Chinchuluun, Altannar

Optimization, Simulation, and Control

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Table of contents

1. On the Composition of Convex Envelopes for Quadrilinear Terms
Pietro Belotti, Sonia Cafieri, Jon Lee, Leo Liberti, Andrew J. Miller

2. An Oriented Distance Function Application to Gap Functions for Vector Variational Inequalities
Lkhamsuren Altangerel, Gert Wanka, Oleg Wilfer

3. Optimal Inscribing of Two Balls into Polyhedral Set
Rentsen Enkhbat, Bazarragchaa Barsbold

4. Mathematical Programs with Equilibrium Constraints: A Brief Survey of Methods and Optimality Conditions
Ider Tseveendorj

5. Linear Programming with Interval Data: A Two-Level Programming Approach
Chiang Kao, Shiang-Tai Liu

6. Quantifying Retardation in Simulation Based Optimization
Andreas Griewank, Adel Hamdi, Emre Özkaya

7. Evolutionary Algorithm for Generalized Nash Equilibrium Problems
Mend-Amar Majig, Rentsen Enkhbat, Masao Fukushima

8. Scalar and Vector Optimization with Composed Objective Functions and Constraints
Nicole Lorenz, Gert Wanka

9. A PTAS for Weak Minimum Routing Cost Connected Dominating Set of Unit Disk Graph
Qinghai Liu, Zhao Zhang, Yanmei Hong, Weili Wu, Ding-Zhu Du

10. Power Control in Wireless Ad Hoc Networks: Stability and Convergence Under Uncertainties
Themistoklis Charalambous

11. The Changing Role of Optimization in Urban Planning
James Keirstead, Nilay Shah

12. Parametric Optimization Approach to the Solow Growth Theory
Rentsen Enkhbat, Darkhijav Bayanjargal

13. Cyclical Fluctuations in Continuous Time Dynamic Optimization Models: Survey of General Theory and an Application to Dynamic Limit Pricing
Toichiro Asada

14. Controlling of Processes by Optimized Expertsystems
Wolfram-M. Lippe

15. Using Homotopy Method to Solve Bang–Bang Optimal Control Problems
Zhijie Gao, Hexi Baoyin

16. A Collection of Test Multiextremal Optimal Control Problems
Alexander Yu. Gornov, Tatiana S. Zarodnyuk, Taras I. Madzhara, Anna V. Daneeva, Irina A. Veyalko

17. A Multimethod Technique for Solving Optimal Control Problem
Alexander I. Tyatyushkin

18. Tunneling Algorithm for Solving Nonconvex Optimal Control Problems
Alexander Yurievich Gornov, Tatiana Sergeevna Zarodnyuk

19. Solving Linear Systems with Polynomial Parameter Dependency with Application to the Verified Solution of Problems in Structural Mechanics
Jürgen Garloff, Evgenija D. Popova, Andrew P. Smith

20. A Fast Block Krylov Implicit Runge–Kutta Method for Solving Large-Scale Ordinary Differential Equations
A. Bouhamidi, K. Jbilou

21. Semilocal Convergence with R-Order Three Theorems for the Chebyshev Method and Its Modifications
Zhanlav Tugal, Khongorzul Dorjgotov

Keywords: Mathematics, Optimization, Systems Theory, Control, Mathematical Modeling and Industrial Mathematics

Publication year
Springer Optimization and Its Applications
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12 pages
Natural Sciences

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