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Oxygen Transport to Tissue XXXIV

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Table of contents

1. Effects of Experimentally Deviated Mandibular Position on Stress Response
Ai Amemiya, Tomotaka Takeda, Kazunori Nakajima, Keiichi Ishigami, Takeo Tsujii, Kaoru Sakatani

2. Kidney EPO Expression During Chronic Hypoxia in Aged Mice
Girriso F. Benderro, Joseph C. LaManna

3. Nature’s “Silver Bullet” for Anticoagulation: Mechanism of Zymogen Protein C to Activated Protein C
Duane F. Bruley, Michael B. Streiff

4. Canonical Correlation Analysis in the Study of Cerebral and Peripheral Haemodynamics Interrelations with Systemic Variables in Neonates Supported on ECMO
Alexander Caicedo, Maria D. Papademetriou, Clare E. Elwell, Aparna Hoskote, Martin J. Elliott, Sabine Huffel, Ilias Tachtsidis

5. Blood Oxygen Level Dependent Magnetization Transfer (BOLDMT) Effect
Kejia Cai, Mohammad Haris, Anup Singh, Lin Z. Li, Ravinder Reddy

6. Characterizing Prostate Tumor Mouse Xenografts with CEST and MT-MRI and Redox Scanning
Kejia Cai, He N. Xu, Anup Singh, Mohammad Haris, Ravinder Reddy, Lin Z. Li

7. In Vitro Sirius Red Collagen Assay Measures the Pattern Shift from Soluble to Deposited Collagen
Chun Chen, Shanmin Yang, Mei Zhang, Zhenhuan Zhang, Bingrong Zhang, Deping Han, Jun Ma, Xiaohui Wang, Jingshen Hong, Yansong Guo, Paul Okunieff, Lurong Zhang

8. Intravoxel Incoherent Motion MR Imaging of the Kidney: Pilot Study
Per Eckerbom, Peter Hansell, Tomas Bjerner, Fredrik Palm, Jan Weis, Per Liss

9. Changes in Gastric Mucosa, Submucosa, and Muscularis IC pH May Herald Irreversible Tissue Injury
Elaine M. Fisher, Sheau Huey Chiu, Joseph C. LaManna

10. Normobaric Hyperoxia Does Not Change Optical Scattering or Pathlength but Does Increase Oxidised Cytochrome c Oxidase Concentration in Patients with Brain Injury
Arnab Ghosh, Ilias Tachtsidis, Christina Kolyva, David Highton, Clare Elwell, Martin Smith

11. Multi-frequency Forced Oscillation Technique Using Impulse Oscillations: Can It Give Mechanical Information about the Lung Periphery?
Hiroshi Hamakawa, Hiroaki Sakai, Ayuko Takahashi, Toru Bando, Hiroshi Date

12. NIRS Measurements with Elite Speed Skaters: Comparison Between the Ice Rink and the Laboratory
Catherine Hesford, Marco Cardinale, Stewart Laing, Chris E. Cooper

13. Modelling Cerebrovascular Reactivity: A Novel Near-Infrared Biomarker of Cerebral Autoregulation?
David Highton, Jasmina Panovska-Griffiths, Arnab Ghosh, Ilias Tachtsidis, Murad Banaji, Clare Elwell, Martin Smith

14. Oxygen Delivery Deficit in Exercise with Rapid Ascent to High Altitude
Luke Holdsworth, Christopher Wolff

15. Oscillations in Cerebral Haemodynamics in Patients with Falciparum Malaria
Christina Kolyva, Hugh Kingston, Ilias Tachtsidis, Sanjib Mohanty, Saroj Mishra, Rajya Patnaik, Richard J. Maude, Arjen M. Dondorp, Clare E. Elwell

16. Effect of Spinal Anesthesia for Elective Cesarean Section on Cerebral Blood Oxygenation Changes: Comparison of Hyperbaric and Isobaric Bupivacaine
Yuko Kondo, Kaoru Sakatani, Noriya Hirose, Takeshi Maeda, Jitsu Kato, Setsuro Ogawa, Yoichi Katayama

17. DCX-Expressing Neurons Decrease in the Retrosplenial Cortex after Global Brain Ischemia
Nobuo Kutsuna, Yoshihiro Murata, Takashi Eriguchi, Yoshiyuki Takada, Hideki Oshima, Kaoru Sakatani, Yoichi Katayama

18. Calibration and Validation Scheme for In Vivo Spectroscopic Imaging of Tissue Oxygenation
Maritoni Litorja, Robert Chang, Jeeseong Hwang, David W. Allen, Karel Zuzak, Eleanor Wehner, Sara Best, Edward Livingston, Jeffrey Cadeddu

