Flower, Darren R.

Immunomic Discovery of Adjuvants and Candidate Subunit Vaccines

Flower, Darren R. - Immunomic Discovery of Adjuvants and Candidate Subunit Vaccines, ebook


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Table of contents

1. Immunomic Discovery of Adjuvants, Delivery Systems, and Candidate Subunit Vaccines: A Brief Introduction
Darren R. Flower, Yvonne Perrie

2. Bacterial Genomes and Vaccine Design
Valeria Cafardi, John L. Telford, Davide Serruto

3. Identification of Candidate Vaccine Antigens In Silico
Darren R. Flower, Matthew N. Davies, Irini A. Doytchinova

4. Post-genomic Antigen Discovery: Bioinformatical Approaches to Reveal Novel T Cell Antigens of Mycobacterium bovis

Martin Vordermeier, Gareth J. Jones, Samantha Sampson, Stephen V. Gordon

5. Genome-Based Computational Vaccine Discovery by Reverse Vaccinology
Yongqun He

6. Computational Prediction of Protein Subcellular Localization, Genomic Islands, and Virulence to Aid Antigen Discovery
Bhavjinder K. Dhillon, Nancy Y. Yu, Fiona S. L. Brinkman

7. On the Development of Vaccine Antigen Databases: Progress, Opportunity, and Challenge
Hifzur Rahman Ansari, Darren R. Flower, Gajendra P. S. Raghava

8. What Have Dendritic Cells Ever Done for Adjuvant Design? Cellular and Molecular Methods for the Rational Development of Vaccine Adjuvants
Alexander D. Edwards

9. Towards the Systematic Discovery of Immunomodulatory Adjuvants
Darren R. Flower

10. Designing Liposomes as Vaccine Adjuvants
Malou Henriksen-Lacey, Yvonne Perrie

11. Designing Nonionic Surfactant Vesicles for the Delivery of Antigens for Systemic and Alternative Delivery Routes
Jitinder Wilkhu, Anil Vangala, Afzal R. Mohammed, Yvonne Perrie

12. Immune Stimulating Complexes (ISCOMs) and Quil-A Containing Particulate Formulations as Vaccine Delivery Systems
S. Hook, T. Rades

13. Formulation and Characterisation of PLGA Microspheres as Vaccine Adjuvants
Daniel J. Kirby, Randip Kaur, Yvonne Perrie

14. Powder Vaccines for Pulmonary Delivery
Tom Jin, Eric Tsao

Keywords: Biomedicine, Immunology, Bioinformatics, Vaccine, Pharmacology/Toxicology

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Immunomics Reviews:
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10 pages
Medicine, Health Care, Mode

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