional Competence: Research Findings on Teacher Enthusiasm
Mareike Kunter

14. Occupational Self-Regulation
Uta Klusmann

Part III. The Development of Professional Competence

15. Individual Characteristics of Prospective Teachers
Uta Klusmann

16. Learning at University
Thilo Kleickmann, Yvonne Anders

17. Professional Development Across the Teaching Career
Dirk Richter

Part IV. Discussion

18. The COACTIV Research Program on Teachers’ Professional Competence: Summary and Discussion
Mareike Kunter, Jürgen Baumert

19. Publications from the COACTIV Research Program (January 2013)
Mareike Kunter, Jürgen Baumert, Werner Blum, Uta Klusmann, Stefan Krauss, Michael Neubrand

Keywords: Education, Mathematics Education, Teaching and Teacher Education, Learning & Instruction, Educational Psychology

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Mathematics Teacher Education
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6 pages
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