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Cooperative Research Centers and Technical Innovation

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Table of contents

1. The New Science and Engineering Management: Cooperative Research Centers as Intermediary Organizations for Government Policies and Industry Strategies
Denis O. Gray, Craig Boardman, Drew Rivers

2. Why Do Firms Join Cooperative Research Centers? An Empirical Examination of Firm, Industry, and Environmental Antecedents
James C. Hayton, Saloua Sehili, Vida Scarpello

3. Does Industry Benefit from Cooperative Research Centers More Than Other Stakeholders? An Exploratory Analysis of Knowledge Transactions in University Research Centers
Branco Ponomariov, Craig Boardman

4. Careers and Organisational Objectives: Managing Competing Interests in Cooperative Research Centres
Sam Garrett-Jones, Tim Turpin, Kieren Diment

5. Cooperative Research Centers and Faculty Satisfaction: Multi-level Predictive Analysis
Beth M. Coberly, Denis O. Gray

6. Is Cooperative Research Center Affiliation Amongst Academic Researchers Stratifying the Academy? The Impacts of Departmental Prestige, Career Trajectory, and Productivity on Center Affiliation
Xuhong Su, Gretchen Keneson

7. Leadership Relationships Between Center Directors and University Administrators in Cooperative Research Centers: A Multilevel Analysis
Donald D. Davis, Janet L. Bryant, Julia Zaharieva

8. Cooperative Research Centers as Small Business: Uncovering the Marketing and Recruiting Practices of University-Based Cooperative Research Centers
Drew Rivers, Denis O. Gray

9. Assessing Leadership Performance in University-Based Cooperative Research Centers: Evidence from Four Studies
S. Bartholomew Craig, Clara E. Hess, Jennifer Lindberg McGinnis, Denis O. Gray

10. The Challenges of Evaluating Multipurpose Cooperative Research Centers
Irwin Feller, Daryl Chubin, Ed Derrick, Pallavi Pharityal

11. Estimating the Regional and National Economic Impact of Engineering-Focused Cooperative Research Centers
David Roessner, Lynne Manrique, Jongwon Park

12. The Role of Cooperative Research Centers in Multi-scalar Innovation and Economic Development Policy in Canada and the US
Jennifer Clark

13. International Practice in Cooperative Research Centers Programs: Summary of an Exploratory Study of Engineering-Focused Cooperative Research Centers Worldwide
Bhavya Lal, Craig Boardman

14. In Conclusion: What Research Is Missing for Cooperative Research Centers?
Barry Bozeman

15. A Working Bibliography on Cooperative Research Centers for Practitioners and Researchers
Craig Boardman, Denis O. Gray, Drew Rivers

Keywords: Economics/Management Science, R & D/Technology Policy, Economic Growth, Economic Policy

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