Gatchel, Robert J.

Handbook of Occupational Health and Wellness

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Table of contents

1. Conceptual Approaches to Occupational Health and Wellness: An Overview
Robert J. Gatchel, Nancy D. Kishino

2. Theories of Psychological Stress at Work
Philip J. Dewe, Michael P. O’Driscoll, Cary L. Cooper

3. The Growth of Occupational Health Psychology
Heather Graham, Krista J. Howard, Angela Liegey Dougall

4. Work-Related Musculoskeletal Disorders and Pain
Ann Marie Hernandez, Alan L. Peterson

5. Cardiovascular Disease and the Workplace
Alexandra L. Terrill, John P. Garofalo

6. Challenges Related to Mental Health in the Workplace
Carolyn S. Dewa, Marc Corbière, Marie-José Durand, Jennifer Hensel

7. Cancer Survivors and Work
Michal C. Moskowitz, Briana L. Todd, Michael Feuerstein

8. The Problem of Absenteeism and Presenteeism in the Workplace
Krista J. Howard, Jeffrey T. Howard, Alessa F. Smyth

9. Occupational Burnout
Cindy A. McGeary, Donald D. McGeary

10. Self-medication and Illicit Drug Use in the Workplace
Fong Chan, Ebonee Johnson, Emma K. Hiatt, Chih Chin Chou, Elizabeth Silva Cardoso

11. Beyond the Playground: Bullying in the Workplace and Its Relation to Mental and Physical Health Outcomes
Madeline Rex-Lear, Jennifer M. Knack, Lauri A. Jensen-Campbell

12. Promoting Mental Health Within Workplaces
Bonnie Kirsh, Rebecca Gewurtz

13. Workplace Injury and Illness, Safety Engineering, Economics and Social Capital
Henry P. Cole

14. The Role of Work Schedules in Occupational Health and Safety
Jeanne M. Geiger-Brown, Clark J. Lee, Alison M. Trinkoff

15. Work–Family Balance Issues and Work–Leave Policies
Rosalind B. King, Georgia Karuntzos, Lynne M. Casper, Phyllis Moen, Kelly D. Davis, Lisa Berkman, Mary Durham, Ellen Ernst Kossek

16. Workers’ Compensation and Its Potential for Perpetuation of Disability
Michael E. Schatman

17. Health and Wellness Promotion in the Workplace
William S. Shaw, Silje E. Reme, Cécile R. L. Boot

18. Stress Reduction Programmes for the Workplace
Tores Theorell

19. Primary and Secondary Prevention of Illness in the Workplace
Brian R. Theodore

20. Organizational Aspects of Work Accommodation and Retention in Mental Health
Izabela Z. Schultz, Terry Krupa, E. Sally Rogers, Alanna Winter

21. Employee Assistance Programs: Evidence and Current Trends
Mark Attridge

22. Epidemiological Methods for Determining Potential Occupational Health and Illness Issues
J. Mark Melhorn, Charles N. Brooks, Shirley Seaman

23. Program Evaluation of Prevention and Intervention Methods
Richard C. Robinson, John P. Garofalo, Pamela Behnk

24. Gender and Cultural Considerations in the Workplace
Nicolette Lopez, Hollie Pellosmaa, Pablo Mora

25. Addressing Occupational Workplace Issues “In Action”: An Ongoing Study of Nursing Academic Program Directors
Ronda Mintz-Binder

26. Occupational Health and Wellness: Current Status and Future Directions
Robert J. Gatchel

Keywords: Psychology, Health Psychology, Occupational Medicine/Industrial Medicine, Public Health, Rehabilitation

Publication year
Handbooks in Health, Work, and Disability
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17 pages

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