Laderchi, Caterina Ruggeri

Poverty and Exclusion in the Western Balkans

Laderchi, Caterina Ruggeri - Poverty and Exclusion in the Western Balkans, ebook


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Table of contents

1. Overview: Poverty and Exclusion in the Western Balkans: New Directions in Policy and Analysis
Caterina Ruggeri Laderchi, Sara Savastano

2. The European Context: Measuring Social Inclusion in the European Union
Isabelle Maquet Engsted

3. Measuring Poverty in the Western Balkans: Recent Trends and New Challenges
Calogero Carletto, Caterina Ruggeri Laderchi, Sara Savastano

4. Qualitative Research to Support the Analysis of Social Inclusion in the Western Balkans
Carrie Turk

5. Updating Poverty Maps Between Censuses: A Case Study of Albania
Gianni Betti, Andrew Dabalen, Céline Ferré, Laura Neri

6. Social Exclusion in Bosnia and Herzegovina
Alexandru Cojocaru, Caterina Ruggeri Laderchi

7. On Measuring Social Exclusion: A New Approach with an Application to FYR Macedonia
Joseph Deutsch, Jacques Silber, Paolo Verme

8. Subjective Well-Being, Activation Policies, and the Inclusion Agenda
Marina Petrovic

9. Does Formal Work Pay in Serbia? The Role of Labor Taxes and Social Benefit Design in Providing Disincentives for Formal Work
Johannes Koettl

10. Not Just Education: The Gender Wage Gap in the Albanian Labor Markets Through Occupational Segregation, Work Experience, and Child Care
Juna Miluka

11. Internal Migration in Albania and the Changes in Transfers Received from Family and Friends: A Study of Internal Migrants in Peri-Urban Tirana
Florian Tomini, Jessica Hagen-Zanker

12. Together or Apart? Attitudes Towards Multi-ethnic State and Ethnically Mixed Communities in Post-independence Kosovo
Artjoms Ivļevs, Roswitha M. King

13. Social Safety Nets in the Western Balkans: Design, Implementation, and Performance
Boryana Gotcheva, Ramya Sundaram

14. The Political Economy of Welfare Reform in the Western Balkans
Will Bartlett

15. Simulating Policy Reform: Distributional and Poverty Outcomes of the New Social Welfare Law in Serbia
Mihail Arandarenko, Sonja Avlijas, Sasa Randjelovic, Marko Vladisavljevic, Jelena Zarkovic Rakic

16. Improving the Targeting of Social Assistance in Albania: Evidence from Micro-simulations
Caterina Ruggeri Laderchi, Ramya Sundaram, Alexandru Cojocaru, Natsuko Kiso Nozaki

Keywords: Economics/Management Science, Development Economics, Economic Policy, European Integration

Publication year
Economic Studies in Inequality, Social Exclusion and Well-Being
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8 pages

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