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Clinical Glaucoma Care

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Table of contents

1. Glaucoma Risk Factors: Intraocular Pressure
Nils A. Loewen, Angelo P. Tanna

2. Glaucoma Risk Factors: Fluctuations in Intraocular Pressure
Felipe A. Medeiros

3. Glaucoma Risk Factors: The Cornea
Lionel A. Marzette, Leon W. Herndon

4. Glaucoma Risk Factors: Family History – The Genetics of Glaucoma
John R. Samples, Mary K. Wirtz

5. Indications for Therapy
George L. Spaeth, Eman Elhawy

6. Clinical Examination of the Optic Nerve
Scott J. Fudemberg, Victor Cvintal, Jonathan S. Myers, Sheryl S. Wizov, L. Jay Katz

7. Some Lessons from the Disc Appearance in the Open Angle Glaucomas
Stephen M. Drance

8. Digital Imaging of the Optic Nerve
H. George Tanaka, Shan Lin

9. Detecting Functional Changes in the Patient’s Vision: Visual Field Analysis
Chris A. Johnson

10. Gonioscopy
Reid A. Longmuir

11. Office Examination of the Glaucoma Patient
Paul N. Schacknow

12. Primary Open Angle Glaucoma
Matthew G. McMenemy

13. Normal-Tension Glaucoma
Bruce E. Prum

14. Primary and Secondary Angle-Closure Glaucomas
Marshall N. Cyrlin

15. Malignant Glaucoma (Posterior Aqueous Diversion Syndrome)
Marshall N. Cyrlin

16. Pigment Dispersion Syndrome and Pigmentary Glaucoma
Sung Chul Park, Celso Tello, Nathan Radcliffe, Robert Ritch

17. Exfoliation Syndrome and Glaucoma
Anastasios-Georgios P. Konstas, Gábor Holló, Miguel A. Teus, Robert Ritch

18. Neovascular Glaucoma
Sameh Mosaed, Donald Minckler

19. Inflammatory Disease and Glaucoma
Sunita Radhakrishnan, Emmett T. Cunningham, Andrew G. Iwach

20. Iridocorneal Endothelial Syndrome and Glaucoma
Sarwat Salim, Peter A. Netland

21. Traumatic Glaucomas
David Diaz, Dinorah Piacentini Engel Castro, Cynthia Mattox

22. The Childhood Glaucomas
David S. Walton

23. Medications Used to Treat Glaucoma
Paul N. Schacknow, John R. Samples

24. Systemic Diseases and Glaucoma
Paul J. Lama

25. Laser Therapies for Glaucoma
Douglas E. Gaasterland

26. Incisional Therapies: Trabeculectomy Surgery
Daniel Cotlear, Schlomo Melamed

27. Incisional Therapies: Canaloplasty and New Implant Devices
Diamond Y. Tam, Ike K. Ahmed

28. Newer FDA-Approved Incisional Therapies
Richard Hill, Donald Minckler

29. Complications of Glaucoma Surgery
Marlene R. Moster, Augusto Azuara-Blanco

30. Cataract and Glaucoma Surgery
Joseph R. Zelefsky, Stephen A. Obstbaum

31. Glaucoma After Retinal Surgery
Annisa L. Jamil, Scott D. Lawrence, David A. Saperstein, Elliott M. Kanner, Richard P. Mills, Peter A. Netland

Keywords: Medicine & Public Health, Ophthalmology

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20 pages
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