Benuto, Lorraine T.

Guide to Psychological Assessment with Hispanics

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Table of contents

1. Guide to Psychological Assessment with Hispanics: An Introduction
Lorraine T. Benuto

2. Bilingualism and Its Impact on Psychological Assessment
Antonio E. Puente, Davor Zink, Margie Hernandez, Tara Jackman-Venanzi, Alfredo Ardila

3. The Assessment Interview: A Review of Structured and Semi-structured Clinical Interviews Available for Use Among Hispanic Clients
Joan Ignasi Mestre, Paola Clementina Rossi, Marta Torrens

4. Using Projective Tests with Hispanic Clients
Orlando L. Pedrosa-Roche, Juan A. Nazario, Joy Lynn Suárez-Kindy

5. Assessing Personality Using Self-Report Measures with Hispanic Clients
Maria Garrido, José J. Cabiya

6. IQ Testing and the Hispanic Client
Nicholas S. Thaler, Sharon Jones-Forrester

7. Assessing Effort and Malingering with the Hispanic Client
Lorraine T. Benuto, Brian D. Leany

8. Assessing Mood Disorders and Suicidality in Hispanics
John S. Wiebe, John A. Sauceda, Carolina Lara

9. Special Considerations When Assessing the Hispanic Adolescent: Examining Suicide Risk
Emilia Lucio-Gomez Maqueo, Paulina Arenas-Landgrave

10. Assessing Suicidality with the Hispanic Adult
Dana M. Alonzo

11. Assessment of Anxiety with Hispanics
Cassandra Snipes

12. Assessing Substance-Related Disorders in Hispanic Clients
Lourdes Suarez-Morales, Danette Beitra

13. Assessing Sexual Dysfunction in Hispanic Clients
Marta Meana, Taylor L. Oliver, Sarah C. Jones

14. Assessing Eating Pathology in Hispanic Americans
Marisol Perez, Cortney S. Warren

15. Assessing for Personality Disorders in the Hispanic Client
Saul G. Alamilla, James V. Wojcik

16. Assessment of Dementia in the Hispanic Client: A Neuropsychological Perspective
Lorraine T. Benuto, Brian D. Leany

17. Assessing Psychosis in Hispanics
Veronica Cardenas, Paula Helu, Denisse Tiznado, Jennifer Ho

18. Assessing Sleep Disorders in the Hispanic Patient
Jose S. Loredo

19. Assessing Somatoform Disorders with the Hispanic Client
Irene M. Bravo, Carmen S. Roca

20. Assessing Developmental Learning and Communication Disorders in Hispanic Children: A Neuropsychological Perspective
Mónica Rosselli, Esmeralda Matute, Alfredo Ardila

21. School-Based Assessment with Latina/o Children and Adolescents
Manuel X. Zamarripa, Eunice Lerma

22. Neuropsychological Assessment with Hispanic Clients
Brian D. Leany, Lorraine T. Benuto, Nicholas S. Thaler

23. Assessing Risk, Recidivism, and Dangerousness in Hispanics
Olga Cirlugea, Lorraine T. Benuto, Brian D. Leany

24. Forensic Assessment with the Hispanic Client
Lorraine T. Benuto, Brian D. Leany, Olga Cirlugea

Keywords: Psychology, Clinical Psychology, Social Work, Cross Cultural Psychology, Neuropsychology

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