Spencer-Wood, Suzanne M.

Historical and Archaeological Perspectives on Gender Transformations

Spencer-Wood, Suzanne M. - Historical and Archaeological Perspectives on Gender Transformations, ebook


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Table of contents

1. Introduction to Historical and Archaeological Perspectives on Gender Transformations: From Private to Public
Suzanne M. Spencer-Wood, Stacey Lynn Camp

2. ‘The Proud Air of an Unwilling Slave’: Tea, Women and Domesticity, c.1700–1900
Annie Gray

3. Domestic Production for Public Markets: The Arts and Crafts Movement in Deerfield, Massachusetts, c.1850–c.1911
Deborah L. Rotman

4. Troubling the Domestic Sphere: Women Reformers and the Changing Place of the Home in the United States, 1854–1939
Kim Christensen

5. Gender, Ethnicity, Religion and Sanitation After the Fall of the Muslim Granada Kingdom in Medieval Spain
Ieva Reklaityte

6. Intimate Matters in Public Encounters: Massachusetts Praying Indian Communities and Colonialism in the Seventeenth and Eighteenth Centuries
Joyce M. Clements

7. Reforming Bodies: Self-Governance, Anxiety, and Cape Colonial Architecture in South Africa, 1665–1860
Shannon M. Jackson

8. Missionization and the Cult of Domesticity, 1769–1850: Local Investigation of a Global Process
Angela Middleton

9. Western Gender Transformations from the Eighteenth Century to the Early Twentieth Century: Combining the Domestic and Public Spheres
Suzanne M. Spencer-Wood

10. Decently Dressed: Women’s Fashion and Dress Reform in the Nineteenth Century United States
Carol A. Nickolai

11. Mina Miller Edison, Education, Social Reform, and the Permeable Boundaries of Domestic Space, 1886–1940
Anne E. Yentsch

12. Ethical Practice and Material Ethics: Domestic Technology and Swedish Modernity in the Early Twentieth Century, Exemplified from the Life of Hanna Rydh
Elisabeth Arwill-Nordbladh

13. Making Men and Women Blush: Masculinity, Femininity, and Reform in Nineteenth-Century Central New York
Hadley Kruczek-Aaron

14. Sisters Across the Bay: Archaeology and the Influence of Two Late Nineteenth-Century Free Kindergartens in Northern California
Mary Praetzellis

15. Reform to Repatriation: Gendering an Americanization Movement in Early Twentieth-Century California
Stacey Lynn Camp

16. Commentary: How Feminist Theories Increase Our Understanding of Processes of Gender Transformation
Suzanne M. Spencer-Wood

Keywords: Social Sciences, Archaeology, Gender Studies

Publication year
Contributions To Global Historical Archaeology
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14 pages

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