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Handbook of Social Resource Theory

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Table of contents

1. Introduction
Kjell Törnblom, Ali Kazemi

2. Resource Theory of Social Exchange
Edna B. Foa, Uriel G. Foa

3. Some Conceptual and Theoretical Issues in Resource Theory of Social Exchange
Kjell Törnblom, Ali Kazemi

4. Toward an Expansion of Resource Exchange Theory: A Facet Approach
Clara Sabbagh, Shlomit Levy

5. Formalizing Foa’s Social Resource Theory of Exchange
Barry Markovsky, Ali Kazemi

6. Social Exchange Theory, Exchange Resources, and Interpersonal Relationships: A Modest Resolution of Theoretical Difficulties
Marie S. Mitchell, Russell S. Cropanzano, David M. Quisenberry

7. Attribution of Friendship: The Influence of the Nature and Comparability of Resources Given and Received
Kjell Törnblom, Eva M. Fredholm

8. Understanding Status as a Social Resource
Kevin R. Binning, Yuen J. Huo

9. Moral Resources
Robert Folger

10. The Structural Bases of Resource Distribution
Jonathan H. Turner

11. Towards Integrating Distributive Justice, Procedural Justice, and Social Resource Theories
Kjell Törnblom, Riël Vermunt

12. Resource Types and Fairness Perceptions in Social Dilemmas
Barry Markovsky, Nick Berigan

13. Goods, Bads, and the Foa Resources: Analyzing Their Operation in the New Unified Theory of Sociobehavioral Forces
Guillermina Jasso

14. The Complementary Natures of Resource Theory and Interpersonal Evaluation Theory
Robert Gifford, Michael Cave

15. A Biosocial Approach to Resource Theory
J. Scott Lewis, Jeffrey A. Houser

16. The Emergence of Social Meaning: A Theory of Action Construal
John Adamopoulos

17. Some Hypotheses on Cross-Cultural Differences in the Impact of Resource Type on the Preferred Principle of Distributive Justice
Anna Baumert, Manfred Schmitt

18. Cultural Differences in Resource Exchange at the Workplace: A Sino-US Comparison
Justin Kraemer, Chao C. Chen

19. The Positive, Sustaining, and Protective Power of Resources: Insights from Conservation of Resources Theory
Lisa Stines Doane, Jeremiah A. Schumm, Stevan E. Hobfoll

20. Initiating Customer Loyalty to a Retailer: A Resource Theory Perspective
Michael J. Dorsch, Colby L. Brooks

21. Resources and Transactions in the Organization’s Underworld: Exchange Content and Consequences
Dan S. Chiaburu, Zinta S. Byrne, Janet Weidert

22. Limitations on Structural Principles of Distributive Justice: The Case of Discrete Idiosyncratic Goods
Richard F. Galvin, Charles Lockhart

23. Predicting Reactions to Procedural Injustice via Insights from Resource Theory
Ali Kazemi, Maedeh Gholamzadehmir, Kjell Törnblom

24. Resource Theory and Restoration: What is Restored in Restorative Justice?
Ronald L. Cohen

25. The Salience of Outcome and Procedure in Giving and Receiving Universalistic and Particularistic Resources
Riël Vermunt, Ali Kazemi, Kjell Törnblom

26. Evaluating the Distribution of Various Resources in Educational Settings: The Views of Jewish and Arab Teachers in Israel
Clara Sabbagh, Hila Malka

27. Factorial Survey Methods for Studying Goods, Bads, and the Foa Resources
Guillermina Jasso

28. Where Do We Stand and Where Do We Need to Go?
Elaine Hatfield, Richard L. Rapson

Keywords: Social Sciences, Sociology, general, Social Policy, Quality of Life Research, Personality and Social Psychology

Publication year
Critical Issues in Social Justice
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22 pages

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