Lerma, Edgar V.

Clinical Decisions in Nephrology, Hypertension and Kidney Transplantation

Lerma, Edgar V. - Clinical Decisions in Nephrology, Hypertension and Kidney Transplantation, ebook


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Table of contents

1. Approach to the Patient with Renal Disease
Jennifer A. Fillaus, Troy J. Plumb

2. Assessment of Renal Function
Clifford D. Miles

3. Approach to Renal Diagnostic Testing
Marius C. Florescu

4. Approach to the Patient with Nephrotic Syndrome
Leslie F. Thomas, Harini A. Chakkera

5. Approach to the Patient with Hematuria
Vishal N. Ratkalkar, Kevin R. Regner

6. Approach to the Patient with Rapidly Progressive Glomerulonephritis
Ziad M. El-Zoghby

7. Interpretation of the Renal Biopsy
LaTonya J. Hickson, Lynn D. Cornell

8. Interpretation of Serologic Testing in Glomerular Diseases
Kelly V. Liang, Kimberly P. Liang

9. Hyponatremia
Cynthia M. Cooper

10. Potassium Disorders
Kambiz Zandi-Nejad

11. Disorders of Calcium, Phosphorus, and Magnesium
J. Kevin Tucker, Denyse Thornley-Brown

12. Metabolic Acidosis
Warren L. Kupin

13. Metabolic Alkalosis
Luis M. Ortega, Oliver Lenz

14. Respiratory Acidosis
Adriana Arcila, Shirin Shafazand

15. Respiratory Alkalosis
Rebecca L. Toonkel, Shirin Shafazand

16. Mixed Acid–Base Disorders
Oliver Lenz

17. Acute Kidney Injury: Definitions and General Approach
Ashita J. Tolwani

18. Prerenal Azotemia
Luis I. Juncos, Luis A. Juncos

19. Post-renal Failure
Luis I. Juncos, Luis A. Juncos

20. Acute Tubular Necrosis
Shamik Shah, Jorge Cerdá

21. Specific Etiologies
Eric K. Judd, Shikha Mehta, Ashita J. Tolwani

22. Management of Acute Kidney Injury
Jorge Cerdá, Shamik Shah

23. Chronic Kidney Disease: Definitions and General Approach
M. Rashid Ishaque, James L. Bailey

24. Mineral and Bone Disorders in Chronic Kidney Disease
Lynn E. Schlanger, James L. Bailey

25. Anemia
Jason Cobb, Tahsin Masud

26. Goals of Therapy: Slowing Progression and Dyslipidemias
M. Salman Singapuri, Janice P. Lea

27. Nutrition
Sejal P. Sarolia, Harold A. Franch

28. Ethics in Chronic Kidney Disease
Shaun D. Conlon, Hussain A. Gilani, James L. Bailey

29. Chronic Kidney Disease in the Aging
Lynn E. Schlanger

30. Counseling Patients for Renal Replacement Therapy Based on Outcomes
Mark G. Parker

31. Hemodialysis: Initiation and Complications
C. John Sperati

32. Peritoneal Dialysis: Initiation and Complications
Joni H. Hansson

33. Palliative Care in Renal Disease
James C. Wasserman

34. Donor and Recipient Evaluation
Elizabeth C. Lorenz, Suzanne M. Norby

35. Immunosuppression in the Renal Transplant Recipient
Claire M. Kennedy, Colm C. Magee

36. Complications of Kidney Transplantation
Hatem Amer, Lena Sibulesky, Hani M. Wadei

37. Infectious Disease in Kidney Transplantation
Scott L. Sanoff

38. Kidney Transplant Outcomes
Ankit Sakhuja, Neha Sehgal, Monica Vasudev, Brahm Vasudev

39. Classification of Hypertension
William Burtnett, Eleanor D. Lederer

40. Pharmacologic Treatment of Hypertension
Nina Vasavada, Eleanor D. Lederer

41. Primary Hypertension
Eleanor D. Lederer

42. Lifestyle Modifications in the Treatment of Hypertension
Vibha S. Nayak, Dawn J. Caster, Eleanor D. Lederer

43. Secondary Hypertension
Eleanor D. Lederer

44. Hypertensive Emergencies and Resistant Hypertension
Lina Mackelaite, Eleanor D. Lederer

45. Diabetic Kidney Disease
Raimund H. Pichler, Ian H. Boer, Miguel F. Palma Diaz, Maryam Afkarian

46. Lupus Nephritis
Maaz A. Abbasi, Leah A. Haseley

47. Viral Diseases and the Kidney
German T. Hernandez, Rudolph A. Rodriguez

48. Pregnancy-Associated Kidney Injury
A. Eric Anderson, Sophia M. Rothberger Lannon

49. Genetic Diseases of the Kidney
Scott D. Bieber, J. Ashley Jefferson

50. Multiple Myeloma and the Kidney
Fionnuala C. Cormack, Robert E. Richard

51. Nephrolithiasis
Kerry C. Cho, Grace J. No, Lowell J. Lo, Andrew Lin

Keywords: Medicine & Public Health, Nephrology, Internal Medicine, Intensive / Critical Care Medicine

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