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Complement Therapeutics

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Table of contents

1. Progress and Trends in Complement Therapeutics
Daniel Ricklin, John D. Lambris

2. Inhibition of the Serine Proteases of the Complement System
Péter Gál, József Dobó, László Beinrohr, Gábor Pál, Péter Závodszky

3. The Role of MASP-1/3 in Complement Activation
Hideharu Sekine, Minoru Takahashi, Daisuke Iwaki, Teizo Fujita

4. Membrane-Bound Complement Regulatory Proteins as Biomarkers and Potential Therapeutic Targets for SLE
Nibhriti Das, Bintili Biswas, Rohan Khera

5. DAF as a Therapeutic Target for Steroid Hormones: Implications for Host–Pathogen Interactions
Bogdan Nowicki, Stella Nowicki

6. Targeting gC1qR Domains for Therapy Against Infection and Inflammation
Berhane Ghebrehiwet, Jolyon Jesty, Rama Vinayagasundaram, Uma Vinayagasundaram, Yan Ji, Alisa Valentino, Nithin Tumma, Kinga H. Hosszu, Ellinor I. B. Peerschke

7. The Alternative C5a Receptor Function
Hiroshi Nishiura

8. The Effects of Selective Complement and CD14 Inhibition on the E. coli-Induced Tissue Factor mRNA Upregulation, Monocyte Tissue Factor Expression, and Tissue Factor Functional Activity in Human Whole Blood
O.-L. Brekke, C. Waage, D. Christiansen, H. Fure, H. Qu, John D. Lambris, B. Østerud, E. W. Nielsen, T. E. Mollnes

9. CR2-Mediated Targeting of Complement Inhibitors: Bench-to-Bedside Using a Novel Strategy for Site-Specific Complement Modulation
V. Michael Holers, Bärbel Rohrer, Stephen Tomlinson

10. Paroxysmal Nocturnal Hemoglobinuria and the Complement System: Recent Insights and Novel Anticomplement Strategies
Antonio M. Risitano

11. Defective Complement Action and Control Defines Disease Pathology for Retinal and Renal Disorders and Provides a Basis for New Therapeutic Approaches
Peter F. Zipfel, Nadine Lauer

12. C3 Glomerulonephritis/CFHR5 Nephropathy Is an Endemic Disease in Cyprus: Clinical and Molecular Findings in 21 Families
Constantinos Deltas, Daniel Gale, Terence Cook, Konstantinos Voskarides, Yiannis Athanasiou, Alkis Pierides

13. Complement-Targeted Therapeutics in Periodontitis
George Hajishengallis, John D. Lambris

14. Complement System Activation in Cardiac and Skeletal Muscle Pathology: Friend or Foe?
Maro Syriga, Manolis Mavroidis

15. Innate Immunity as Orchestrator of Bone Marrow Homing for Hematopoietic Stem/Progenitor Cells
Mariusz Z. Ratajczak, ChiHwa Kim, Janina Ratajczak, Anna Janowska-Wieczorek

16. Complement-Mediated Microvascular Injury Leads to Chronic Rejection
Mohammad A. Khan, Mark R. Nicolls

17. Targeting Complement at the Time of Transplantation
Steven Sacks, Julia Karegli, Conrad A. Farrar, Elham Asgari, Wilhelm Schwaeble, Wuding Zhou, Richard A. Smith

18. Evaluation of the Blood Compatibility of Materials, Cells, and Tissues: Basic Concepts, Test Models, and Practical Guidelines
Kristina N. Ekdahl, Jaan Hong, Osama A. Hamad, Rolf Larsson, Bo Nilsson

19. Noninvasive Detection of Complement Activation Through Radiologic Imaging
Joshua M. Thurman, Bärbel Rohrer

20. Highly Multiplexed Proteomic Platform for Biomarker Discovery, Diagnostics, and Therapeutics
Michael R. Mehan, Rachel Ostroff, Sheri K. Wilcox, Fintan Steele, Daniel Schneider, Thale C. Jarvis, Geoffrey S. Baird, Larry Gold, Nebojsa Janjic

21. Complement in Action: An Analysis of Patent Trends from 1976 Through 2011
Kun Yang, Robert A. DeAngelis, Janet E. Reed, Daniel Ricklin, John D. Lambris

Keywords: Biomedicine, Immunology, Microbiology, Infectious Diseases, Pathology

Publication year
Advances in Experimental Medicine and Biology
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8 pages
Medicine, Health Care, Mode

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