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Early Mathematics Learning

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Table of contents

Part I. Introduction

1. Introduction
Ulrich Kortenkamp, Birgit Brandt, Götz Krummheuer, Silke Ladel, Christiane Benz, Rose Vogel

2. A Dance of Instruction with Construction in Mathematics Education
Norma Presmeg

Part II. Case Studies

3. It is quite confusing isn’t it?
Judy Sayers, Patti Barber

4. Mathematical Teaching Moments: Between Instruction and Construction
Troels Lange, Tamsin Meaney, Eva Riesbeck, Anna Wernberg

5. “I have a little job for you”
Birgit Brandt

6. The Relationship between Cultural Expectation and the Local Realization of a Mathematics Learning Environment
Götz Krummheuer

7. The Reflection of Spatial Thinking on the Interactional Niche in the Family
Ergi Acar Bayraktar

Part III. Children’s Constructions

8. The Roots of Mathematising in Young Children’s Play
Bert Oers

9. Non-canonical Solutions in Children–Adult Interactions—A Case Study of the Emergence of Mathematical Creativity
Melanie Münz

10. The Interplay Between Gesture and Speech: Second Graders Solve Mathematical Problems
Melanie Huth

11. Children’s Constructions in the Domain of Geometric Competencies (in Two Different Instructional Settings)
Andrea Simone Maier, Christiane Benz

12. Identifying quantities—Children’s Constructions to Compose Collections from Parts or Decompose Collections into Parts
Christiane Benz

Part IV. Tools and Interaction

13. Children’s Engagement with Mathematics in Kindergarten Mediated by the Use of Digital Tools
Per Sigurd Hundeland, Martin Carlsen, Ingvald Erfjord

14. Mathematical Situations of Play and Exploration as an Empirical Research Instrument
Rose Vogel

15. Number Concepts—Processes of Internalization and Externalization by the Use of Multi-Touch Technology
Silke Ladel, Ulrich Kortenkamp

Part V. Intervention

16. Intentional Teaching: Integrating the Processes of Instruction and Construction to Promote Quality Early Mathematics Education
Jie-Qi Chen, Jennifer McCray

17. Professionalization of Early Childhood Educators with a Focus on Natural Learning Situations and Individual Development of Mathematical Competencies: Results from an Evaluation Study
Hedwig Gasteiger

18. Employing the CAMTE Framework: Focusing on Preschool Teachers’ Knowledge and Self-efficacy Related to Students’ Conceptions
Pessia Tsamir, Dina Tirosh, Esther Levenson, Michal Tabach, Ruthi Barkai

19. Early Enhancement of Kindergarten Children Potentially at Risk in Learning School Mathematics—Design and Findings of an Intervention Study
Andrea Peter-Koop, Meike Grüßing

Keywords: Education, Mathematics Education, Teaching and Teacher Education, Childhood Education

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