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Computational Electromagnetics

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Table of contents

1. Characteristic Basis Function Method
Eliseo Garcia, Felipe Cátedra, Raj Mittra

2. Parallelization Strategies for the Characteristic Basis Function Method
Eliseo García, Juan I. Pérez, José A. Frutos, Felipe Cátedra, Raj Mittra

3. Fast Analysis of Periodic Antennas and Metamaterial-Based Waveguides
Rob Maaskant

4. Efficient Numerical Techniques for Analyzing Microstrip Circuits and Antennas Etched on Layered Media via the Characteristic Basis Function Method
Giacomo Bianconi, Raj Mittra

5. The Locally Corrected Nyström Method for Electromagnetics
Stephen D. Gedney, John C. Young

6. An Efficient Dipole-Moment-Based Method of Moments (MoM) Formulation
Kadappan Panayappan, Chiara Pelletti, Raj Mittra

7. Linear Embedding via Green’s Operators
Vito Lancellotti, Anton G. Tijhuis

8. Solution to the Low-Frequency Breakdown Problem in Computational Electromagnetics
Jianfang Zhu, Dan Jiao

9. New Finite Difference Time Domain (νFDTD) Electromagnetic Field Solver
Kadappan Panayappan, Raj Mittra

10. Asymptotic Techniques for Transient Analysis
Nan-Wei Chen, Hsi-Tseng Chou

11. Numerical Techniques for Efficient Analysis of FSSs, EBGs and Metamaterials
Chiara Pelletti, Ravi Kumar Arya, Arash Rashidi, Hossein Mosallaei, Raj Mittra

12. Efficient Hybrid Algorithms for Characterizing 3-D Doubly Periodic Structures, Finite Periodic Microstrip Patch Arrays, and Aperiodic Tilings
Xiande Wang, Douglas H. Werner, Jeremiah P. Turpin, Pingjuan L. Werner

13. FDTD Modelling of Transformation Electromagnetics Based Devices
Yang Hao, Christos Argyropoulos, Wen Xuan Tang

14. Designing Cloaks and Absorbing Blankets for Scattering Reduction Using Field and Impedance Transformation Techniques
Raj Mittra, Yuda Zhou

15. Field Transformation Approach to Designing Lenses
Sidharath Jain, Raj Mittra

16. Application of Signal Processing Techniques to Electromagnetic Sub-Wavelength Imaging
Raj Mittra, Xiang Gu, Chiara Pelletti

17. Wireless Propagation Modeling by Using Ray-Tracing
Alessandro Corucci, Pierpaolo Usai, Agostino Monorchio, Giuliano Manara

18. Modeling the Quantum Effects in Electromagnetic Devices
Iftikhar Ahmed, Erping Li

19. FETI Methods
François-Xavier Roux, André Barka

Keywords: Engineering, Microwaves, RF and Optical Engineering, Circuits and Systems, Magnetism, Magnetic Materials

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