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Innovative Management in Information and Production

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Table of contents

1. On Uncertainty Analysis Using Random Sets in Science and Engineering
Hung T. Nguyen

2. A Simulation Study of Estimator for the Stable Index
Wararit Panichkitkosolkul

3. Overcome the Sort Problem of Low Discrimination by Interval Fuzzy Number
Wentsung Lai, Berlin Wu

4. Beyond Mars and Venus: An Examination of Gender Differences in Academic Performance of High School Students
Mingchuan Hsieh

5. Evaluating Co-movements with the Total Value of Import and Export with Exchange Rate in Yunnan Province
Xinyu Yuan, Songsak Sribooditta, Berlin Wu, Jiechen Tang

6. Alliance Capability, Innovative Activity and Evolution
Shenghua Zheng, Wenjing Yuan

7. Information Technology and Communication in High Schools in Vietnam
Nguyen Loc, Vuong Thanh Huong

8. Analytical Evaluation of Learning Experiences on Problem-Solving Efficacy of Vietnamese College Students
Minh-Quang Duong

9. Analysis of Zhejiang Business Fluctuations with Dynamic Stochastic General Equilibrium Model
Shangfeng Zhang, Xiaowen Hu

10. All Work and No Play Makes Jack a Dull Leader? Impact Evaluation with Leisure Activities and Management Performance for the School Leaders
Mei Fen Liu, Berlin Wu

11. Instructors’ Perceptions of Using Student Ratings for Improving Teaching Quality
Hao T. Nguyen

12. Determinant of Labor Income with Policy and Institutional Factors
Bing Xu, Fan Zhang, Qiuqin He

13. Dynamic Copula-Based GARCH Model Analysis China Outbound Tourism Demand
Jiechen Tang, Songsak Sriboonditta, Xinyu Yuan, Berlin Wu

14. e-Retail Market Characteristics: Evidence from Comparisons with USA, UK, India, and China
Yongquan Hu, Yunlei Xie

15. Enterprise Scale and Tax Burden: Empirical Research on Chinese Enterprises
Jing Huang

16. Analysis of Value-Added Process for a Logistics System in Manufacturing Business: A Case Study of Yurun Food Company
Yueqin Tang, Qing Zhuang, Panpan Wen

17. Profit Distribution Based on Producer Service Outsourcing Value Chain
Sanfa Cai, Li Qiu, Bin Zou

18. Enlightenment of International Experience in the “Green Economy” Transformation for Developing Countries
Lin Jun

19. Effects of Globalization and Necessity of Vietnamese Educational Management for Integration into the World
Pham Lan Huong

20. A New Approach for Predicting and Simulating Inflation Expectations in China
Xiaowen Hu, Bing Xu

21. Evaluating City Leisure Index with Soft Computing Methods
Tsungkuo Tienliu, Yu-Yun Hsu, Berlin Wu, Wentsung Lai

22. Empirics with Inequity Distribution for Elementary School Resource
Baiqing Sun, Chun-ti Su, Dayong Zhang

23. The Information Efficiency of Stock Markets
Huiwen Zou

24. Fuzzy Decision Process in Parental School Choice
Ya-Ling Lu, Yi-Cheng Lin, Berlin Wu

25. A Study on Internet Entrepreneurship Based on the Long Tail Theory
Minglin Zhang, Ronghua Zhou

26. Fuzzy Decision System for Course Demand-Supply Management in Community College
Yu-Lan Lee, Baiqing Sun, Dian-fu Chang

27. Modeling and Forecasting the Textile Price Index Using Nonparametric Path Design
Jinghui He, Bing Xu

28. On Effectiveness Assessment of Promoting the Digital Learning Policy
Shih-Wen Wang, Chun-Ti Su, Yen-Nan Lu

29. The Application and Test on Distance Decay Theory of Tourism
Wei Li

30. The Design Model of Plant Service Products Based on Value Chain
Sanfa Cai, Zejiao Feng, Bin Zou

31. The Application of Fuzzy Interval Correlation Evaluating the Relationship Between Transportation Engineering and Air Pollution
Yu-Ting Cheng, Chih-Ching Yang

32. On Efficiency of Time Management for School Leaders with Fuzzy Data
Chiu-Ying Chao, Chih-Wei Chang, Ko-Liang Chen

33. Parent and Teacher Communication: A Case Study in Vietnam
Khanh M. Hoang, Hao T. Nguyen, Thuy T. La

34. Pricing the American Options from the Viewpoints of Traders
Ming Long Liu, Hsuan-Ku Liu

35. Research of Decision Variables of Tax Revenue Based on Nonparametric Selection Approach
Zuiyi Y. Shen, Bing Xu

36. Structure Correlation Between Knowledge-Oriented Culture, Knowledge Sharing, and Innovative Management at Junior High Schools
Hsin-Chih Lin

37. What Determines the Medical Expenses in China?–Evidence from Outpatients Case
Juying Zeng

38. Making Profit in Stock Investment Before XD Dates by Using Genetic Algorithm
Tatcha Sudtasan, Komsan Suriya

39. Construction of Networking Game for Addressing Social Isolation in a Super-Aging Society
Hisao Shiizuka

40. Game-Based Strategy Development for Hotel Yield Management
Koki Yoshimura, Junzo Watada

41. Approximations of Fuzzy Numbers by General Trapezoidal Fuzzy Numbers
Chi-Tsuen Yeh, Pei-Hau Lin

Keywords: Engineering, Engineering Economics, Organization, Logistics, Marketing, Industrial and Production Engineering, Production/Logistics/Supply Chain Management

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Technology, Energy, Traffic

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