19. Considering the Vascular Hypothesis of Alzheimer’s Disease: Effect of Copper Associated Amyloid on Red Blood Cells
Heather R. Lucas, Joseph M. Rifkind

20. The Role of Mitochondrial Proteomic Analysis in Radiological Accidents and Terrorism
David Maguire, Bingrong Zhang, Amy Zhang, Lurong Zhang, Paul Okunieff

21. Alteration of Plasma Galactose/N-acetylgalactosamine Level After Irradiation
Jun Ma, Deping Han, Mei Zhang, Chun Chen, Bingrong Zhang, Zhenhuan Zhang, Xiaohui Wang, Shanmin Yang, Yansong Guo, Paul Okunieff, Lurong Zhang

22. Fibroblast Growth Factor-Peptide Promotes Bone Marrow Recovery After Irradiation
Jun Ma, Yanqian Hou, Deping Han, Mei Zhang, Chun Chen, Bingrong Zhang, Zhenhuan Zhang, Xiaohui Wang, Shanmin Yang, Yansong Guo, Paul Okunieff, Lurong Zhang

23. Dynamic Two-Photon Imaging of Cerebral Microcirculation Using Fluorescently Labeled Red Blood Cells and Plasma
Kazuto Masamoto, Hiroshi Kawaguchi, Hiroshi Ito, Iwao Kanno

24. The Effect of Basic Assumptions on the Tissue Oxygen Saturation Value of Near Infrared Spectroscopy
Andreas Jaakko Metz, Martin Biallas, Carmen Jenny, Thomas Muehlemann, Martin Wolf

25. The Effect of Sudden Depressurization on Pilots at Cruising Altitude
Thomas Muehlemann, Lisa Holper, Juergen Wenzel, Martin Wittkowski, Martin Wolf

26. Hypoxia in the Diabetic Kidney Is Independent of Advanced Glycation End-Products
Lina Nordquist, Per Liss, Angelica Fasching, Peter Hansell, Fredrik Palm

27. Tumor Oxygen Measurements and Personalized Medicine
Paul Okunieff, Walter O’Dell, Mei Zhang, Lurong Zhang, David Maguire

28. Wavelet Cross-Correlation to Investigate Regional Variations in Cerebral Oxygenation in Infants Supported on Extracorporeal Membrane Oxygenation
Maria Papademetriou, Ilias Tachtsidis, Martin J. Elliott, Aparna Hoskote, Clare E. Elwell

29. Association of the Red Cell Distribution Width with Red Blood Cell Deformability
Kushang V. Patel, Joy G. Mohanty, Bindu Kanapuru, Charles Hesdorffer, William B. Ershler, Joseph M. Rifkind

30. Kidney Function After In Vivo Gene Silencing of Uncoupling Protein-2 in Streptozotocin-Induced Diabetic Rats
Malou Friederich Persson, William J. Welch, Christopher S. Wilcox, Fredrik Palm

31. Adenosine A2 Receptor-Mediated Regulation of Renal Hemodynamics and Glomerular Filtration Rate Is Abolished in Diabetes
Patrik Persson, Peter Hansell, Fredrik Palm

32. Can Mitochondrial Cytochrome Oxidase Mediate Hypoxic Vasodilation Via Nitric Oxide Metabolism?
Zimei Rong, Murad Banaji, Tracy Moroz, Chris E. Cooper

33. Effects of Occlusal Disharmony on Working Memory Performance and Prefrontal Cortex Activity Induced by Working Memory Tasks Measured by NIRS
Kaoru Sakatani, Takeo Tsujii, Teruyasu Hirayama, Youichi Katayama, Tomotaka Takeda, Ai Amemiya, Keiichi Ishigami

34. Biological Maintenance of Distal Vein Arterialization
Tadahiro Sasajima, Tomiyasu Koyama

35. Bayesian STAI Anxiety Index Predictions Based on Prefrontal Cortex NIRS Data for the Resting State
Masakaze Sato, Wakana Ishikawa, Tomohiko Suzuki, Takashi Matsumoto, Takeo Tsujii, Kaoru Sakatani

36. The Effect of Venous and Arterial Occlusion of the Arm on Changes in Tissue Hemodynamics, Oxygenation, and Ultra-Weak Photon Emission
Felix Scholkmann, Olaf Schraa, Roeland Wijk, Martin Wolf

