Jardri, Renaud

The Neuroscience of Hallucinations

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Table of contents

1. An Epistemological Approach: History of Concepts and Ideas About Hallucinations in Classical Psychiatry
Elodie Peyroux, Nicolas Franck

2. Hallucinatory Experiences in Non-clinical Populations
Katy Hill, David E. J. Linden

3. Hallucinations and Other Sensory Deceptions in Psychiatric Disorders
Jan Dirk Blom

4. Hallucinations Associated with Neurological Disorders and Sensory Loss
Gilles Fénelon

5. Standardized Assessment of Hallucinations
Massoud Stephane

6. The “Bottom-Up” and “Top-Down” Components of the Hallucinatory Phenomenon
André Aleman, Ans Vercammen

7. Speech Processing and Auditory Hallucinations
Sonia Dollfus, Mathieu Alary, Annick Razafimandimby

8. The Role of Memory Retrieval and Emotional Salience in the Emergence of Auditory Hallucinations
Susan L. Rossell

9. Misattributions Models (I): Metacognitive Beliefs and Hallucinations
Filippo Varese, Frank Larøi

10. Misattribution Models (II): Source Monitoring in Hallucinating Schizophrenia Subjects
Todd S. Woodward, Mahesh Menon

11. Time Perception and Discrimination in Individuals Suffering from Hallucinations
Flavie Waters

12. A Neurodevelopmental Perspective on Hallucinations
Christopher N. David, Judith L. Rapoport

13. Candidate Genes Involved in the Expression of Psychotic Symptoms: A Focus on Hallucinations
Julio Sanjuán, María Dolores Moltó, Amparo Tolosa

14. Animal Models and Hallucinogenic Drugs
Alexey Kozlenkov, Javier González-Maeso

15. Cannabis and Hallucinations: Studies in Human Subjects
Paul Allen, Toby T. Winton-Brown

16. Computational Models of Hallucinations
Renaud Jardri, Sophie Denève

17. Electrophysiological Exploration of Hallucinations (EEG, MEG)
Claudia Swam, Thomas Dierks, Daniela Hubl

18. Structural Imaging of the “Hallucinating” Brain in Schizophrenia
Marion Plaze, Arnaud Cachia

19. Functional Brain Imaging of Auditory Hallucinations: From Self-Monitoring Deficits to Co-opted Neural Resources
Judith M. Ford, Ralph E. Hoffman

20. Functional Brain Imaging of Hallucinations: Symptom Capture Studies
Renaud Jardri, Iris Sommer

21. Brain Functioning When the Voices Are Silent: Aberrant Default Modes in Auditory Verbal Hallucinations
Vincent Ven

22. Connectivity Issues of the ‘Hallucinating’ Brain
Stefania Benetti, William Pettersson-Yeo, Andrea Mechelli

23. Beyond Monotherapy: The HIT Story
Jack A. Jenner

24. The Psychopharmacology of Hallucinations: Ironic Insights into Mechanisms of Action
Nicole Gellings Lowe, Maria Paola Rapagnani, Chiara Mattei, Stephen M. Stahl

25. Neuromodulation Techniques to Treat Hallucinations
Paul B. Fitzgerald, Kate E. Hoy

26. The Future of Brain Stimulation to Treat Hallucinations
Emmanuel Poulet, Frederic Haesebaert, Jérôme Brunelin, Marie-Françoise Suaud-Chagny

27. Perspectives in Brain Imaging and Computer-Assisted Technologies for the Treatment of Hallucinations
Jack R. Foucher

Keywords: Medicine & Public Health, Psychiatry, Cognitive Psychology, Neurosciences, Neuropsychology

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