Farkas, Hershel M.

From Fourier Analysis and Number Theory to Radon Transforms and Geometry

Farkas, Hershel M. - From Fourier Analysis and Number Theory to Radon Transforms and Geometry, ebook


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Table of contents

1. Differences of Partition Functions: The Anti-telescoping Method
George E. Andrews

2. The Extremal Plurisubharmonic Function for Linear Growth
David Bainbridge

3. Mahonian Partition Identities via Polyhedral Geometry
Matthias Beck, Benjamin Braun, Nguyen Le

4. Second-Order Modular Forms with Characters
Thomas Blann, Nikolaos Diamantis

5. Disjointness of Moebius from Horocycle Flows
J. Bourgain, P. Sarnak, T. Ziegler

6. Duality and Differential Operators for Harmonic Maass Forms
Kathrin Bringmann, Ben Kane, Robert C. Rhoades

7. Function Theory Related to the Group PSL2(ℝ)
R. Bruggeman, J. Lewis, D. Zagier

8. Analysis of Degenerate Diffusion Operators Arising in Population Biology
Charles L. Epstein, Rafe Mazzeo

9. A Matrix Related to the Theorem of Fermat and the Goldbach Conjecture
Hershel M. Farkas

10. Continuous Solutions of Linear Equations
Charles Fefferman, János Kollár

11. Recurrence for Stationary Group Actions
Hillel Furstenberg, Eli Glasner

12. On the Honda - Kaneko Congruences
P. Guerzhoy

13. Some Intrinsic Constructions on Compact Riemann Surfaces
Robert C. Gunning

14. The Parallel Refractor
Cristian E. Gutiérrez, Federico Tournier

15. On a Theorem of N. Katz and Bases in Irreducible Representations
David Kazhdan

16. Vector-Valued Modular Forms with an Unnatural Boundary
Marvin Knopp, Geoffrey Mason

17. Loss of Derivatives
J. J. Kohn

18. On an Oscillatory Result for the Coefficients of General Dirichlet Series
Winfried Kohnen, Wladimir Azevedo Pribitkin

19. Representation Varieties of Fuchsian Groups
Michael Larsen, Alexander Lubotzky

20. Two Embedding Theorems
Gerardo A. Mendoza

21. Cubature Formulas and Discrete Fourier Transform on Compact Manifolds
Isaac Z. Pesenson, Daryl Geller

22. The Moment Zeta Function and Applications
Igor Rivin

23. A Transcendence Criterion for CM on Some Families of Calabi–Yau Manifolds
Paula Tretkoff, Marvin D. Tretkoff

24. Ehrenpreis and the Fundamental Principle
François Treves

25. Minimal Entire Functions
Benjamin Weiss

26. A Conjecture by Leon Ehrenpreis About Zeroes of Exponential Polynomials
Alain Yger

27. The Discrete Analog of the Malgrange–Ehrenpreis Theorem
Doron Zeilberger

28. The Legacy of Leon Ehrenpreis
Hershel M. Farkas, Robert C. Gunning, B. A. Taylor

Keywords: Mathematics, Partial Differential Equations, Combinatorics, Number Theory

Publication year
Developments in Mathematics
Page amount
28 pages
Natural Sciences

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