Bilyk, Dmitriy

Recent Advances in Harmonic Analysis and Applications

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Table of contents

1. On the Scientific Work of Konstantin Ilyich Oskolkov
Dmitriy Bilyk, Laura Carli, Alexander Petukhov, Alexander M. Stokolos, Brett D. Wick

2. K. I. Oskolkov
Magomed A. Chakhkiev

3. My First Meetings with Konstantin Oskolkov
Viktor I. Kolyada

4. Meetings with Kostya Oskolkov
Veniamin G. Krotov

5. Konstantin Ilyich Oskolkov, Friend and Colleague
Michael T. Lacey

6. The Activity of K. I. Oskolkov in Nonlinear Approximation of Functions
Vitaly Maiorov

7. How Young We Were
Vladimir Temlyakov

8. A Survey of Multidimensional Generalizations of Cantor’s Uniqueness Theorem for Trigonometric Series
J. Marshall Ash

9. The L
2 Discrepancy of Two-Dimensional Lattices
Dmitriy Bilyk, Vladimir N. Temlyakov, Rui Yu

10. On Fourier Multipliers Over Tube Domains
Laura Carli

11. Multiparameter Projection Theorems with Applications to Sums-Products and Finite Point Configurations in the Euclidean Setting
Burk Erdoğan, Derrick Hart, Alex Iosevich

12. Riesz Potentials, Bessel Potentials, and Fractional Derivatives on Besov-Lipschitz Spaces for the Gaussian Measure
A. Eduardo Gatto, Ebner Pineda, Wilfredo O. Urbina

13. Maximal Operators Associated to Sets of Directions of Hausdorff and Minkowski Dimension Zero
Paul Hagelstein

14. Distance Graphs in Vector Spaces Over Finite Fields
Derrick Hart, Alex Iosevich, Doowon Koh, Steven Senger, Ignacio Uriarte-Tuero

15. Remarks on Extremals in Minimal Support Inequalities
Steven M. Hudson

16. On Fubini Type Property in Lorentz Spaces
Viktor I. Kolyada

17. Some Applications of Equimeasurable Rearrangements
Anatolii A. Korenovskii, Alexander M. Stokolos

18. Maximal Functions Measuring Smoothness
Veniamin G. Krotov

19. Estimates for the Exceptional Lebesgue Sets of Functions from Sobolev Classes
Veniamin G. Krotov, Mikhail A. Prokhorovich

20. On the A
2 Inequality for Calderón–Zygmund Operators
Michael T. Lacey

21. Quest for Negative Dependency Graphs
Linyuan Lu, Austin Mohr, László Székely

22. A Quantitative Open Mapping Theorem for Quasi-Pseudonormed Groups
Irina Mitrea, Marius Mitrea, Elia Ziadé

23. The Buckley Dyadic Square Function
Fedor Nazarov, Michael Wilson


-Bounds for the L
2-Projection onto Linear Spline Spaces
Peter Oswald

25. Fast Implementation of
1-Greedy Algorithm
Alexander Petukhov, Inna Kozlov

26. Harmonic Analysis and Uniqueness Questions in Convex Geometry
Dmitry Ryabogin, Vlad Yaskin, Artem Zvavitch

27. Moduli of Smoothness and Rate of a.e. Convergence for Some Convolution Operators
Alexander M. Stokolos, Walter Trebels

28. On the Littlewood–Paley Inequalities for Subharmonic Functions on Domains in R^n

Manfred Stoll

29. The Path to Λ-Bounded variation
Daniel Waterman

30. Stability and Robustness of Weak Orthogonal Matching Pursuits
Simon Foucart

Keywords: Mathematics, Abstract Harmonic Analysis, Partial Differential Equations, Number Theory, Algorithms, Analysis

Publication year
Springer Proceedings in Mathematics & Statistics
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11 pages
Natural Sciences

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