37. Metabolic Network Analysis of DB1 Melanoma Cells: How Much Energy Is Derived from Aerobic Glycolysis?
A. A. Shestov, A. Mancuso, D. B. Leeper, J. D. Glickson

38. Muscle Oxygen Saturation Heterogeneity Among Leg Muscles During Ramp Exercise
Shun Takagi, Ryotaro Kime, Masatsugu Niwayama, Norio Murase, Toshihito Katsumura

39. PET Imaging of the Impact of Extracellular pH and MAP Kinases on the p-Glycoprotein (Pgp) Activity
Oliver Thews, Wolfgang Dillenburg, Frank Rösch, Marco Fellner

40. Meconium and Transitional Stools May Cause Interference with Near-Infrared Spectroscopy Measurements of Intestinal Oxygen Saturation in Preterm Infants
Alecia Thompson, Paul Benni, Sara Seyhan, Richard Ehrenkranz

41. Acute Effects of Physical Exercise on Prefrontal Cortex Activity in Older Adults: A Functional Near-Infrared Spectroscopy Study
Takeo Tsujii, Kazutoshi Komatsu, Kaoru Sakatani

42. Blood Flow and Oxygenation Status of Prostate Cancers
Peter Vaupel, Debra K. Kelleher

43. Targeted Delivery of VEGF to Treat Myocardial Infarction
Bin Wang, Rabe’e Cheheltani, Jenna Rosano, Deborah L. Crabbe, Mohammad F. Kiani

44. Magnetic Nanoparticles and Thermally Responsive Polymer for Targeted Hyperthermia and Sustained Anti-Cancer Drug Delivery
Sarah Y. Wang, Michelle C. Liu, Kyung A. Kang

45. NIR Fluorophore-Hollow Gold Nanosphere Complex for Cancer Enzyme-Triggered Detection and Hyperthermia
Jianting Wang, Damon Wheeler, Jin Z. Zhang, Samuel Achilefu, Kyung A. Kang

46. Renal Oxygenation and Function of the Rat Kidney: Effects of Inspired Oxygen and Preglomerular Oxygen Shunting
Christopher S. Wilcox, Fredrik Palm, William J. Welch

47. Alteration of the Inflammatory Molecule Network After Irradiation of Soft Tissue
Zhenyu Xiao, Shanmin Yang, Ying Su, Wei Wang, Hengshan Zhang, Mei Zhang, Kunzhong Zhang, Yeping Tian, Yongbing Cao, Liangjie Yin, Lurong Zhang, Paul Okunieff

48. Imaging the Redox States of Human Breast Cancer Core Biopsies
H. N. Xu, J. Tchou, B. Chance, L. Z. Li

49. Early Life Hypoxic or Hypoxic/Hypercapnic Stress Alters Acute Ventilatory Sensitivity in Adult Mice
Kui Xu, Solomon Raju Bhupanapadu Sunkesula, Pengjing Huang, Constantinos P. Tsipis, Thomas Radford, Gerald Babcock, Walter F. Boron, Joseph C. LaManna

50. 3D Analysis of Intracortical Microvasculature During Chronic Hypoxia in Mouse Brains
Kouichi Yoshihara, Hiroyuki Takuwa, Iwao Kanno, Shinpei Okawa, Yukio Yamada, Kazuto Masamoto

51. Contribution of Brain Glucose and Ketone Bodies to Oxidative Metabolism
Yifan Zhang, Youzhi Kuang, Joseph C. LaManna, Michelle A. Puchowicz

52. Alteration of Circulating Mitochondrial DNA Concentration After Irradiation
Mei Zhang, Bingrong Zhang, Yansong Guo, Lei Zhang, Shanmin Yang, Liangjie Yin, Sadasivan Vidyasagar, David Maguire, Steve Swarts, Zhenhuan Zhang, Amy Zhang, Lurong Zhang, Paul Okunieff

53. Erratum to: Oxygen Transport to Tissue XXXIV
William J. Welch, Fredrik Palm, Duane F. Bruley, David K. Harrison

54. Erratum to: Early Life Hypoxic or Hypoxic/Hypercapnic Stress Alters Acute Ventilatory Sensitivity in Adult Mice
Kui Xu, Solomon Raju Bhupanapadu Sunkesula, Pengjing Huang, Constantinos P. Tsipis, Thomas Radford, Gerald Babcock, Walter F. Boron, Joseph C. LaManna

Keywords: Biomedicine, Human Physiology, Immunology, Pneumology/Respiratory System

Publication year
Advances in Experimental Medicine and Biology
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415 pages
Medicine, Health Care, Mode
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