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Table of contents

1. Is There Really a Conflict Between Privacy and Personalisation?
Nicholas K. Taylor, Elizabeth Papadopoulou, Sarah Gallacher, Howard M. Williams

2. Identify and Classify the Critical Success Factors for a Successful Process Deployment
Bayona Sussy, Calvo Manzano Jose, Cuevas Gonzalo, San Feliu Tomás

3. Problems in the Interplay of IS Development and IT Operations: An Alignment Analysis
Jon Iden, Bjørnar Tessem, Tero Paivarinta

4. The Agile and the Disciplined Software Approaches: Combinable or Just Compatible?
Lise Tordrup Heeager

5. Expectations and Reality: Why an Enterprise Software System Did Not Work as Planned
David Greenwood, Ian Sommerville

6. Supply and Demand of e-Government Services in Developing Countries: Cases from Tanzania
Bjørn Furuholt, Edmund Matotay

7. Reflections on a Multimethodology Approach to Business Process Automation
Helena McCabe, David Bustard, Patricia O’Sullivan

8. NDT-Driver: A Java Tool to Support QVT Transformations for NDT
J. A. García-García, C. R. Cutilla, M. J. Escalona, M. Alba, J. Torres

9. Designing Communities for Large-Scale Sustainable Collaboration
I. T. Hawryszkiewycz

10. Cognitive Processes in Object-Oriented Requirements Engineering Practice: Analogical Reasoning and Mental Modelling
Linda Dawson

11. Development of a Prototype Knowledge Discovery Portal for Energy Informatics
Gabriel J. Costello, Ray Clarke, Brian Donnellan, John Lohan

12. Product or Service? An Interpretive Case Study of Web Development
Michelle Tellam Lawrence, Briony J. Oates

13. Balancing the Paradox of Formal and Social Governance in Distributed Agile Development Projects
Esmeralda Thomson, Richard Vidgen

14. Human Resource Behaviour Simulation in Business Processes
Hanwen Guo, Ross Brown, Rune Rasmussen

15. Evaluating the Synergies of Integrating E-Assessment and Software Testing
Tim A. Majchrzak, Claus A. Usener

16. Multiple-View Architecture Model for Distributed Real-Time Systems Using MARTE
Eduardo Augusto Silvestre, Michel dos Santos Soares

17. Applying Psychology to Facilitate Participation in Conceptual Modelling
Simon McGinnes

18. The Diffusion of Agile Software Development: Insights from a Regional Survey
David Bustard, George Wilkie, Desmond Greer

19. An MAS-Based Implementation for Semantic Web Services Composition
Jun Shen, Ghassan Beydoun, Graham Low

20. Software Process Improvement in Small Companies as a Path to Enterprise Architecture
Alena Buchalcevova

21. A CMDB Meta Model Based on Services
Javier Saenz, Eugenio Fernandez, Mercedes Camara

22. Tool Support for the Quality Assessment of MDWE Methodologies
F. J. Domínguez-Mayo, M. J. Escalona, M. Mejías, J. Ponce

23. EFQ_TIL: Relationship Model Between ITIL and EFQM to Assure Service Quality in IT Processes
Juan José Sánchez Peña, Eugenio Fernández Vicente

24. Accentuated Factors of Handheld Computing
Bo Andersson, Stefan Henningsson

25. What Users Do: SA&D with the ATSA Method
Robert B. K. Brown, Ian C. Piper

26. Can Relational DBMS Scale Up to the Cloud?
George Feuerlicht, Jaroslav Pokorný

27. A Comparative Analysis of Agile Maturity Models
Mauri Leppänen

28. Simulation-Based Evaluation of Adaptive Applications
Jānis Grabis, Inese Šūpulniece

29. Analyzing Empirical Data in Requirements Engineering Techniques
Li Jiang, Armin Eberlein, Aneesh Krishna

30. Conceptual Modelling: A Philosophy of Fiction Account
Balbir S. Barn, Gulzaar K. Barn

31. An Ontological Analysis of Metamodeling Languages
Erki Eessaar, Rünno Sgirka

32. On XML Document Transformations as Schema Evolves: A Survey of Current Approaches
Jakub Malý, Irena Mlýnková, Martin Nečaský

33. Tool Support for Checking Consistency of UML Model
Ruta Dubauskaite, Olegas Vasilecas

34. Object-Oriented Analysis with Data Flow Diagram
Vaclav Repa

35. Toward Understanding Contradictions in Enterprise System Implementations: Insights from a Case Study
Stig Nordheim

36. Requirements Elicitation with Web-Based Focus Groups
Carla Farinha, Miguel Mira Silva

37. Constraint-Driven Approach to Support Input Data Decision-Making in Business Process Management Systems
María Teresa Gómez-López, Rafael M. Gasca, Luisa Parody, Diana Borrego

38. Modelling Business Transactions Across Service Supply Chain Networks
Noel Carroll, Rafiqul Haque, Eoin Whelan, Ita Richardson

39. Quantitatively Evaluating the Effects of Price Promotions Using Data Mining
Min Gan, Honghua Dai

40. Incorporating Users into AmI System Design: From Requirements Toward Automation
Estefanía Serral, Luca Sabatucci, Chiara Leonardi, Pedro Valderas, Angelo Susi, Massimo Zancanaro, Vicente Pelechano

41. Adaptive Model-Driven Information Systems Development for Object Databases
Tilmann Zäschke, Christop Zimmerli, Stefania Leone, Minh K. Nguyen, Moira C. Norrie

42. Implementing a Service-Oriented Architecture: A Technochange Approach
Eli Hustad, Lene Staverløkk

43. Knowledge-Based Information Systems: A Wind Farm Case Study
Bindi Chen, William Wei Song, Yanhui Feng, Yingning Qiu, Peter Tavner

44. The Power of the Crowd: Performing Usability Testing Using an On-Demand Workforce
C. Schneider, T. Cheung

45. Using UML 2.0 for Modelling Software Processes at Siemens AG
Stefan Dietrich, Peter Killisperger, Thomas Stückl, Norbert Weber, Tomas Hartmann, Eva-Maria Kern

46. A Formal Approach to Designing and Managing Service Ecosystems
Aditya Ghose

47. Monitoring Information Quality Within Web Service Composition and Execution
Thanh Thoa Pham Thi, Markus Helfert

48. Barriers to Client Collaboration in Agile Offshore Information Systems Development
Simon McGinnes

49. On Data, Information, and Knowledge Representation in Business Process Models
Ligita Businska, Inese Supulniece, Marite Kirikova

50. Towards a Supporting Framework for Public Web Service Efficient Reuse: A Model Based on Social and Collective Usage Experience
Uddam Chukmol, Aïcha-Nabila Benharkat, Youssef Amghar

51. Analyzing Agents’ Collective Design Decisions in Collaborative Systems Development Initiatives
Majed Al-Shawa

52. CRM for SMEs
Ana Hol

53. Perceptions of Low-Cost Carriers’ Compliance with EU Legislation on Optional Extras
Chris Barry, Mairéad Hogan, Ann Torres

54. Building Healthcare Service Navigation System for a Local Health Integration Network: A Requirements Elicitation Model
Gokul Bhandari

55. Cost Estimation in Agile Software Development Projects
Michael Lang, Kieran Conboy, Siobhán Keaveney

Keywords: Computer Science, Database Management, Information Storage and Retrieval, Business Information Systems, Computer Science, general, Software Engineering/Programming and Operating Systems

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Information Technology, Telecommunications

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