Fan, Yuhong

Solar Flare Magnetic Fields and Plasmas

Fan, Yuhong - Solar Flare Magnetic Fields and Plasmas, ebook


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Table of contents

1. Preface
Yuhong Fan, George Fisher, John Leibacher

2. Radiative Cooling in MHD Models of the Quiet Sun Convection Zone and Corona
W. P. Abbett, G. H. Fisher

3. The Multiple Continuum Components in the White-Light Flare of 16 January 2009 on the dM4.5e Star YZ CMi
A. F. Kowalski, S. L. Hawley, J. A. Holtzman, J. P. Wisniewski, E. J. Hilton

4. Optical-to-Radio Continua in Solar Flares
P. Heinzel, E. H. Avrett

5. The Evolution of Sunspot Magnetic Fields Associated with a Solar Flare
Sophie A. Murray, D. Shaun Bloomfield, Peter T. Gallagher

6. Global Forces in Eruptive Solar Flares: The Lorentz Force Acting on the Solar Atmosphere and the Solar Interior
G. H. Fisher, D. J. Bercik, B. T. Welsch, H. S. Hudson

7. Momentum Distribution in Solar Flare Processes
H. S. Hudson, L. Fletcher, G. H. Fisher, W. P. Abbett, A. Russell

8. Modeling and Interpreting the Effects of Spatial Resolution on Solar Magnetic Field Maps
K. D. Leka, G. Barnes

9. Magnetic Connectivity Between Active Regions 10987, 10988, and 10989 by Means of Nonlinear Force-Free Field Extrapolation
Tilaye Tadesse, T. Wiegelmann, B. Inhester, A. Pevtsov

10. Magnetic Energy Storage and Current Density Distributions for Different Force-Free Models
S. Régnier

11. Can We Determine Electric Fields and Poynting Fluxes from Vector Magnetograms and Doppler Measurements?
G. H. Fisher, B. T. Welsch, W. P. Abbett

12. Predictions of Energy and Helicity in Four Major Eruptive Solar Flares
Maria D. Kazachenko, Richard C. Canfield, Dana W. Longcope, Jiong Qiu

13. Coronal Mass Ejections from Magnetic Systems Encompassing Filament Channels Without Filaments
Alexei A. Pevtsov, Olga Panasenco, Sara F. Martin

Keywords: Physics, Extraterrestrial Physics, Space Sciences, Plasma Physics

Publication year
Natural Sciences

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