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Universities in Change

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Table of contents

1. Universities in Change: As a Brief Introduction
Andreas Altmann, Bernd Ebersberger

Part I. The Entrepreneurial University

2. Leading the Entrepreneurial University: Meeting the Entrepreneurial Development Needs of Higher Education Institutions
Allan Gibb, Gay Haskins, Ian Robertson

Part II. Embedding in the Economic and Social System

3. Reinventing Learning and Research in the Twenty-First Century via the Academic Firm and the Entrepreneurial University
Elias G. Carayannis, Piero Formica

4. Demographic Trends and the Internationalisation of Higher Education: Emerging Challenges and Prospects
Joe Nellis, David Slattery

5. Global Learning in American Higher Education: Strategies for Developing Global Citizens in an Era of Complex Interdependence
Carlos E. Juárez

6. Universities Between Politics and Economics: Autonomy, Performance Agreements and Global Budgets at Austrian Universities
Manfried Gantner

7. Who is Leading Whom, Where to, What for: And How? Governance and Empowerment in the University of the Twenty-First Century
Wilhelm Krull

Part III. Strategic and Operative Issues

8. Learning From the Best: Implications From Successful Companies for Higher Education Management
Kurt Matzler, Dagmar Abfalter

9. Managing and Positioning of a Private Business School in Germany
Judith Marquardt, Hans Wiesmeth

10. Strategic Management for Growing Business Schools
Dirk W. Rudolph, Udo Steffens

11. Training Researchers in the Asia-Pacific: A Regional Response to Global Leadership in Research

Jeremy S. Eades, Malcolm Cooper

12. The Rejuvenation of a Professional School in the United States

Alfred S. Posamentier

13. Curriculum Change at a Japanese Private International University: The Influence of Global and Local Pressures on the ‘NEW’ Challenge
Malcolm Cooper

14. Leading-Edge Technologies and Facility for Competitive Higher Business Education

James R. Haltiner, Gabriel A. Pall

15. Leveraging Universities Through IT Governance

Peter Mirski, Dietmar Kilian

16. Achieving Success Through Quality: The Role of Accreditation and Continuous Improvement in Management Education

John M. Beehler, Denise J. Luethge

17. Uniformity is No Virtue
Ekkehard Kappler

Part IV. Contributing to Economic and Social Development

18. Higher Education Institutions and Regional Development

Bernd Ebersberger, Sverre J. Herstad, Andreas Altmann

19. What Type of Companies Benefits from University Spillovers?
Bernd Ebersberger, Andreas Altmann, Sverre J. Herstad

20. Globalization, Regional Development, and the Evolving Local University Role: The Case of Vestfold, Norway
Sverre J. Herstad, Thomas Brekke

Keywords: Business and Management, Innovation/Technology Management, Higher Education, Administration, Organization and Leadership

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Innovation, Technology, and Knowledge Management
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