Sturmberg, Joachim P.

Handbook of Systems and Complexity in Health

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Table of contents

1. Complexity in Health: An Introduction
Joachim P. Sturmberg, Carmel M. Martin

2. Complexity, Uncertainty and Mess as the Links Between Science and the Humanities in Health care
Iona Heath

3. Understanding Complex Systems
Paul Cilliers

4. The Complex Nature of Knowledge
Joachim P. Sturmberg, Andrew Miles

5. Mathematical Principles: Tales of Tails
Bruce J. West

6. Modelling
Joachim P. Sturmberg, Leonid Churilov, Geoff McDonnell

7. A Methodology for the Analysis of Medical Data
A. Tsanas, M. A. Little, P. E. McSharry

8. Psychological Rhythmicities
Eric E. Hessler, Patrick H. Finan, Polemnia G. Amazeen

9. Modeling Illness and Recovery with Nonlinear Dynamics
Stephen J. Guastello

10. Homeostasis: The Dynamic Self-Regulatory Process that Maintains Health and Buffers Against Disease
George E. Billman

11. Fractals in Physiology and Medicine
Joachim P. Sturmberg, Bruce J. West

12. Bio-Complexity: Challenging Reductionism
Henry H. Q. Heng

13. Trying to Make Sense of Health
Stephen Lewis

14. Picture Health
Stefan Topolski

15. Health: A Personal Complex-Adaptive State
Joachim P. Sturmberg

16. Understanding Health By Building Better Bio-Medical Models
Stephen Lewis

17. Health: A Systems- and Complexity-Based Definition
Joachim P. Sturmberg, Stefan Topolski, Stephen Lewis

18. Complexities of the Consultation
John G. Scott

19. Inflammation Through a Psychoneuroimmunological Lens
Jeanette M. Bennett, Brandon L. Gillie, Monica E. Lindgren, Christopher P. Fagundes, Janice K. Kiecolt-Glaser

20. Diabetes Control: Insights from Complexity Science
Tim A. Holt

21. Complexity and the Onset of Psychosis
Rajkumar Kamatchi, Matthew R. Broome

22. Understanding Intimate Partner Violence Through Its Dynamics
David A. Katerndahl

23. Multilevel Interdependencies and Constraints in Panic Disorder: Many Triggers, Few Responses
David A. Katerndahl

24. Nonlinear Relations of Cardiovascular Risk Factors to Neuropsychological Function and Dementia
Carrington R. Wendell, Leslie I. Katzel, Shari R. Waldstein

25. Pain and Complex Adaptive System Theory
Cary A. Brown

26. Complexity in Movement Disorders: A Systems Approach to Intervention
S. Lee Hong

27. Avoidable Hospitalizations in Older Adults
Carmel M. Martin, Carl Vogel, Lucy Hederman, Kevin Smith, Atieh Zarabzadeh, Deirdre Grady, Jing Su

28. Continuous Multiorgan Variability Monitoring in Critically Ill Patients: Complexity Science at the Bedside
Christophe L. Herry, Geoffrey C. Green, Andrea Bravi, Andrew J. E. Seely

29. An Overview of Complexity Theory: Understanding Primary Care as a Complex Adaptive System
Beverley Ellis

30. Real-Time Analytics and Quality of Care
Liam Peyton, Alain Mouttham, Khaled A. Ali, Aladdin Baarah, Hussein T. Mouftah

31. Medical Sociology and Case-Based Complexity Science: A User’s Guide
Brian Castellani, Corey Schimpf, Frederic Hafferty

32. The Drug Prescription Process: A Network Medicine Approach
Pierpaolo Cavallo, Sergio Pagano, Luna Carpinelli

33. Applications of Complex Dynamics: An Approach to Refractory Health Policy Interventions
Renee Crichlow

34. Designing for Health Promotion, Social Innovation, and Complexity: The CoNEKTR Model for Wicked Problems
Cameron D. Norman, Andrea L. Yip

35. The Dynamical Behaviours of Diseases in Africa
Winston Garira

36. Health Transition Funds Initiatives: Implications for Health System Reform and Evaluation
Margot Félix-Bortolotti, Carmel M. Martin

37. Putting Complexity to Work: Supporting Practitioners in Health Systems
Christine Broenner, Patrick Beautement

38. Implementing Adaptive Health Practice: A Complexity-Based Philosophy of Health Care
N. Marcus Thygeson

39. Mayo Clinic: Making Complex Healthcare Simpler
Kent D. Seltman, Leonard L. Berry

40. Embracing Uncertainty: Complexity-Inspired Innovations at Billings Clinic
Curt Lindberg, Margaret Hatch, Virginia Mohl, Carlos Arce, Elizabeth Ciemins

41. A Complexity Science Perspective of Organizational Behavior in Clinical Microsystems
Holly J. Lanham

42. Reverse the Epidemic Tides of Unhealthy Habits: Personal, Professional, and Leadership Challenges
Rick Botelho

43. Health Professions Education: Complexity, Teaching, and Learning
Stewart P. Mennin, Stewart P. Mennin

44. Understanding Clinical Complexity Through Conversational Learning in Medical Social Networks: Implementing User-Driven Health Care
Amy Price, Shivika Chandra, Kaustav Bera, Tamoghna Biswas, Pranab Chatterjee, Ralph Wittenberg, Neil Mehta, Rakesh Biswas

45. Making Sense: From Complex Systems Theories, Models, and Analytics to Adapting Actions and Practices in Health and Health Care
Carmel M. Martin, Joachim P. Sturmberg

46. Modeling the Paradox of Primary Care
Johnie Rose, Rick Riolo, Peter Hovmand, Sarah Cherng, Robert Ferrer, David A. Katerndahl, Carlos R. Jaén, Timothy Hower, Mary C. Ruhe, Heide Aungst, Ana Diez Roux, Kurt C. Stange

47. Healthcare Reform: The Need for a Complex Adaptive Systems Approach
Joachim P. Sturmberg, Di M. O’Halloran, Carmel M. Martin

48. A Complexity Science Approach to Healthcare Costs and Quality
Yaneer Bar-Yam, Shlomiya Bar-Yam, Karla Z. Bertrand, Nancy Cohen, Alexander S. Gard-Murray, Helen P. Harte, Luci Leykum

49. Opportunities in Delivery of Preventive Services in Retail Settings
Yaneer Bar-Yam, Dion Harmon, Keith Nesbitt, May Lim, Suzanne Smith, Bradley A. Perkins

50. Complexity Science in the Future of Behavioral Medicine
David Pincus, Stephen J. Guastello

51. Systems Medicine: A New Model for Health Care
Linda MacArthur, Timothy R. Mhyre, Elenora Connors, Sona Vasudevan, Elliott Crooke, Howard J. Federoff

Keywords: Medicine & Public Health, Health Administration, Complexity

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