Bach, Thomas J.

Isoprenoid Synthesis in Plants and Microorganisms

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Table of contents

1. Isoprenoid Biosynthesis in Prokaryotic Organisms
Manuel Rodríguez-Concepción, Albert Boronat

2. 1-Deoxy-d-Xylulose 5-Phosphate Synthase (DXS), a Crucial Enzyme for Isoprenoids Biosynthesis
Song Xiang, Gerlinde Usunow, Gudrun Lange, Marco Busch, Liang Tong

3. Biosynthetic Genes and Enzymes of Isoprenoids Produced by Actinomycetes
Tohru Dairi

4. Interactions of Isoprenoid Pathway Enzymes and Indirect Stimulation of Isoprenoid Biosynthesis by Pentose Phosphate Cycle Substrates in Synechocystis PCC 6803
Kelly Poliquin, Francis X. Cunningham, R. Raymond Gantt, Elisabeth Gantt

5. Metabolic Engineering of Monoterpenoid Production in Yeast
Marc Fischer, Sophie Meyer, Maryline Oswald, Patricia Claudel, Francis Karst

6. Metabolic Engineering of Isoprenoid Production: Reconstruction of Multistep Heterologous Pathways in Tractable Hosts
Jérôme Maury, Mohammad A. Asadollahi, Luca R. Formenti, Michel Schalk, Jens Nielsen

7. Microbially Derived Semisynthetic Artemisinin
Christopher J. Paddon, Derek McPhee, Patrick J. Westfall, Kirsten R. Benjamin, Douglas J. Pitera, Rika Regentin, Karl Fisher, Scott Fickes, Michael D. Leavell, Jack D. Newman

8. Artemisinin: Controlling Its Production in Artemisia annua

Pamela Weathers, Melissa Towler, Yi Wang, Kristin K. Wobbe

9. Fosmidomycin as an Antimalarial Agent
Jochen Wiesner, Armin Reichenberg, Martin Hintz, Regina Ortmann, Martin Schlitzer, Serge Calenbergh, Steffen Borrmann, Bertrand Lell, Peter G. Kremsner, David Hutchinson, Hassan Jomaa

10. Regulation of Isoprene and Monoterpene Emission
Isabel Nogués, Francesco Loreto

11. Involvement of Compartmentalization in Monoterpene and Sesquiterpene Biosynthesis in Plants
Michael Gutensohn, Dinesh A. Nagegowda, Natalia Dudareva

12. Strategies for the Manipulation of Carbocations by Aristolochene Synthase
David J. Miller, Rudolf K. Allemann

13. Elucidating the Formation of Geranyllinalool, the Precursor of the Volatile C16-Homoterpene TMTT Involved in Indirect Plant Defense
Marco Herde, Katrin Gärtner, Tobias Köllner, Benjamin Fode, Wilhelm Boland, Jonathan Gershenzon, Christiane Gatz, Dorothea Tholl

14. Strigolactones: A Cry for Help Results in Fatal Attraction. Is Escape Possible?
Carolien Ruyter-Spira, Juan Antonio López-Ráez, Catarina Cardoso, Tatsiana Charnikhova, Radoslava Matusova, Wouter Kohlen, Muhammad Jamil, Ralph Bours, Francel Verstappen, Harro Bouwmeester

15. Prenyldiphosphate Synthases and Gibberellin Biosynthesis
Chris C. N. Schie, Michel A. Haring, Robert C. Schuurink

16. Gibberellin Phytohormone Metabolism
Reuben J. Peters

17. Control of Plastidial Isoprenoid Precursor Supply: Divergent 1-Deoxy-
-Xylulose 5-Phosphate Synthase (DXS) Isogenes Regulate the Allocation to Primary or Secondary Metabolism
Michael H. Walter, Daniela S. Floss, Heike Paetzold, Kerstin Manke, Jessica Vollrath, Wolfgang Brandt, Dieter Strack

18. Tobacco Trichomes as a Platform for Terpenoid Biosynthesis Engineering
Alain Tissier, Christophe Sallaud, Denis Rontein

19. Prenylated Proteins Are Required for Methyl-Jasmonate-Induced Monoterpenoid Indole Alkaloids Biosynthesis in Catharanthus roseus

Vincent Courdavault, Marc Clastre, Andrew John Simkin, Nathalie Giglioli-Guivarc’h

20. The Role of Prenylcysteine Methylation and Metabolism in Abscisic Acid Signaling in Arabidopsis thaliana

Dring N. Crowell, David H. Huizinga

21. What We Do and Do Not Know About the Cellular Functions of Polyisoprenoids
Liliana Surmacz, Ewa Swiezewska

22. Regulation of 3-Hydroxy-3-Methylglutaryl-CoA Synthase and 3-Hydroxy-3-Methylglutaryl-CoA Reductase and Rubber Biosynthesis of Hevea brasiliensis (B.H.K.) Mull. Arg
Pluang Suwanmanee, Nualpun Sirinupong, Wallie Suvachittanont

23. Development of Crops to Produce Industrially Useful Natural Rubber
Maureen Whalen, Colleen McMahan, David Shintani

24. Occurrence of Two Acetoacetyl-Coenzyme A Thiolases with Distinct Expression Patterns and Subcellular Localization in Tobacco
Laurent Wentzinger, Esther Gerber, Thomas J. Bach, Marie-Andrée Hartmann

25. The Sterol C4-Demethylation in Higher Plants
Alain Rahier, Sylvain Darnet, Florence Bouvier, Bilal Camara

26. Sterol C22-Desaturase and Its Biological Roles
Daisaku Ohta, Masaharu Mizutani

27. Enzymatic Synthesis of Unnatural Cyclic Triterpenes
Ikuro Abe

28. Saponin Synthesis and Function
Sam T. Mugford, Anne Osbourn

29. Cardenolide Aglycone Formation in Digitalis

Wolfgang Kreis, Frieder Müller-Uri

30. Biosynthesis of Isoprenoid Precursors in Arabidopsis
Manuel Rodríguez-Concepción, Narciso Campos, Albert Ferrer, Albert Boronat

31. Understanding the Mechanisms that Modulate the MEP Pathway in Higher Plants
Patricia León, Elizabeth Cordoba

32. Functional Analysis of HMG-CoA Reductase and Oxidosqualene Cyclases in Arabidopsis

Toshiya Muranaka, Kiyoshi Ohyama

33. Systems Understanding of Isoprenoid Pathway Regulation in Arabidopsis

Eva Vranová

Keywords: Life Sciences, Plant Sciences, Plant Biochemistry, Plant Pathology, Microbiology, Plant Physiology, Animal Physiology

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